Martin then becomes so confused with the statement after Virginia revealed to him that she had no problem with getting married to the poor but rather veronica’s idea suggested to their uncle, veronica called to thank martin for the flowers he bought for her so Virginia tells martin that she would excuse him so he can talk to his opportunist. Veronica after everything says I love you to him but martin ones again refuses to respond as usual with “I love you too” and veronica tells him that she knows he is finding it difficult to respond back but she really will still wait in patient till the day he can also reply her. After they ended the call, martin says to himself that he is never going to say “I love you ” ever to her if that is what she expects from him but on the other hand he would like to.
Magdalena tells her story to father Juan and he encourages her not to feel so guilty since heaven works in mysterious ways and can say that everything is going to be alright because no one can question the way destiny works and now that she is still alive, the opportunity is there for her to find her daughter once again.
Martin buys two horses from Jorge that is Sampson and Salome and these two horses worth a fortune.
Claudia keeps dreaming about marrying martin someday to come. She arrives home very late after chatting with Virginia. Looking at how tired and the headache and dizziness the alcohol has caused to her, she prefers to rest a whole night but unfortunately, she receives a message telling her that they have an urgent meeting early morning and it comes as a blow to her but she convinces herself that, she won’t have to do this work after marrying martin.
Virginia calls Claudia to inform her that martin has given his consent that she can come for the engagement ceremony and Claudia agrees. She then cautions Claudia that she is to bear in mind that, she is not show any sign that they know each other at the party. Virginia after the call wishes veronica to expect an unforgettable engagement party.
Pablo arrives with Mariana in the city and he excused them to go back to the place to continue his paintings but Mariana’s mother Montserrat asks her to wait to witness the engagement ceremony of martin and veronica.
Veronica, Virginia and Salma prepares towards the engagement ceremony and auntie Salma tells them that, on that they each of them should make sure to wear their necklace specifically the ones with the V initials and veronica thinks it’s a very good idea but Virginia becomes worried and panting so severely. Veronica excuses them to call martin and in that same vein, martin also had in his hands the other Necklace bearing the V initials and he keeps stirring at it and whiles he keeps communicating with veronica on the phone, she also brings out her necklace bearing the V initials and whiles she stirs at it, Virginia spies her through the door taking her plan B.
The day arrives for the engagement ceremony and everyone dresses up but Emiliano prefers to be at the fencing than to witness the engagement ceremony between martin and veronica but Virginia goes there to provoke him not to stoop so low to be breakdown by veronica just because she never accepted his proposal but rather should go to the party to prove to them that he gives her his full support and is very happy to see her married. By so doing everyone will know that he is really a Prado Castelo who can never be moved down by a mere woman to feel so inferior.
Everyone arrives to witness the engagement party and the most shocking thing is that, Virginia wears her necklace whiles veronica had hers never around her neck. Martin then calls her upstage and then proposed marriage to her with a diamond ring and almost everyone become surprise and happy for veronica except few as we all know.
Salma suggests that they take a family picture with the newly engaged (martin and veronica) but she discovers that veronica is not wearing her necklace and she asks her about it since she asked them to put it on. Veronica tells her that she doesn’t have hers and Salma becomes angry but Jorge tells her not to worry because he will make another one for her and quickly veronica interrupts her uncle that he needs not to do anything for her again because it will be unfair since they were all supposed to take proper care of the necklace. Martin remembering things gets more and more convince that veronica’s necklace was the one Demetrio had.
Virginia tries to confront veronica on why she lost her necklace and she also then demands that Virginia allows her to check hers to see something because she had a scratch on hers so that it will not mix with Virginia’s but she refuses to let her see and by force veronica takes it to have a look at it and lo and behold that necklace was hers but after telling Virginia, she also argue with veronica that she also had her necklace scratched days ago. Veronica then tells Virginia that she finds it so weird that scratches on a necklace can also be identical. Martin seeing that veronica is causing a tragic scene at the party, he gets angry and left her. Virginia then took the necklace off and in pretense before their auntie and uncle gave it to veronica to seize the argument. After seeing that Salma and Jorge are gone, she smiles to tell veronica that, these are the kind moments she will wish her to remember and this was after veronica asked her why she always choses to ruin her happy moments.
Veronica goes to beg martin for his forgiveness for causing a scene in front of him and martin asks him if that necklace really is hers and veronica answers him that it really belongs to her but as to how it got into Virginia’s hands she can’t tell.
To veronica’s and everyone’s surprise, martin presents Salome which is one of the horses he bought from Jorge to veronica as a present and Jorge now understood why martin bought two horses from her and Salma tells him that martin is really an angel.
Emiliano from nowhere arrives at the party looking very drunk and mounting the stage, he calls on the attention of everyone at the party and in a sarcastic way asks them to have a toast for martin who never cared that his fiancée is a prostitute and quickly martin angrily rush on him to hold him by the neck to shut him up and tells him that no matter what he is going to marry veronica.
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