Love me once episode 14 Final


? ? GEORGE’S POV ? ?


I wake up to found myself in hospital bed, I look around my mum was at my right hand side, a drip was fixed in my left hand. The news of Amelia’s death rings again in my head, I found tears rolling down my cheeks like a child.

“Mum, tell me is not true”, I said making my mum to turn to me.

“Son, you’re awake”, she said as she came and sat beside me.

“Mum, Amelia is not dead, isn’t it?”, I asked, she close her eyes tight allowing her tears to poured out.

“I wish it’s a lie, I wish it’s not true but is true she is dead”, she said with hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

“No oh!! Amelia! Why? Why did Clara shot her?”, I Screamed in tears, my mum held my hands trying to calm me down.

“Don’t worry, Clara won’t go unpunished”, she said

“Mum, I caused it all, I brought Clara here, I’d never forgive myself”, I said still crying like a baby.

“Stop saying that son”, my mum said when the door fling opened, John came in smiling. I wonder why he is smiling at this point of time.

“George, wipe your tears, Amelia is not dead”, he said

“What are you talking about?”, I asked

“The doctor confirmed it, she is not dead. It was another patient that die in the OPT not Amelia”, he said

My mum quickly stands up, I tried to stand up forgetting I had a drip in my hand.

“Hope you’re saying the truth?”, My mum asked

“Yes but…..”,

“But what?”, I asked

“She is in coma”, he said

“Co what?”, I and my mum chorused

“Coma, the doctor said she will wake up after one month but if she doesn’t that means she didn’t make it alive, all we have to do now is to pray for her”, John said

My mum breathe down heavily and sat back next to me, I look up as tears roll down from the corner of my eyes then I remembered the dream.

It was Amelia that said she will come for me and Clara was the one after me.

[Oh Lord please save the love of my life from death] I pray silently in hot tears.

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For over this one month, Jeremy and I never left Amelia’s side. We were always there 24/7 she is my love and she is his only cousin, she’s important to the both of us.

Sometimes we do spend nights in the hospital just to watch over Amelia, life is meaningless without her.

I held her hands staring at her beautiful face while Jeremy sat close to her legs. She blinks her eyes twice and moved her hands and legs, I look at Jeremy.

“She’s alive, she made it”, we both chorused happily.

“George”, she called me

“OMG! My love you’re alive”, I said, she look at Jeremy and smiled

“Jeremy”, she called.

The joy in my heart can contain ten thousand houses and still remain, seeing the only woman I truly love back to life is a wonderful thing.

Jeremy called his parents and informed them that Amelia made it alive, I did same too. Everyone was happy.

Amelia was discharged from the hospital the next day, I took her to my mum’s house happily.

I don’t know how happy I’m seeing Amelia alive, I can just wait to make her my wife.

? ? ? AMELIA’S POV ? ? ?

It was a great thing to be alive again after wondering in a dark and endless lonely tunnel for long. Am so happy to see George, thank God Clara didn’t hurt him, I know a time shall come when she will regret her actions then it will be too late to turn the hand of time.

I can’t wait to see my uncle and his wife, they have been a wonderful parents to me since the death of my biological parents and sister.

Jeremy also followed us to Mrs Maureen’s house, I begged him to followed us before he accepted. Mrs Maureen was so happy to see me, she treats me like a queen lol. She’s a wonderful woman.

We are having dinner party, my uncle and his wife would soon be here, John and Jenny are already here. We sat down waiting for my uncle soon he came, I hugged him so tight, he was so happy to see me.

“Oh my darling Amelia, thank God you’re alive”, he said and I smiled

I disengaged from him and look around hoping to see his wife, I guess he noticed the way I’m looking around, he quickly went and sits down.

“Uncle, where is aunty? Is she not coming?”, I asked, everyone look at each other except George. Jeremy looks so uneasy like he wants to cry.

“Uncle, is aunty angry with me? Why is she not here?”, I asked again

“Why are you all looking so uneasy?”, George asked

“Amelia, your…aunty…is dead”, John said

“What? How? When, where? What killed her?”, I asked looking around

“She gave you her heart “, my uncle said and I held my chest once.

“She gave me her heart why?”, I asked as tears starts coming out from my eyes.

“Four bullets were removed from your body, your heart scattered, the doctor said you won’t make it till the next day except someone donate heart to you so your aunty gave hers to you”, Mrs Maureen said.

“No! No! No! Is not true, Jeremy tell me is a lie” I said crying.

“Is true, she did it so that you can be with us and the man you love”, Jeremy said

“No oh!!!!!!”, I screamed in tears as I stand up and ran upstairs to George’s room.

I don’t know who followed me but I heard someone calling my name.

The door fling opened, George, Jenny and Mrs Maureen came in.

“Amelia, please wipe your tears, let’s go downstairs”, Jenny said

“No, leave me alone, my aunty die because of me none of you told me including you George”, I said

“Baby, I’m not aware of it, am just hearing it now”, he said and I look at him

“He is saying the truth”, Mrs Maureen and Jenny chorused

“But why will she die?”, I asked

“She died for you because she knows there are lots of people who still want you alive, example; Jeremy, George, your uncle including us”, Jenny said.

They consoled me for like 15 minutes before I was able to calm down then went downstairs to continue our dinner.

“On Monday, we are going to court, George, your dad will be there too”, Mrs Maureen said

“So quick?”, I asked

“I’ve being working on it all these while”, she said.

The dinner party was successful.

On Monday morning we went to court, George’s dad was sentence to life in prison for the murder of my family, Clara was sentence to 30 years in prison for attemted murder along with her crews.

We came out of the court happily.

“George, one day we will go see your father in jail, I want you to forgive him, I’ve forgiven him and Clara”, I said, George stared at me and smiled.

“You’ve a good heart, I will always do anything to make you happy”, he said

“Thank you my love”, I said, he held my hands and guide me to his car.

George took me to a garden where lovers do go.

“Amelia, we were not just betrothed physically, our hearts were betrothed before our births”, he said staring into my eyes.

“Yes, you’re right”, I said

“Thank you for coming into my life”, he said

“Thank you for accepting me”, I said as he engages me in a kiss.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and kiss him very well like my life depends on it.

Love is sweet but sweeter even sweetest when you are in love with the right person.

Our mothers knew what is good for us that’s why they betrothed us when we were kids.

We made it after all the pains we went through.



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