Love In That Form episode 2 The wedding can't take place.

I entered the restaurant and caught the gentle stir of Chris. I walked slowly to his table and sat opposite to him, I wanted to get all his looks. He was neither eating nor drinking. For the next five minutes that I that I sat down, he didn’t say a word, he had kept his face down as if he was in a deep thought as though contemplating what to say to me.
“Darling, I’m here. Please tell me what you have. Why have you called me here with such urgency?” I enquired softly.
He sighed loudly and spoke, his voice a little hoarse.
“Hmmmm… I’m sorry to say this my dear, but you need to hear. The wedding can’t take place.”
I was confused my heart racing. “How? Why? I don’t understand.” I asked in shock and utter disbelief.
He was like, “I’ve thought about it so much and in the end, I’m convinced that I’m not ready for marriage now. Let’s do it later, or, you can find someone else worthy of you. I can’t marry you now. Please, don’t take it too personal. I’m just not ready; cancel the wedding. I’ve thought about it very well and I’m certain. Please, you can find someone else and marry but not me.”
My head was empty at that moment. What was he talking about? Two days to our wedding and he wanted us to cancel it? I asked him what I had done wrong but he said nothing. Before I realised, Patricia was standing behind me in tears. She had heard everything we were saying. She pleaded with Chris to forgive me for anything I had done wrong but her plea fell on deaf ears. I knelt down in tears, pleading for Chris to change his words but he didn’t. We begged him for a long time but he won’t bulge. He was really sure of what he was saying. He only told us to go home.
Patricia, seeing the scene that was being created, held my hand and told me to get up. She took me to the car and went back to Chris in anger. What she said to him, I didn’t know.
Patricia drove crazily home. I didn’t think we would get home alive but we did. When we got home, I got out of the car and ran into my room. Every activity had stopped when we got there. As I was about entering my room, I saw Chris’ parents together with mine at the hall, sitting in disappointment. It was then that I knew I was facing reality. My wedding had actually been cancelled for no reason. I went into my room, locked the door and wept to my satisfaction.
“How could Chris do this to me? Why did he wait till now, to tell me this? Did he even love me at all? What about the seven hundred and fifty-one invitation cards we had sent out? What were we going to tell all these people? Was I going to be a mockery to people?” All these thoughts multiplied my sorrows a million times. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I wept deep from my heart.
My parents came behind my door and knocked, pleading for me to open the door but I didn’t even hear them. One person who got me mad was my eighty-two year old grandmother who stood behind my window saying,
“Don’t mind that stupid sheep. You will get someone better and sweeter than him. He doesn’t even look nice in his clothes. He won’t make good babies with you; come and let’s chill.”
How dare her to call my Chris a sheep? I wanted to open my mouth to tell her to shut up but I couldn’t. I just sat on my bed and cried till a new day came. I even hoped to receive at least a single call from Chris among the hundreds that came but I was disappointed. I took the pictures we had taken together and began to think of where the imperfection between us was, but I couldn’t find any. I wept more and more.
Watch out for Episode 3…