Love me once episode 9




I felt a hand on my shoulder tapping me gently, I gradually open my eyes, it was Jeremy my cousin, he was sitting beside me on my bed.

“Hey cousin”, he called

“I’ve been waiting for you since”, I said sitting up on my bed.

“I returned home two hours ago, when I came you were sleeping so I decided to let you rest”, he said, I didn’t know I slept this long.

“Ok, when are you going back to Chicago?”, 

“Tomorrow, I came because I want to discuss something with you”, he said

“What could that be?”, I asked

He brought out a phone from his pocket, operates it for some seconds then face me.

“Do you know these guys?”, He asked showing me George’s picture and one other guy who Mrs Maureen had once introduce to me as John, George’s old friend.

I wonder what he wants to do with their pictures, how did he even gets the pictures? Oh this is George’s phone, how on earth did he managed to get George’s phone? Hope is not what am thinking?

“Jeremy, how did you get these pictures?”, I asked

“You haven’t answered my question”, he said

“This is George my madame son and the other guy’s name is John or something like that, I’ve only met him once”, I said.

“Good, am…”,

“How did you get George’s phone?”, I interuppted him

“You even recognize his phone? Wow this is wonderful, anyway let me tell you. Seven years ago in Whitney highschool, George and John were my classmates. They were not just my classmates but my greatest enemies and the reasons I was expelled from school at our final year. George and John humiliated me, they treated me like a slave especially George. He sees himself like a god, to cut the long story short, for over two years plus, I’ve been looking for George. Luckily, yesterday, I saw them at the restaurant where I work, they were shocked when they saw me though Jenny has already told me everything so we use the opportunity to kidnap them”, he said.

“Wait, let me get it right, how did Jenny manage to know where they stay? Beside George stays with his mother”, I said

“Jenny was living with John for two years as his girlfriend, she gives me every information I want. As for George, his mum sent him out to go find you else she will disown him. She told him not to return home without you that was how George ended up in John’s house and I sent my boys to kidnapped them”, he said

“You mean to say Jenny has been living under John’s roof for two years as his girlfriend without John knowing her plans? Jeremy, no matter what someone do to you, you have no right to kidnap them”, I said

“Amelia, you have no Idea of what they did to me in Whitney highschool, I was expelled from school for crime I didn’t committed”, he said, his voice was fill with pain and I could see it through his eyes.

George has already be a wicked person, now see what he has put himself.

“Jeremy, I understand but you have to let it go”, I said

“What about what he and his girlfriend did to you?”, He asked

“Don’t worry about me, am fine okay? Just let it go, forgive them please”, I said

“Am sorry Amelia, I can’t, I had made up my mind already”, he said and stands up then starts going out of my room.

“Now what do you want to do to them?”, I asked, he turned and sat beside me again.

“That’s why I came to you, tell me what you want me to do to George and I will do it immediately. As for John, am still thinking of what to do to him”, he said

“Forgive them, forget what happened and move on please”, I whispered to him, he stared at me in silence.

“I can forgive John but for George, I don’t think I can let him go just like that after what he did to you”, he said

“Dear cousin, I know you are trying to fight for me as your only cousin but temper Mercy with justice please”, I pleaded.

“Why do you want George to go Scott free just like that?”, He asked

“Because of his mother, she’s a good woman believe me. She never supported him of his behaviour please”, I pleaded, he kept mute for some minutes, he raised his head and smiled at me.

“I will let him go but next time if he tries such thing again I won’t hesitate to kill him with or without your permission”, he said

“He won’t do it again, am sure he must has learnt his lesson. Thank you very much”, I said happily.

“Anything for you, so are you coming with me to Chicago tomorrow?”, 

“Uncle refused, he said am not going back there”, I said sadly

“Hey, I don’t like that face, don’t worry I will look for a way to convince him so that he would allow you to follow me, cheer up for me please”, he said touching my cheek.

“It’s tickles me”, I said laughing, he laughed too and hugged me.

Best cousin ever ?

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? ? GEORGE’S POV ? ?

The weather was very cold, snow was falling, everywhere was white infact it looks like Christmas period. I felt like to have my bath.

I undress myself and went to the bathroom, I turned on the shower and allow the hot water to poured on my skin.

A girl came in, completely naked. Her hips were wild, her waist and stomach were unresistable , her breasts were round like oranges, her nipples were killing.

I swear by my name, no man on earth could resist this girl, I tried to look at her face but it wasn’t clear so I couldn’t see her face.

She came in front of me and press her body to mine like a bride melting in her groom hands on their wedding night. I felt her warm skin, her breasts were hitting my chest.

I couldn’t move or say anything before I knew it, I’ve already grabbed her by her waist and start kissing her neck.

I kiss her neck down to her chest, I found my mouth on her nipples sucking it like an hungry child while I massage her other breast. Her moaning was very good, sweet and encouraging.

Her hand found its way to my d–k and start rubbing it, I gradually stop sucking her n—-e while she took over. She starts sucking my erected nipples and bite them softly, I swear I saw heaven, earth and hell at the same time.

She stops while I took over again, I gently turn her to the wall and kneel down. She opens her legs a little bit as I suck her juicy pu**y, she moan for more and held my head.

That’s so encouraging I must confess, I raised one of her leg up and continue sucking her while she moans.
Her moaning really drive me crazy.

I suddenly feel a sharp pain in my neck, blood burst out all over everywhere, it was my blood.

She stabs me but why? Why did she do it? What’s my crime? I felt another pain at my back.

“Die! Die! Die! You’re wicked! Die! I hate you!” She said in tears as she continues stabbing me at anywhere her hand meet.

{Her voice doesn’t sound familiar, who the hell is she?} 

That was all I could thought off as I fell on the floor.