Love me once episode 8




“Jenny!” John’s girlfriend

“Surprised! Surprised!! Surprised!! Yeah it’s me”, she said spreading her hands.

“This can be true, Jenny, what’s going on?”, John asked, his voice sounds so cool but weak like a child that’s just being given birth to.

I tried to look at him forgetting that I’ve chain or whatever around my neck. I know his eyes must be very red, I could feel it from his voice.

I caused it all, it’s my fault, all these wouldn’t have happened if I had not maltreated Amelia, I’d always blame Clara for pushing me to do such thing. She’s a demon and I hate her Infact I’d kill her if I leave here alive.

“You want to know what’s going on?”, Jeremy asked, John nods lightly, I saw him from the corner of my eyes.

“Baby, please tell him what he needs to know”, Jeremy said.

“Can you remember how we met two years ago? Well let me tell you, when we met at the club that night I was with Jeremy. You were the reason we went to club, he needed to get back at you and George for what you guys did to him in Whitney highschool. I wasn’t happy when he told me you and George treated him so bad in highschool so I decided to help him get you and George by becoming your girlfriend. We didn’t kill you all these years because we wanted you both to be together before we can deal with you two. It was a great Joy when George came to your house, I told Jeremy everything and we planned on how to get you two down. It might be a surprise to you that am Jeremy’s girlfriend, he is the best guy every young girls would want to have not a junk like you two especially you George”, She said pointing at me.

“Holy Moses! So I’ve lived two years of my life with a demon in human form?”, John said, his voice sounds like someone that was crying

I really pity him, who do we blame for this now?

“That’s because am smarter than you”, Jenny said.

Honestly, between Jenny and Clara, I don’t know who is worst infact they are the same. Just look at what Jenny did to John and what Clara did to me.

“Jeremy, I know we offended you in the past please let’s forget it and move on please”, I pleaded almost crying or maybe I was whispering 

“In addition to what George said, please forgive us we are very sorry please pardon us and let us go, we are in search of someone very important”, John added

Jeremy chuckled and brought out my phone from his pocket.

{How on earth did he managed to get my phone?} I thought looking at him in surprised.

“George, what’s your phone password?”, He asked, I kept mute still staring at him.

My mind wasn’t there again, I was lost in thought, what I was thinking is far beyond my phone he was holding. I received a thunderous slap on my left cheek, bringing me back to reality.

“I asked you a question and you kept quiet, are you mad?”, Jeremy yelled at me, my heart frozen instantly.

Since I knew Jeremy, he has never yell at anyone angrily like he just did.

“Am sorry”, I heard myself said that, he giggled and turned to Jenny.

“He is scared”, he said

“I can feel it”, Jenny said and they laughed as they turned to us.

“Now can you tell me your phone password?”, He asked

“Yes….yes.. it’s.. George, spell it with capital letters”, I said with a shaky voice, he stared at me and shook his head.

He unlock my phone, I heard the sound when the phone was unlocked, I don’t know what he did in my phone or where he went to. He raised his head and stared at me, the stared was a deadly one.

If eyes could kill I’d have been dead by now. He came close to me and pointed my phone at my face.

“You are looking for her right?” He asked showing my Amelia’s picture.

I wonder how Amelia’s picture get into my phone, I remember I never took any pictures with her, we weren’t friends.

“How did her picture get into my phone?”, I asked.

“You are answering my question with another question ugh?”, He asked and slapped me

Everywhere suddenly becomes dark, I couldn’t see anything apart from the stars that were surrounding my face. After some seconds or minutes I managed to open my eyes.

“Now answer me, you are looking for Amelia right?”, He asked. How did he knows her name is Amelia and am looking for her?

“Yes…yes”, I stuttered

“Do you know Amelia is my cousin?”, He asked as he turned back and start walking back to where Jenny was.

“What?”, I and John screamed surprisely.

That means he didn’t just brought us here because of what we did to him years ago, Amelia case is also included, am doom!

“How possible is it?”, John asked

“Amelia’s father and my father are brothers, same biological parents and your friend has the guts to lay his filthy  hands on her because she’s working as a housemaid in his mum’s house right?”, He said trying to calm himself.

“Jeremy, please I never knew she’s your cousin please tell us where she’s so that I can go and apologies to her else my mother will disown me”, I Said

“Do you know you are a big fool? You don’t even know if you are leaving here alive you’re talking of apologizing, that’s if you even see Amelia”, he said.

My body shiver I almost piss on my body, am in trouble. See what Clara has put me into.

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“Jeremy, George didn’t do that to Amelia intentionally, it was his girlfriend’s fault….”,

“Shut up! Who asked you to talk? I’ve nothing to say or do to you both, I will come back later or tomorrow then I shall decide on what to do to you both but as for now……. Guys!”, He said, four masked guys rushed to him.

“Deal with them a little, 30 strocks each”, he said and with that he left with Jenny.

The four guys brought out wires, they locked our legs so that we can’t throw out legs or kick them. They look at us like lion looking at its afternoon meal.

Before I knew it, I felt a pain at my back, one had just flog me. The other guy flog me on my stomach, the other two guys were doing same to John.

We can’t screamed cause our lips have been ceiled. They kept flogging us till bloods start coming out of our bodies, I couldn’t cry, I had cry enough.

They should better kill us, I watch one injected John and he passed out, he came to me and did same that was the end.

I found myself in a dark and endless tunnel.

? ? ? AMELIA’S POV ? ? ?

It being almost two weeks since I left Mrs Maureen’s house, I lost my phone on my way to Texas Houston.

I’ve not gone to Chicago town because of what George and his girlfriend did to me so I’ve no idea if Mrs Maureen is back from Canada. I really miss her, she has been a good woman to me, she never treated me like a slave.

I need to look for a way to get in touch with Mrs Maureen, she might be very worried now.

Guys, when I left Chicago to Texas, I couldn’t stand up for few days, I fell ill and was taken to hospital by my uncle and aunty, (his wife).

My cousin who lives in Chicago town says he will be home today, if he’s going back I will follow him. I need to tell my uncle first.

“Uncle, I want to have a word with you”, I said

“Ok, come over here and sit”, he said

I went to sit beside him

“Uncle, I want to go back to Chicago”, I said, he turned to me the expression on his face wasn’t a good one at all.

“To do what?”, He asked

“Uncle, is it a bad thing to go to another town?”, I asked

“No isn’t, you can’t go there because I know you are going to Mrs Maureen’s house after what her son and his girlfriend did to you”, he said

“Uncle what about Mrs Maureen? She’s a good woman, she never treated me like her son did”, I said

“Amelia, that does not change the fact the her son won’t treat you like a slave again”, he said

“I know Mrs Maureen is back from Canada, her son and his European witch girlfriend won’t try anything stupid in her presence and maybe she is looking for me everywhere now. Uncle please allow me to go back to her please”, I pleaded.

“If she is truly looking for you, she will call me, this discussion is over”, he said

“Uncle please….”,

“Amelia, I said this discussion is over, go to your room now!”, He half yelled.

“Uncle this is not fair!”, I said stunning out of his presence.

I need to do something, I want to go back to Chicago but I can’t sneak out of this house , my uncle will sees me. What will I do now?

I sat down on my bed thinking when an idea came to my mind.

“Yes! I will follow Jeremy back to Chicago when he comes, I will plan with him so that my uncle won’t suppect that am going to Chicago. Yes that’s what am gonna do!”, I said happily as I lay on my bed.

Jeremy should come on time, I can’t stay here anymore.