LOVE IN THAT FORM episode 1 – Pilot

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“All men are the same…” This is a sentence on the lips of almost every woman. But to think of it, is it real? Does it mean all men are pure like Jesus?
NO! Every man is different. Dont judge people by the deeds of others. I remember very well what I have been through before now. If all men are the same, then why do I feel like the happiest woman on earth after how my first love went? Let me take you through how I found my life in that special one, my husband. My love came in a form I never thought of.

I remember this day very well. It was Friday, two days away from my wedding. I was at home, filled with anxiety as to how this whole ceremony was going to be like, when I heard my phone ringing. I took the phone and saw Chris, my fiance’s call. I answered hurriedly with my anxiety. He wanted me to meet him as fast as I could. How? It was against our tradition for the would-be-couple to see themselves a week before their wedding ceremony. It was a sign of bad luck through the ceremony, so as to why and how he wanted me to meet him just two days away,
I didnt understand. I told him I wouldn’t be able to meet him because they wouldnt allow me to go out, besides, eighty-nine percent of my family were around busying themselves with activities like cooking, packaging and decorating all for the wedding’s sake so it was difficult going out without being seen. I convinced him to discuss everything with me on the phone but he insisted on seeing me urgently for a new development in the wedding ceremony.
I dressed up and called Patricia, my younger sister to accompany me, I didnt tell her where we were going exactly. I gave her my key to pick me up with my car behind our house since I was sneaking out and didnt want anybody to see me. It was difficult getting out since everywhere was busy with one thing or the other.
Finally, I managed to crawl on the wall behind my room and jumped over. Patricia was already there with the car so I entered and told her to drive straight to the “Big Jay Restaurant”.She drove as fast as we could to the restaurant. When we got there, I told her to wait for me in the car whiles I get a pack of rice. She was so confused. “Did we drive here all because of a pack of rice? What about what we’re preparing at home?” she asked. I told her to keep calm and wait for me. I straightened my dress and went to meet my darling.
Watch out for Episode 2