love me once episode 13




My body began to shiver, I suddenly start feeling cold. Clara is a gangster? How the hell did she managed to become a gangster in a short period of time? Or was she a gangster in Europe?

Did someone sent her here? What’s going on? I was completely lost in my own world.

“Amelia!”, Her voice brought me back to reality.

“Clara, is this really you?”, I asked almost whispering

“Yes it’s me, Clara Modella”, She said as she continue coming close to me and I kept going backward.

“Clara Modella?”, I murmured, she laughed wickedly and stops walking.

“You thought you can take George away from me with your cheap plans and lies with his mum”, she said, her voice sound was so thick and scaring

I swear this isn’t the same lazy Clara I once beat and poured nails polish on, she looks dangerous now. What has she done to herself?

“I didn’t snatched him from you, he caught you having sex with another man right on his bed in his mum’s house”, I said

“Oh I see, they have told you already, good of them but do you know what, I’ve come to take revenge” she said

“Revenge for what Clara?”, 

“I’ve come to take revenge for humiliating me. You, George and his mum must go down”, she said

“I’ve always known that you are a wicked human, you are the one that will go down not me, George or his mum”, I said, I suddenly have confidence. She laughs out loud like the demon she’s.

“Clara, let’s fight like females, whoever that win among us will have George all to herself”, I said and she laughed again.

“Don’t fight a lost battle”, she said, I chuckled and shook my head negatively disagreeing to what she said.

Before I knew it, she kicks me on my stomach I lose my balance but hold myself again. She slaps me and I retaliated then we started fighting.

She was way faster than me so she could hits me very fast. She moved away from me and brought out a pistol.

“Hahaha, you said whoever that wins will have George all to herself, now say your last prayer”, she said pointing at pistol at me.

“Amelia!”, Someone called me before I could turn to know who the person was she already pulled the trigger, the bullets hits me very hard on my chest.

“No oh!”, I heard someone screamed

“Hold him”, she said as she pulled the trigger again, that was the end, everywhere suddenly went dark.

I found myself in a dark and lonely place, everywhere was slient, I couldn’t feel myself again.

? ? ? GEORGE’S POV ? ? ?

I was with my old highschool friend, we were discussing when my phone buzzz, it was a message.

I opened it and it was from John which reads:

[George, look for Amelia and leave that party now, your lives are in danger. I heard some assassins are after your lives]

My phone buzz again immediately I finished reading the message, it was Jeremy. I opened it and it was the same message.

I quickly left my friends and ran back to where I left Amelia, she wasn’t there. I sent her a message to come meet me at where my car was.

I went out going to where I parked my car when I saw Amelia and another girl, she was pointing pistol at her.

“Amelia!”, I called as the girl pulled the trigger, the bullets entered her chest.

“No oh!!”, I screamed running to them.

“Hold him”, she said, it was Clara’s voice.

Four masked guys rushed to me and held me as Clara pulled the trigger again sending Amelia to the ground. She turned to me smiling wickedly.

“Blind fold him and put him in the car”, she said entering the car.

They did as she said and dragged me into the car.

“Amelia!! No!!”, I cried out like a child, they also tied my two hands as the car starts moving in full speed.

Why will Clara shoots Amelia? After all the pains we made her go through, she still has the heart to shot her twice on her chest.

God please save the love of my life.

Who will help Amelia now? Oh lord of mercy please do something. I murmured in tears.

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? ? ? JEREMY’S POV ? ? ?

John, Jenny and I were in John’s car going to the party when we sighted George being taken away by some guys in blacks and masked faces.

Before we could get there they had already left with George. We pulled out of the car and rushed to the person lying on the ground in pool of blood. It was Amelia my one and only cousin lying motionless on the ground.

“Amelia! Amelia!!”, I screamed shaking her, no response from her

“No! No! This is not happening, what will I tell my parents?”, I said still shaking her.

“Jenny, call ambulance”, John said while Jenny took her phone to dial the emergency number, that same car that took George drove pass us in speed.

“Jeremy, that’s the car, I want to follow them so that I will know where they are taking George to then I will call polices”, John said as he starts going to his car.

“How are you going to do it alone?”, I asked

“Don’t worry about me, Jenny please call ambulance so that Amelia can be taken to the hospital”, John said and hopped into his car, he starts the car and drove out in speed.

Jenny called the ambulance and soon they were with us. Amelia was taken inside, Jenny and I stayed with her as they administered first aid to her.

Soon we were at the hospital, Amelia was taken to operations theatre (OPT) while I and Jenny wait at the waiting room.

I called my dad and told him what was happening, he said he and my mum would be at Chicago in a jiffy.

I just pray nothing happens to Amelia, God please save my only cousin. I said sadly as I paced up and down.

My phone buzzz, it was a message from John which reads: 

[ I’ve found their hidden place and the polices are already on their way there. Clara is behind everything, she’s their leader]

“I see, so she has the guts to shot my cousin? No problems l will deal with her”, I said angrily.

? ? ? JOHN’S POV ? ? ?

I was able to trace them and found their hidden place. Clara must not go unpunished for shooting Amelia.

If she has problem with George and his mum, she should go to them and solved it beside relationship is not by force.

After cheating on him right on his bed, she still wants him back by all means. 

I called the polices and gave them full description of the building while I hid behind the building waiting for the polices and watching what Clara and her boys were about to do to George.

As soon as they entered the room, she removed whatever they had used to blind folded him.

“Clara, what do you want again?”, George asked

“I want you George, you left me for that common housemaid”, Clara said

“She isn’t a maid, why did you shot her?”, George asked

“Love me once again”, she said

“Never! After everything we did to Amelia you still have the guts to shoot her”, George said

“And that’s why you decided to pay her with your heart ugh?”, She yelled

“Nor just that…..”, 

“Oh because you both were betrothed right?”, She cuts in

“How did you know?”, He asked and she laughed

“You are…..”,

The sounds of the polices gun interrupted her, two of her men were shot dead, one of them escaped while polices arrested the other one. I don’t know how Clara manages to escaped.

I rushed in and helped George out, we head straight to the hospital

“Jeremy, where is Amelia?”, George asked as soon as we get to the waiting room.

Jeremy’s parents and George’s mum were there. Jeremy kept quiet.

A nurse came when George was about asking another question.

“The doctor request to see you all”, she said, we quietly but hurrily followed her to the doctor’s office.

“Doctor, how is she?”, Jeremy asked impatiently as soon as we entered the office.

“She….is….dead…am sorry….we tried our best”, the doctor stuttered slowly and bend his head.

George screamed and pass out, Jeremy held his chest as he slowly go down in pain and in tears.


Amelia is dead!!!?????

Wait for the final episode coming….???