Love me once episode 3




I poured it all over her body so that next time she won’t call me talk more of saying hurtful words to me.

“What the hell did you do bitc…..”

I interrupted her with double slap, before she could say anything I start beating her.

“Leave me alone, don’t touch me with your dirty hands”, that’s all she could say demonstrating her hands like butterfly.

I didn’t even look at her, I keep slapping her and pouring more nailspolish on her, she continue screaming and calling for help.

“Next time don’t ever try to say shit to me”, I said still beating her.

“Please I’ll never do it again”, she pleaded.

I carried her and throw her into the swimming pool.

“What? Amelia!” George’s voice came from behind, I quickly turned.

He jumped into the swimming pool to save his girlfriend. I don’t care what George is gonna do to me, what matters is that I’ve taught Clara a lesson of her life.

Now she will know she isn’t in her father’s house and also America is not Europe where you can’t hit someone despite what they will do to you.

In America, if you misbehave they will give you the beaten of your life.

George brought Clara out from the swimming pool, she was coughing like someone that will die anytime soon.

Oh poor Clara, I thought she is strong. I just stand still staring at them, he carried her in a bridal style.

“I will ask you this later”, he said before going inside.

Whatever he likes let him do, I don’t care. A girl like her can’t boss me around, I will take that from George because he is Mrs Maureen’s son, not from Clara a common b—h.

I went to Mrs Maureen’s rose’s garden and water it then do every other things I needed to do.

I was in the kitchen trying to prepare lunch when George’s voice came.

“Amelia! Amelia! Amelia!”, He kept screaming my name like he is my father.

I didn’t answer him, I came out of the kitchen and went to meet him in the living room.

“You called me”, I said as soon as I get to him.

“So you are deaf before? Why didn’t you answered me when I was calling you? Oh you want me to continue wasting my energy because I want to call a common maid like you right?”, He half yelled.

His words hurt me a lot, I know am a common maid but why must he and his girlfriend always remind me of that? Is it a crime to work as a maid in someone’s house? Why is George treating me like this?

“So you are not saying anything?”, He asked and I kept mute, he stared at me for some minutes.

“Amelia or whatever you are called, what gave you the right, the guts to lay your dirty hands on my precious girlfriend?” He asked trying to calm himself. I still didn’t answer nor look at him.

“Aren’t you the one am talking to?”, He yelled, I still kept mute, he got frustrated by my attitude.

“Amelia, why did you lay your useless hands on my girlfriend! Talk to me now!”, He yelled again and pushed me in anger, I lose my balance and hit my back on the wall.

Tears drop from my eyes, I stand still to the wall and close my eyes waiting for him to do his worst, he should better kill me because of Clara.

“Amelia, you don’t want to talk right?”, I heard his voice and his footsteps, I guess he is coming close to me.

“What’s going on here?” Came Mrs Maureen’s voice and I gradually open my eyes and allow my tears to poured out.

“Mum, thank God you’re back”, he said turning to her.

Guys I forgot to tell you, Mrs Maureen normally comes home before lunch on Saturdays.

“Amelia, what is wrong with you? Why are you crying?”, She asked as she approached me.

“He….pushes…me”, I stuttered in tears.

“What? George!”, Mrs Maureen said turning to him, he look away instantly.

“George, what gave you the right to push her?”, She asked.

“She…beat..Clara and throw her into the pool”, he said, Mrs Maureen turned to me again.

“Amelia, is it true?”, She asked and I nod positively.

“Why did you beat her? What did she do?”, She asked.

“She insulted me, she called me a b—h, a nobody and a common housemaid so I was forced to hit her”, I said still crying.

“What did you do that makes her to call you those names?”, She asked and I explained everything to her, she turned to George.

“Did you hear her? Wait a minute, did you even asked her why she beat up your so called girlfriend before raising your voice at her?”, She asked almost yelling.

“No but mum that’s not enough reason for her to lay her dirty hands on my girlfriend beside is she not truly a common maid?”, George said.

That word COMMON MAID always hurt me to my bone, if George don’t stop calling me a common maid I will be force to do something tragedy to him.

“Will you shut your mouth! What gave you the right to call her a common maid? Did I told you that I employed her here because of you and your so called lazy girlfriend?”, She half yelled.

“Mum, Clara is not a lazy girl infact she isn’t a bad girl like……”

“Shut up! Am still talking, listen and listen very well, you brought that girl here, if she needs anything let her do it herself or better still you do it for her, do you understand?”, She said.

“But mum, why will I and Clara do….”

“Shut your mouth! Go in there tell Clara to come here immediately”, she ordered.

George stunned out of the living room to his room angrily, moment later, he came back with the witch. Some red spots are on her body, she now looks ugly.

Wow I love what am seeing, next time she will never say trash to me.

“You sent for me ma” she said, her voice sounds like the real witch she is.

“Yes, I was told Amelia beat you up this way”, Mrs Maureen said.

“Yes, she poured nails polish on my body and…”

“I didn’t asked you what happened between you girls, I know already”, Mrs Maureen interrupted her and continue.

“I called you here to tell you, if you truly love this grow fool call George my dear son and you wish to remain in this house with him you must respect Amelia. You have no right or whatever to call her a common maid and a nobody. I didn’t employed her here because of you and George. If you want to apply nails polish on your nails, do it yourself or tell George to do it for you. Amelia is not at your service nor George’s service. If you want anything do it yourself or tell your boyfriend to do it for you. The next time George will raise his voice or lay his hands on Amelia because of you I will be force to ask you out of my house and disown this fool that refused to get sense”, Mrs Maureen said pointing at George.

I could see how shocked they were, Clara was really disappointed, she thought Mrs Maureen will support her.

“Mum, this is not fair…..”,

“Shut up your mouth nonsense”, Mrs Maureen said before going upstairs.

Wow am so much in love with Mrs Maureen because of this.

“Baby, this is not fair”, she said crying.

“I know, don’t worry am gonna speak with my mum”, he said to her as she lay her head on his shoulder.

That’s their business not mine.

I dance happily back to the kitchen since Clara is already crying my cry. This is just the beginning.

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? ? ? DAYS LATER ? ? ?

Mrs Maureen travelled, she went to visit her daughter in Canada leaving George, Clara and I at home.

I’ve decided to stay away from them so that George won’t hurt me because of Clara. I cooked, clean and do everything alone including cleaning their room.

The only thing Clara is good at is to open her legs very wild for George, I guess she knows how to handle him in bed that’s why he don’t want to leave her.

The other night I heard her screaming George’s name, am sure they were having sex, disturbing the whole house.

Whenever we are watching movie together at the living room, they will be kissing, hugging and playing romance so that I can be Jealous.

Don’t get it wrong, I don’t look at them but I do stared at them from the corner of my eyes. I know what you guys are thinking, ok fine, am a bit Jealous.

Tell me why won’t I be Jealous? I don’t have a boyfriend infact I’ve never had a boyfriend before, I guess am not beautiful enough or no guy is interested in me.

But here George and Clara are playing their romantic play before me.

Today we are watching Korean drama, I don’t really like their dramas I prefer their music. BTS is my favourite K-pop music group, they are the best of all best.

We sat enjoying the drama when madam Clara came in, she went straight to where George is and sat beside him.

Everywhere suddenly start smelling, we all covered our noses with our hands, they were staring at me like I did something wrong.

“Hey get out of here, you are smelling”, George said to me.

I didn’t stand up because I don’t know what he’s talking about. I raised my hand close to my nose, I’m smelling, I drop my hand down.

“Am not smelling”, I said

“My friend, will you get out of here, smelling rat!”, He yelled.

I stood up and left the living room, I stood by the corner peeping them.

After a while they removed their hands from the noses, now I want to watch the drama that’s about to unfold.

“Baby, the smelling is still coming”, Clara said

“Yes, it’s coming from your direction”, George said taking her hand close to his nose, he immediately let go of her hand and stands up.

“You are the one smelling Clara, go and bath”, he said as he throws up, I burst into laughter ???

“What is the meaning of that George?”, She asked standing up as she raised her hand close to her nose.

Guess what happen???