Love me once episode 10




I saw her doing something but couldn’t tell what exactly she was doing.

I screamed and opened my eyes, it was a dream that looks so real. Who is that girl? Why does she want me dead?

“George, are you ok?”, The familiar voice asked, I look at everywhere and realised I was in a room, I wasn’t sure where exactly but my hands and legs weren’t chained again.

I wasn’t in that unknown place where Jeremy’s boys took us to but where is John? How come am in this beautiful room? Few hours ago, I was in a dark and endless tunnel later in a bathroom with the girl that stabs me now am in a beautiful room.

“George, can you hear me?”, The same familiar voice asked.

I wanted to answer, I wanted to talk but I couldn’t. My mouth refused to open.

“George, are you ok? Call the doctor “, I heard another familiar voice as everywhere suddenly went dark and I found myself in that same dark and endless tunnel.

That was the end, that was all I knew that was happening.

? ? ? AMELIA’S POV ? ? ?

Mrs Maureen and I were in the hospital, we didn’t want to involve the police so that my cousin won’t go to jail for kidnapping. 

They were taken to different wards, after some tests the doctor said the substance they used in injecting them wasn’t dangerous. We were discussing when George suddenly screamed, blood was coming out of his mouth and nose.

“George, are you ok?”, I asked, he opened his eyes a bit.

“George, can you hear me?”, I asked again, he didn’t answer me, he looks around like he was looking for someone then he starts stretching his body.

“George, are you ok? Call the doctor”, his mum said and I ran out to call the doctor and nurses.

I came back with two nurses and doctor, the doctor checked him for a moment then turned to the nurses. He told them what to do before he left, the nurses injected George on his shoulder then fix drip on his hand.

“He will be fine, just allow him to rest”, one of the nurses said before they left.

It being hours now George hasn’t wake up, I’ve gone to John’s ward to check on him, he’s sleeping peacefully his parents were there with him so no problem.

Mrs Maureen has gone home to had her bath and change her clothes. I sat staring at his handsome face, he looks like a baby when sleeping.

He slowly opens his eyes, we both stared at each other, he smiled at me. For the very first time George smiled at me.

That reminds me, Clara hasn’t come to see her boyfriend and nobody is talking about it, I wonder why.

“How are you feeling now?”, I asked

“Fine, who brought me here?”, He asked looking around.

“I and your mum did”, I said, he stretch his hand towards me and I held unto it. 

His hand is so warm, I feel like kissing it. I wish he can be mine I’d be the happiest girl on earth.

“Thank you very much Amelia, you have a good heart”, he said making me to smile.

“You don’t have to thank me, everything that happened is now in the past, I’ve forgiven you and Clara ok?”, I said, his expression change when I mentioned Clara’s name. He simply nods.

“Where is John and my mum?”, He asked

“John is in his ward, his parents are there with him, your mum would soon be here”, I said

“Am here already”, Mrs Maureen said coming in, I let go of George’s hand.

“Welcome ma”, I said

“Thank you, George, how are you?”, She asked sitting down.

“Am fine mum”, he said like a child.

“Ok, am sure you’ve learnt your lesson, next time you won’t try what you did two weeks ago”, he said

“Yes and she said she has forgiven me”, he said and I nod.

“Where is Clara, she should be here”, I asked

“Clara? That good for nothing s–t!”, Mrs Maureen said

“S–t? What’s going on?”, I asked,

Mrs Maureen told me everything that happened and how George caught her having sex with another guy right on his bed in Mrs Maureen’s house.

I wasn’t there to watch the drama and how she was throwed out. I would have laugh till I faint lol.

She deserves more than that disgrace, well am not surprised, it’s all over her. She’s Indeed a s–t.

I almost pass out while laughing because of the way Mrs Maureen’s narrated the whole story to me. George is such a big fool, he brought a girl he barely know anything about to his mum’s house, a girl that can’t cook, clean or wash.

Now that she and George have breakup, let me see how she will survive. She might survive because prostitutes do survive on street so she will or better still go to the guy’s house that was fuvking the hell out of her.

That’s none of my business, I’ve always known she will leave Mrs Maureen’s house. Now George is available for me, I’ve always wanted him, from the very first day I saw him I knew he will be mine.

I just pray and hope he will like me as soon as possible before another girl will take charge over him again.

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Jeremy has come to check on George and John, he has forgiven them and they have become friends again.

Yesterday, George and John were discharged from the hospital, all the wounds in his body are gradually healing, he can walk now unlike before.

For these two weeks, I’ve been the one staying with him at the hospital now that he’s home I still really want to stay with him despite the fact that his mum wants me to resume work at her restaurant.

George begged his mum to allowed me stay with him.

I was watering Mrs Maureen’s rose’s garden when he came, he looks so cute and the smile on his face makes him more cute. I smile at him as he approached me.

“Do you mind if I give you a helping hand?”, He asked

“This is my work not yours”, I said

“I know but I want to help you, you’ve been the only one doing practically everything”, he said as he came to my right hand side.

“But your mum do assist me sometimes beside am not complaining”, I said

“My mum assist you when she’s around or doing nothing also you don’t have to complain before I can help you, don’t you think so?”, He said flashing me a smile revealing his white 36 teeths.

I smile shyly as he collects the water jug and starts watering the garden himself. I stood there watching him.

Just imagine, he’s so sweet and fun to be with, Clara wanted to destroy his life but thank God for making Mrs Maureen his mother. If not for her, Clara would have led George astray.

I’m gradually falling in love with him maybe is because we spend a lot time together. He finishes watering the garden and came to me.

“Any more thing you want me to do for you my lady?”, He asked. Did he just call me his lady? Gosh! Am so happy now.

“I don’t think so, apart from cooking there is nothing else”, I said

“Ok then, I will assist you in the kitchen”, he said

“George, kitchen is for women”, I said

“Men do cook ok? Come on let’s go”, he said taking my hand, I followed him happily to the kitchen.

While cooking, we gist and play like kids, soon we were done cooking, we ate together, wash the dishes and clean the kitchen together.

“Let’s watch movie”, he said


“Netflix?”, He asked

“Any one you want”, I said, he looked at me and gave me that his beautiful and charming smile, I swear I smiled too.

He takes my hand and guard me to the living room, we sat together and he turn on the TV then select a movie.

While watching the movie he called me and I face him.

“Can you kiss me pleas…..”, I didn’t allow him to complete his sentence before I lock his lips with mine.

We kiss like lovers, he carried me up and sat me on his thighs while I wrapped my hands around his neck and his hands around my waist as we devour each others lips.

He kisses my neck and I moan slowly but softly for him, he stared into my eyes and continue.

“George! Amelia!”, Came her voice.

We quickly disengaged and stand up

“Mrs Maureen”, I murmured faintedly ??


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