Love me once episode 12



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“How come those assassins didn’t kill you when they shot your parents and sister?”, George asked

“The night those assassins came to our house, they shot my mum. I and my sister hid behind my dad, they also shot my dad and shot I and my sister. The bullet met her on her stomach while it met me on my left hand, I fell and my sister fell on me so they thought we all died”, I said

“Ok but mum, what dad did was very bad, how could he had sent assassins to kill Amelia’s family? That’s wickedness”, George said

“That was why I divorce him, he’s an evil man with a greeding heart”, Mrs Maureen said

“My love, show me the starfish tattoo on your back”, George said

I take off my shirt and turned my back at him, I felt his hands on my back. His touches feels like electric, I love the way I feel as he touches me. 

He stops and I face him, I watch him takes off his shirt and turned his back at me, I touched the tattoo and smiled. He faced me and carried me in a bridal style.

“Mum, dad must not go free for killing Amelia’s family”, he said

“Am working on that already”, Mrs Maureen said before he takes me to upstairs, straight to his room.

He lay me gently on his bed and lay on me, he stared into my eyes seductively, I couldn’t resist his stared. I grabbed his lips and kiss him passionately

His hands travel all over my body and I gave him the best moan I can, he kept smiling inwardly as we kiss. He unhook my bra and wanted to pulled my pant when I held his hand, he look at me with a puppy eyes.

“I’ve never done it before, I promised my mum I will remain a vrigin till am married”, I said with a shaky voice hoping he won’t get angry.

He roll off me and lay on his back then turned my face to his.

“I’ll wait till then”, he said, I breath in relief.

“Thanks for understanding”, I said to him, he chuckled and kissed my forehead.

“Put on your clothes”, he said

“I left my shirt at the living room”, I said as I hook my bra.

“Is alright, come over here let’s sleep, you’ve worked a lot today”, I climbed his bed and lay beside him

He wrapped his hands around me making me to feel his hot breath and warm skin. We lay that way feeling our heartbeat till we slept off.

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? ? ? UNKNOWN’S POV ? ? ?

I walked majestically into my hotel room, am so angry right now, I feel like killing them I don’t care about the consequences. 

I will destroy them all, they thought I’ll forgive them for what they did to me? No way! They must pay with their lives. I said to myself as I sit on my bed.

I reach out for my whiskey bottle, I opened it and poured everything in my glass cup. I brought out my already wrapped mariwana (weed) and lighter from my bag then light it. This mariwana makes me feel good.

As I smoke so I kept drinking my whiskey.

Hey guys, I know you will be wondering who I’m, well my identity does not matter now, what matters is the mission am yet to accomplish. Don’t bother asking if am male or female, with time you will know my gender.

For now, am about to bring two families down, no sorry, I mean three families, I’ll destory and give their bloods to them as tea then give their bodies to vultures for breakfast.

Don’t ask me what those families did to me, they offended me, they dare me, a lion. They step on my toes and they must pay for it. Nobody can stop me from doing that.

Anyway enough of too much talk, let me call my boys.

I took my phone and dialed one of my boys number, it rang twice before he picks.

“Always at your service boss”, he said

“Have you boys get any information about them?”, I asked

“Still working on it but we will soon”, he said

“Please be fast, I need feedback from you guys by tomorrow evening”, I said

“Ok no problem, will call you tomorrow then”, he said

“Ok bye”, I end the call.

Let me wait till tomorrow so that I will know my next step,. I said laying on my bed after smoking and drinking.

Blood for blood, fire for fire, no leave, no transfer. No mercy! I murmured to myself and laughed devilishly.

This is just the beginning, they haven’t see anything yet hahahaha.

? ? ? AMELIA’S POV ? ? ?

“Amelia! George! It’s time for dinner”, Mrs Maureen’s voice wake me up

“Hey bae, it’s time for dinner”, I said to George tapping his shoulder gently. He stretch his body and gently opened his eyes.

“Let’s go downstairs, it’s time for dinner”, I said

We climbed down from his bed, he gave me one of his shirt to wear while he wore another. We both went downstairs holding each other’s hands.

We sat down at the dining while Mrs Maureen dish the food, she cooked spaghetti and sea food, guess what? It’s so delicious.

We ate peacefully, gist and do other stuffs before we bide her goodnight and went back to George’s room.

That night, I had a dream where some group of people were chasing I and George with guns. We run till we couldn’t run anymore, they shot George on his stomach. 

The sounds of the gun shot made me screamed and woke up, George also wake up.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”, He asked

“Dream! I had a dream, you were shot on your stomach”, I said and he giggled.

“Is that why you’re breathing this way? Come on it’s just a dream ok?”, He said as he lay me back to the bed.

I couldn’t sleep throughout that night, I thought of the dream till morning.

I don’t want to lose George, I don’t know who is after our lives, what does the person even wants from us?.

In the morning, I prepared breakfast for the three of us, after eating, Mrs Maureen and George went to work while I went to Texas.

I asked my uncle’s wife about what Mrs Maureen said and she confirmed it to be true. I wanted to tell her about my dream but decided against it, I went back to Chicago but a bit late.

That evening George told me there was a club party at the beach side and he wants us to go that his friends would be there. I told him we shouldn’t go but he insisted we should go.

We told his mum where we were going and she said ok. We got dressed and left with his car.

Soon the party started, everywhere was busy, different types of girls and boys with different size and complexion were there.

“Baby, stay here I want to say hi to one of my old highschool friend over there or do you want to come with me?”, He said

“No, I will wait here”, I said sitting on one of the chairs there. He nods and peck my cheek before he left.

My phone suddenly started ringing as soon as he left, I brought it out from my pocket, it was John. I stand up and went outside to receive the call.

“Hello, John”, I called

“Amelia, where is George?”, He asked

“He went to say hi to one of his old highschool friend”, I said

“Look for him and leave that party immediately, your lives are in danger”, he said

“John, what are you talking about?”, I asked

“Watch your back”, he said end the call.

[Where will I find George now? What did he even mean by our lives are in danger?] I murmured turning to leave and there they are right in front of me.

They were four, all masked and in blacks. My phone buzzz as their leader came forward, my phone fell from my hand instantly.

I felt my pant wet, I just piss on my body gosh!!


Hmmmmmm something is definitely not right

Watch out for the next episode coming  ?????

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