Love me once episode 11




“Am so sorry ma”, I pleaded

“Mum, I love her”, I heard George said that, I look at him surprisely

“George!”, I called

“Yes I mean it Amelia, I really do love you infact will you be my girlfriend?”, He asked

“What are you saying? Your mum is here”, I whispered to him.

Mrs Maureen didn’t say anything, she look at us in silence as she walked pass us and went upstairs.

“Am scared George”, I said to him

“Hey look at Me, you don’t have to be scared ok?”, He said

“What are you saying? What if she throws me out?”, I asked

“She won’t but if she does, I will follow you anywhere you go”, he said


“Because I love you and I mean it”,

“I love you too George I won’t lie”, I said, he hugs me very tight.

We stayed like that till Mrs Maureen clears her throat, we disengaged instantly.

“Both of you sit down I’ve something to tell you”, she said sitting down, we look at each other and sat down.

“I knew a day like this will come, I’ve long waited for this day if I die now I’ll die a happy and fulfilled woman”, she said

“Mum, what are you talking about? What do you mean?”, George asked

“Few years ago I had an agreement with Amelia’s mother that you both will get married”, she said, George and I look at each other confusedly

“How? My parents and sister were killed five years ago right before me so what are you talking about?”, I asked

“I know your parents are dead, two years after your birth, we betrothed you both then George was six years old”, she said

“Betrothed us? How?” George and I chorused

“Your late mother and I were close friends I mean very close friends, we were besties. When we got married we promised ourselves to always be there for each other and keep our relationship going. In order to keep our friendship, we agreed to betroth you to George, we injected you both, exchange your bloods and draw a starfish tattoo at your backs. Each time we quarrel we always remind each other that our kids are betrothed and for that our relationship must continue because there were also other issues in our necks”, she said

“Mum, what do you mean by you and Amelia’s mum exchange our bloods?”, George asked

“I took some of your blood with an injection niddle, Amelia’s mum did same, I injected your blood into Amelia’s body through her vein and Amelia’s mum did same to you”, she said

“Mum! You mean Amelia’s blood is running in my vein and mine is running in her vein? But what if we don’t have the same genotype?”, George asked

“Is there more to this?”, I asked

“Yes, your mother and I were lesbians but our parents insisted we must get married. I got married before your mother and bear children before her. After she gave birth to you, we came back into lesbians, we knew some day something bigger than us might come before us because our parents were against us for being lesbians and our husbands weren’t aware of it but one day, my husband caught us having sex…..”,

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“Was that why he divorce you?”, George cuts in

“Not just because of that, he was the one that sent assassins to kill Amelia’s mother and they ended up killing both her father and sister”, she said.

I stood up at once, I can’t believe this. George’s father is responsible for my parents and sister’s death? How can this be possible?

“Mum, why didn’t you tell us all this while?”, George asked

“I wanted to be sure if both of you are in love, tell you this, I didn’t bring Amelia here because I needed a housemaid, I brought her here because of you so that you both can meet and know each other”, she said.

So this is why she has been treating me like her own child? Am her ex or late girlfriend’s child? This world is deep, I can’t believe this.

“Is my uncle aware of all these?”, I asked

“No but his wife is aware, she knows about everything, you can ask her”, she said

“Mrs Maureen, the truth is I’m angry because your ex husband is responsible for my parents and sister’s death but am also happy because I love your son and you have never treated me bad that was why I returned here”, I said

“Thank you very much Amelia, you are such a wonderful girl, you have a good heart”, she said

“How come those assassins didn’t kill you when they shot your parents and sister?”, George asked. 


Good morning darlings ?