Love In That Form episode 6 – Chris wrote in my inbox


When Christy closed from work that night, she came into my room and helped me with some dresses that would be good for night-outing. We went to her house, where we dressed and went to a club. I told her it wasn’t my kinda place to be but she insisted on going there with me.
When we got there, I was like a fish out of water. I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t drink nor dance. Maybe, I could enjoy the music but Christy didn’t want me to sit there idle. In fact, I regretted going there because of what she was doing to me. At last, she allowed me to sit.
A minute later, she came with two glasses of whiskey, one for me and one for herself. She told me to drink it to relax my nerves. I had never taken anything alcoholic in my entire life so I didn’t want to do it but in the end, she persuaded me to drink it all. She laughed at me for the expression I put up with the taste of it. Few minutes later, I saw myself above everybody.
Just a glass of whiskey got me so high and higher till I reached the highest point. By then, I was uncontrollable. I didn’t know what I was doing and till now, I cant even believe I did those moves. I danced so hard without getting tired. Hey, the work of alcohol is unimaginable.
I woke up and asked Christy how I got to bed. She then played the video she recorded of me fooling myself in the club. It was then that I knew how bad the alcohol made me behave. I told Christy not to ever give me alcohol again. She had the day off so we continued with our sleep till noon. Then, we woke up, ate, dressed up and went out to catch some fun.
Everywhere we went, I had my camera to take pictures. Later, we went to the mall for some provisions. Christy made me forget all my pain, she always made me smile. She wasn’t as boring and cold as I was, she was hot, mad and jovial. In fact, just a perfect girl to make your day with. I didnt sleep at the hotel again, always in her room. Every day or night, we had somewhere to go for fun, and always took pictures.
It was during the weekend when I loggen in my facebook account and decided to finally declare the cancelled wedding to my friends. I nearly got mad at the first page that opened. Chris had gotten a new girl, taken pictures with her and tagged me with them. I wanted to block him but Christy told me not to. She suggested to me to upload more of the new pictures I had taken, even those of the ones at the club for him to see how happy I was without him. It sounded better so I did it.
I uploaded just five photos in a new album. Most of my friends who knew me very well started asking questions as to how I had changed from this cold, home girl to a hot, town and club girl. The comments I received were just crazy. I uploaded more and more to show them the new person I had become, courtesy of Christiana.
Five minutes later, Chris wrote in my inbox, “Hi, hope you’re good. Beautiful pictures there. Please, forgive me for everything that happened. I want to see you so please, tell me where you are.”
I didnt even reply with a dot. He was the last person in my life and I didnt want to have anything to do or say to him.
About an hour later of no reply, he called but I didnt answer. He called over and over but I never answered any. I had actually changed for real.
Watch out for Episode 7.