Bitter Sweetness Episode 23


“I am glad my second man ever, felt this way”, she started when the kiss broke. My mind stopped a bit. Was she serious with that?

“Seriously?”, I heard myself ask but she did not reply. Rather she began pulling my butt0ckz further into her; she wanted more! Well, I could not just do that now. Apart from the fact that D should be thinking of going to bed anytime soon, to say the least, I simply would need another thirty minutes of Bleeping to get my J0yst!ck to o—-m again and we did not have that much time. I had already Pour twice that night and I knew doing so a third time will mean another prolonged s x of which circumstances around there would not permit.

“Not again tonight honey. We will get caught”, I explained. Kissing her ear as I said it. She hissed and returned a kiss to my mouth. She brought her right leg down from my thigh and that allowed me slip my now limp J0yst!ck out. And even though it was limp, she had to apply pressure through the muscles of her K!ttyC@t before it could come off.

I went for her K!ttyC@t with my right hand, inserting my first three fingers into her. I wanted to see how wet that area was and I got quite a good explanation of how. I had been in a bowl of s x fluids. I got my fingers out and brought them to my mouth. It tasted wonderfully. In fact I was pushed to return to her K!ttyC@t to lap it all up, but I knew I could not just do that.

She was the first to have a bath later that night as she needed to recompose herself before her husband joined her in the bedrooms. Mine followed next and I had a terrible experience trying to wash my now overly sensitive J0yst!ck with cold water. The skin at every part of it was almost reacting to my every touch and it kept me uncomfortable mostly.

Before it could get to midnight, everybody was in bed. I was using my bedroom for the last time and I shared it with the sales boy this time. Felix was shown the only other room left in the house. I had called Danny earlier on to tell him I was now coming down the next day and how he loved it.

He promised to drive in with his car to pick me up and all looked set again. I was going to miss Onyinye and I had no idea how we were going to link up again.

to be continued