Love me once episode 4




She throws up too and run upstairs, I rushed to my room so that I can laugh very well.

Alright guys, let me tell you the truth I put something in her cream that’s why she is smelling. She wants to dare me.

This is just the beginning, I will teach her the lesson of her life. Nobody will tell her to leave before she will go back to wherever she came from, European witch.

I was still in my room when a knock came in

“Come in”,

The door open and George came in.

“What are you doing here?”, He asked

“What kind of question is that? You were the one that sent me out of the living room so why asking me what am doing here?”, I asked

“You don’t have respect, you talk to me anyhow you want”, he said.

“George, you know that’s not true, I respect you a lot”, I said

“Did you just called me by my name? Anyway I will forgive you for that, go to the living room and clean up those mess on the floor”, he said.

“What are you talking about?”, I asked like I don’t know, he eyed me.

“I and Clara vomited in the living room so go and clean it”, he said turning to leave.

“Your mum said if you and Clara want anything, you two should do it yourselves”, I said, he faced me angrily.

“Are you mad? I ask you to do something and you are saying rubbish, how dare you!?” He yelled

“But….is..what.. your mum said”, I managed to say

“You are still talking”, he said and before I knew it, he slapped me.

“Now go and clean that living room, b—h!”, He said and left.

I tried to hold back my tears but I couldn’t, I close my eyes and allow my tears to poured out freely.

What have I done to George that makes him hate me this way to the extend of slapping me because I refused to do what he said. Clara is the cause of all these, I’ll make sure I send her out of this house. 

I dry my tears and went to the living room, I clean their vomit and made sure there’s no stain of vomit on the floor or smell.

Later that night, I heard their voices quarrelling about where to sleep.

“Clara, you can’t sleep in my room”, George said.

“George why? Where else do you want me to sleep?”, Clara asked.

“For Christ sake you know you are smelling, you can sleep in the guest room”, he said to her.

“Baby, why are you doing this to me? You know I can’t sleep without you”, Clara said crying.

“If you don’t want to sleep in the guest room no problem, I will sleep there but you and I will not sleep in the same room. Is not going to happen”, he said.

There were silent for sometime, later the door open, I guess one of them are going out of George’s room.

“George please”, Clara pleaded crying.

“Do something about your body odour before we can sleep together again”, he said

I heard another door open then close, I didn’t hear their voices again.

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? ? ? ? ? ?

In the morning, I was preparing breakfast when George came.

“Good morning Amelia”, he greeted.

It’s a lie! George greeted me, what happened? Is like Clara’s body odour has brings back his senses that’s if he even had any.

I stared at him in shocked, he notices it.

“Listen Amelia, you should be happy that I greet you”, he said, his voice sounds so cool.

{Really?} I thought.

“Anyway, I want to ask, do you know anything about Clara’s body odour?”, He asked

“George, I’ll take anything from you but this I can’t take it, why will you asked me such question as what? I half yelled.

He moved backward a bit, I guess he was shocked by my reaction, who the hell did he thinks he is?

“Don’t get it wrong that’s not what I meant”, he said

“Then what do you mean?”, I asked, he stared at me in silence.

“Sorry about my word”, he apologized.

So he can open his mouth to apologize? Wonders shall never end. I stared at him in amazement.

“What can we do about Clara’s body odour? She smells like dead rat”, he said. I couldn’t hold myself, I burst into laughter ???.

“Is not funny Amelia”, ??? he said

“How is it my business if she smells like dead rat or dead human? ??? She is your precious girlfriend so you should know what to do about her condition”, I said.

“Amelia, are you talking to me like that?” He asked, I wanted to reply when the witch came running with smiles all over her face.

“Baby, I’ve found out what is causing my body to smell”, she said happily as soon as she get to us.

“What’s going on here?”, She asked looking at George and I

“Nothing is going on, what did you find?”, He asked

“George you haven’t answer me, what the fuvk is going on here? Why are you standing with this b—h!”, She half yelled.

“I beg your pardon young lady”, I yelled at her.

Both of them were shocked, she look at George then to me.

I’ve had enough of both of them, what’s even their problem?

“Amelia, you just yell at my girlfriend?”, He asked

“Girlfriend indeed! The same girlfriend you said she smells like dead rat”, I said.

“What? George! You said that?”, She asked.

“Baby, that’s not true she is lying, I was only asking her if there’s a way she could help us…..”

“Help us to do what? Why did you even come to her in the first place?”, She asked

“Baby, is not what you think”, he said.

“Here is the cause of my sudden body odour, my cream is smelling”, she throws her lotion at him and left.

“Have you see what you caused?”, He said to me.

“I’ve done anything wrong, I can’t take nonsense from you and your stupid girlfriend anymore!”, I said angrily and walk out on him.

Did I truly call his girlfriend stupid in his presence? Am finished! He will surely come after me.

I went straight to my room and lay on my bed.

I truly talk back at George today, that serves him right, he treats me like a nobody. The fact that am a maid in his mother’s house doesn’t give him the right to lay his hands on me or yell at me, he is not my boyfriend nor father.

The heavy Knock that came from my door brought me back to reality, I knew it’s either George or Clara.

“Come in”, I said sitting on my bed, George and Clara came in.

“You’ve the guts to insult my boyfriend!”, She yelled , I didn’t say anything.

“Oh you can’t talk anymore right? Do you know that you are a clown?”, She said pointing her index finger at my face.

The word CLOWN hurts me a lot, I almost cry. I quietly climbed down from my bed.

As she opens her mouth to say another word, a resounding slap lands on her cheeks twice, I had just slapped her.

How dare she call me a clown? I don’t care about what George is gonna do to me, he has being beating me for her.

“You dare slap my girlfriend!”, George yelled and pushed me to the bed.

He held my two hands and asked Clara to continue slapping till she’s satisfy. Clara gladly starts slapping me till my cheeks become red.

When they were satisfied, they throw me out of the house.

I cried that night, I slept in a hotel till the next morning before I went back to Texas, Houston.


? ? ? GEORGE’S POV ? ? ?

For over this one week, I’ve been the one doing almost all the house chores, Clara can’t cook, clean or arrange bed, the same bed she sleeps on.

Am beginning to dislike her, the love I’ve for her is gradually fading away.

Am thinking of what to tell my mum if she returns and didn’t see Amelia, if not because of Clara, I wouldn’t have sent Amelia away.

Clara was the one that said we should send her away. Now I do practically everything by myself.

All she does from morning till night is eat, sleep, go online on Instagram and do live videos.

Am at the office when my mum called me, I picked the call.

“Hello mum”, I called.

“George, am at the airport, come pick me please, I’ve being trying Amelia’s number for two days now it’s haven’t been going through”, she said.

“Ok am on my way”, I didn’t allow her to say another word before I end the call to prevent her from asking me questions about Amelia.

I got to the airport, I called her and told her I was there, she came out, hopped into the car and we zoom off.

Thank God she didn’t asked me about Amelia during our drive home.

When we get home, I pulled out and help her carried her luggage to her room. As I walk through the hallway to my mum’s room I heard some strange voices.

I kept my mum’s luggage then left her room, I heard the voice again, it was Clara’s voice coming from my room.

{Is she in trouble like is something happening to her?} I thought as I walk to my room.

I open the door, my breath cease immediately.

“Clara!”, I called with my last strength.


Amelia has left Mrs Maureen’s house ???

George didn’t do well at all, don’t you guys think so?


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