Love me once episode 7




“Jeremy! I called weakly with all my Strength, he turned to us.

The expression on his face tells he’s surprised or shocked to see us.

Jeremy was one of the guys we beat in highschool, that was when we were in grade 19th. He looks so chubby and short and as you know, girls like tall and slim guys like us I mean I and John ??

Then in highschool, during mathe test or further maths test, Jeremy was always the one to do it, we treated him like a nobody in school to the extend that whenever he sees us, he will run away.

At our final year, Jeremy was expelled from school after being beaten and reported to our school principal for crime we later found out he didn’t committed but it was too late to turn the hand of time so we couldn’t find him again.

Well that was six to seven years ago, am sure he must have forgotten it.

“John, that’s Jeremy Wilson”, I whispered to him, he nod still looking at Jeremy who didn’t get his glance from us.

He suddenly look away from us and left after attending to one of the clients. We look at each other and continue our food. When we were done, we paid our bills and left.

We went straight to John’s house, our drive home was boring, none of us spoke to each other. 

As soon as we get home, we pulled out from the car and went inside.

“Dude, what are we going to do? Jeremy doesn’t look like the same Jeremy we know seven years ago”, I said leaning into the couch, John did same too.

“What are you trying to say?”, He asked.

“You know what am saying John”, I said.

“Listen up George, if I were you I’d be thinking of the trouble on my neck. How to find Amelia should be your problem not that Chubby Jeremy of a guy. You and I know he’s like a paper deep into a water, you know what I mean”, he said crossing his legs.

I wanted to say something, I wanted to tell him that I was scared because of the way Jeremy stared at us at the restaurant when a knock came from the door. We both look at each other.

“Are you excepting someone?”, We chorused.

“No am not but what about your girlfriend?”, I asked

“You know the exact time my girlfriend do return from work”, he said, the knock came again, now it’s a bit louder.

I slowly stand up and went close to the door, I tried to peep through the small hole that looks like camera to know who the person is, I couldn’t see anyone.

I look at John, he nods his head positively telling me to open the door. I slowly turn down the door knob and the door fling opened. Five masked guys came out from nowhere and pointed their guns at me.

I surrender instantly, I don’t want to die. Seeing them, John made an attempt to run but they were fast enough to catch him.

“Please don’t kill us”, I pleaded almost crying.

I’ve never see gun in real life apart from movies, I don’t want them to shoot me the way those films people do shoot people on TV.

I regret ever hurting Amelia, if not I’d have been living my life peaceful. That European s–t that I brought to America caused it.

What will I do now? Who are these guys and who sent them?

“Who are you guys?”, John asked, one of the guys answered him with a thunderous slap.

On seeing that, I kept quiet I don’t want to receive such slap else I will die instantly. John is brave unlike me, am scared hence I brought this upon John.

Maybe Amelia sent them but how did she find us here? Or is anyone working for her? This is complicated. I fear for my life and that of John’s life, what will become of me if they kill me now?

They blindfolded us with a black masks and lead us out of John’s house, we were lead into a car and soon the car starts moving. We don’t know where they are taking us to.

[God please spare my life I promise not to maltreat anyone again] I prayed silently in tears.

Please don’t laugh at me because am crying, this is just the real me, am very soft hearted, I love treating people badly but I don’t like when am being treated like a slave just like the way these guys are treating me now 

I don’t know where they are taking us to or who sent them to us. 

I cry so easily because am not brave enough. Honestly I don’t know what came over me that made me treated Amelia that way which results to this now.

[God if you can hear my prayer and save my friend and I, Lord I promise to amends my ways, I will never in my life again look down on anyone I promise you] I kept praying in silence and in tears.

After hours of driving, the car finally stop moving, I don’t know the kind of car they had that contained all of us. 

The guys beside us dragged us out like a common criminal that committed murder that was ready to be sentence to death, we obliged and followed them.

They led us to where God knows, after walking for some minutes, a door was open and they led us inside. I think it must be a room.

Everywhere was totally quiet, the only sound that was heard was the sounds of the door that was closed, I was already shivering.

{What are these guys up to?} I thought.

Hey I forgot to tell you that they also tied our hands.

They suddenly dragged us forward and unceil the ceiling tape they used in ceiling our hands. Our two hands were raised up, I don’t know exactly what they were doing but I know they were locking our hands with something that hurts.

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Few seconds later, I couldn’t feel them doing anything, I could only feel the heat that was coming from whatever they might have used to lock my hands.

I felt tiny pain behind my neck, that was all I could remember that happened to us that night, I don’t know if they did any other thing to us.

? ? ? ? ? ?

I slowly opened my eyes as the warm morning sun reflected into my eyes then I closed them again, it was like everywhere was turning around.

I saw a girl whose face I didnt see chasing me with a gun in an unknown place, I run to a garden, another girl was standing there in tears.

“Please help me, she wants to kill me”, I murmured to the girl crying, she turned to me, blood was coming out from her chest.

“I wish I can help you but I can’t”, she said in tears as she starts walking away.

The girl that was chasing me gets to me, she grabbed me by my shirt and starts dragging me away.

“Please help me don’t leave me”, I yelled on top of my voice.

“Am not leaving you, I will come back for you”, the bleeding girl said as she walked out of sight.

The girl dragging me wanted to hit me with her gun when I received a resounding slap which brings me back to life. I opened my eyes instantly, I tried to turn, I couldn’t.

“Look at your front”, John said, I raised my head and that was when I realized our necks were also locked, our legs weren’t touching the floor.

The large mirror at our front was somehow deceiving, we can’t see who is behind us, we can only see ourselves twice.

At a point, we look big and chubby in the mirror, another time we look so slim and tall like those coconuts trees that grow near a sea .

“Am scared”, I told John, he look at me from the mirror and smirked.

“Am equally scared but being scared won’t help us so be brave”, he said

And he thinks being brave would help us either?

We were suddenly turned around, facing their leader, the same chubby guy we once beat in highschool.

“Jer…. Jeremy!!” We chorused, he laughed wickedly.

{He is a gangster!!} I thought.

“Come in baby”, he said.

The door opened and she walks in, smiling sweetly.

My mouth refused to close, it’s can be true infact it’s not true. I don’t want to believe what am seeing, let me close my eyes and continue dreaming, she isn’t working with him I know that.

“Holy shit!! George, wake me up from this funny dream please!”, John exclaimed.