Love me once episode 2


Clara swallowed hard as she simply nod and stands up, she look at George who give her a sigh that everything is ok then she left.

Now I want to know what Mrs Maureen will say or do to George, I know she won’t beat or yell at him anyway let me see for myself.

“George, you went to Europe to spend sometime with your dad and come back with a woman? You brought a woman to my house without my consent?”, Said Mrs Maureen

“Mum! Don’t tell me am not old enough to have a girlfriend”, George said

“That’s not what I meant, you can’t bring a girl I don’t know to my house as your new girlfriend. You went to Europe and brought a girl home saying she is your girlfriend”, Mrs Maureen said.

Guys, I forgot to tell you, Mrs Maureen doesn’t take shit from anybody, she is a no nonsense woman.

“Mum, you don’t know her because you haven’t given her the chance to…..”

“George, hope this girlfriend of yours won’t be a problem in this house?”, She interrupted him.

“What do you mean mum?”, He asked

“Answer my question, yes or no?”, She asked

“Yes sorry I mean no”, he said.

“Better, that reminds me Where is Amelia?”, She asked.

“Oh the housemaid, she is in the kitchen”,

“Who told you she is a maid?”, She asked

“I thought she is a maid”,

“Listen to me young man, she isn’t your maid ok?”, She said and he nod.

Awwww Mrs Maureen is such a wonderful and an amazing woman, I love her for this.

I dance happily as I prepare dinner.

Soon dinner was ready, I served the food at the dining table. I call everyone, we ate in slience.

After eating everyone went to their rooms except me. I put all the plates, pots, etc inside the dishwasher and turn it on then clean the kitchen and dining table before going to my room.

The next morning, I followed Mrs Maureen to work, it was a hard day for me. Catering work isn’t easy.

Coming back home very tired and stressed, there isn’t food to eat. Am to prepare dinner.

I wonder what Clara has being doing all day, I had my bath, put on something light then went to kitchen to cook.

I’m preparing pasta and tomatoes sauces for dinner, that’s Mrs Maureen’s favourite food.

Sometimes I wonder how life would had become so hard for me if I hadn’t met Mrs Maureen who took me in. All thanks to my uncle and his wife for introducing me to her.

She has already been a great woman more like a mother to me, she doesn’t see me as a common maid.

She adivce and support me in many ways. This is one reason I’d always be loyal to her, she is a good woman.

“Amelia!”, I heard the familiar voice, bringing me out of my thoughts, I turn instantly, it’s was Mrs Maureen.

“Mrs Maureen, you’re here?”, I said turning to what I’m cooking.

“You know, I have noticed that you like working and I must say am proud of you”, she said touching my hair.

I suddenly frozed, I feel her hot breath in my neck and her hand still playing with my hair as if we were lovers.

“What do you think about Clara?”, She asked.

“Nothing really”, I replied.

“Don’t you think she is rude or would be a rude girl?”, She asked as her hands travel all over my body till it gets to my breasts. My heart frozen instantly, I quickly remove her hand and turned to her.

“Mrs Maureen are you……”

“Ssshhh”, she place her middle finger across my lips

“Am not whatever you are thinking anyway, am sorry for that”, she said and left leaving me dumbfounded and in suspense. 

[Am not whatever you are thinking] the word ring in my head.

Is Mrs Maureen a lesbian? If yes then how come she manages to get married?

To the best of my knowledge, lesbians doesn’t get married when they are addict to it.

Hmm, guys, being a lesbian is not a bad thing but I don’t like it.

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I finished preparing dinner, we ate in slience as usual. I cleaned and washed everything we used before going to my room for that’s where I belong when am not doing anything especially now that George and his witch European girlfriend are around.

? ? ? ? ? ?

The week runs out so fast, soon Saturday came which is today.

Normally I don’t go to work with Mrs Maureen on Saturdays. I stay at home, clean the whole house and prepare some food then put them in the fridge.

Today, Mrs Maureen had gone to work, I haven’t see George or his girlfriend, I don’t know where they went to.

That’s not even my business, I wonder why I care so much about George despite the fact that he is very wicked and harsh to me.

I just finished cleaning the whole house, my room and Mrs Maureen’s room except George’s room. His girlfriend should be the one doing that.

I came out of the house, going to water Mrs Maureen’s beautiful roses garden.


Someone called me, I turned to the direction where the voice came from.

It was Clara the European witch sitting near Mrs Maureen’s swimming pool.

{What does she want? Why is she sitting there all alone? Where is George?} I thought

“Amelia, am calling you, don’t Keep me waiting”, she said

{Does this European witch thinks Mrs Maureen employed me here to serve her? What’s even wrong with her?} I thought.

Let me go and hear what she has to say, I said to myself and went to her.

“Yes, you called me, any problem?” I asked, she eyed me.

“I think you should first of all greet me before asking me stupid question”, she said.

{What? Is this girl testing my patient?} I thought staring at her.

“Stop staring at me and do what I said!”, She half yelled, I looked at her in silence then breath down heavily.

“Ok, good morning miss Clara”, I said she smiles wickedly as she nods.

“Now what can I do for you?”, I asked

“Apply this nails polish on my nails”, she said handing me a red nails polish she had taken from the basket of nails polish beside her.

“What? Clara, so you called me here because of this?” I asked pointing at the nails polish in her hand.

“Yes, isn’t enough to call you?”, She asked.

This girl is daring me, what gave her that right to say such to me?

“Clara, you can do it yourself, you can apply nails polish on your nails by yourself”, I said turning to leave.

“What? You want me to get stain with this nails polish right? Listen to me, you are a common housemaid, a nobody that’s what you are so you must do what I say because am the boss’s girlfriend”, she said.

Honestly, that word hurt me to my bone, I feel like killing her instantly. I think I need to remind her that she isn’t in her father’s house. I turned to her again.

“Ok, can I have the nails polish please?”, I said smiling.

She smiled and eyed me before handing over the nails polish to me, I collected it from her.

“Knee down before applying it so that it won’t stain my hands”, she said positioning her hand.

“Ok”, I said smiling wickedly as I open the nails polish.


Let’s watch out for the next episode coming soon