Bitter Sweetness Episode 24(Final)


Our nights were brief considering how late we had gone to bed. I felt exactly as expected the next day; spent. Our long minutes of Bleeping was having its after-effects on me and I assumed Onyinye felt the same way too.

It was not long before Danny arrived with his car. Although I had managed to get a couple of things done that morning before his coming, I still felt he should have delayed a bit more.

I still wished to have a little chat with Onyinye before leaving but it was looking very unlikely now.

My things were brought to the car while Danny helped pack them in. Onyinye had helped prepare a meal of fried plantains and stew which she insisted I took to Danny’s place in a food flask. She had handed me the flask at the dinning and as she returned to the kitchen I grabbed her butt0ckz and give it a sq££ze.

In response she turned, smiled at me and varnished. D was assisting Danny outside so did not see me grab his wife’s plump butt0ckz cheek.

When we were set to drive they both came to the door to say goodbye. Onyinye had handed me a roll of money which I was still going to count. She had done well but I never wanted to imagine she was paying for the good F**K I had been giving her; I felt she would not do that.

However, I thanked them both for their kindness and jumped into the car. It was while we were driving to Danny’s place that I decided to count the money she had given me. As I unrolled the notes, a folded piece of paper fell out. I picked it up and saw that it had “TO YOU” written over it.

I unfolded the entire piece to take a proper look and discovered a long note on it. It read:

“He joined me later last night asking for a F K and I let him have me. But I am sure he must have felt how seriously wet I was in there despite the fact that I had bathed and washed there thoroughly. I doubt this feeling will ever stop. From the time I first saw you, I have never stopped creaming on every thought of you. Please do come back soon, for I feel like I am going to burst with so much lust. I will miss you babe” My J0yst!ck was back up again and I knew I could still F K her if she were there with me.

It had been an unforgettable experience at the Agbos and I was sure there were several things that would bear major witness to it. The severely damp rug at the living room is the first, to say the least. “I wonder what Onyinye will give D as the explanation for that”, I thought to myself, feeling myself smile wickedly.