Claudia packs all the photos of Demetrio into a box and whiles she takes it out of martin’s office, she receives a phone call and in trying to answer it, the box falls from her hands and in that same vein Virginia has also reach there to speak with martin so she decides to help Claudia gather the photos and unfortunately, she turns a frame and there was Demetrio’s picture. Immediately, she says to herself that martin knows Demetrio but Claudia tells her that they are brothers and Virginia becomes anxious. Virginia then asks why martin asks her to take away all the photos of Demetrio and she discloses to Virginia that it’s because Demetrio is dead and doesn’t want to keep anything that keeps reminding him of him. Virginia becomes so shattered upon hearing Demetrio’s death. Virginia again says to Claudia that, to be able to buy her silence for not saying anything about Demetrio to martin, then she also has to do her a favor and when the time comes she is going to call her and both agree.
Martin pays a visit to veronica at her office and after he asks veronica if she accepted the money her uncle offered her. She tells him that she refused because all she needs from her uncle is his love and nothing else; martin then tells her that he is really surprised since he thinks veronica is a lover of money.
Martin after speaking with veronica goes to see Jorge to continue with their talk on the Gold supply and within a second Emiliano arrives and in discovering that martin is with his father, he becomes so furious at him but martin forgo that and asks Emiliano how life has been but he questions martin on how he thinks things will be okay with him after stealing the woman he loved from him. Martin then tells him that, if veronica really loved him she would have fallen in love with him very easily because they seem closer than anything else as they have lived in the same house and work place together for a long time but it’s so weird that she rather chose him over him (Emiliano). Emiliano becomes so annoyed and about bursting but his father intervene to stop them from creating any scene at the office. Jorge then advises Emiliano to accept the fact that martin is going to marry veronica but Emiliano refuses and says to his father that he is never going to accept that ridiculous wedding.
Memories comes visiting Virginia about the love she ones shared with Demetrio and how she really loved him, the surprises Demetrio always had installed for her whenever they go out and the happiness she experienced with him but all comes back to her as a vapor and she cries her eyes out for the loss of Demetrio.
Since Mariana demands that Pablo takes her back to the city, he goes to say goodbye to Ana Perla and promised her he is going to return in few days. he asks her not to doubt his love for her but she feels so scared Pablo will not return again and only promised his love to her just to play smart but Pablo tells her that he indeed love her deeply and won’t do anything hurt her feelings.
Claudia decides to meet with Virginia to see why she needed her to return her with a favor to keep her mouth shut concerning Demetrio. Virginia starts with her trick by making Claudia so drunk to tell her all she knows about martin and Claudia reveals to her that the gold mine belonged to Demetrio so martin only inherited it after he died.
Martin takes veronica to a good restaurant but she prefers to eat at a simple and public place. Martin then finds it so weird and after they depart and left to his office, he tells Alfredo that veronica is more complex than he thought after choosing to eat at an ordinary place and rejecting a great restaurant because the whole thing bounds back to him that veronica wants to prove to him that she is not an opportunist as he thinks but he still doesn’t believe her and Alfredo advises him to play his cards well if not he is going to be on the losing side at the end.
Virginia continues to have her sexual fun with her presumed doctor Fernandez in a hotel and she unveils to him about all the information she’s gotten concerning Demetrio and how he did the impossible to find the gold she asked him to but died at the end and martin inherited everything. She then says to Fernandez that what worries her is the fact that martin fails to disclose to everyone that he and Demetrio were half- brothers but she is going to find out no matter what because martin might be hiding something which is why he refuses to let her family know that secret and though it’s a risk taking since at the end her investigation it will unveil her relationship with Demetrio.
Whiles Virginia and Fernandez comes out of the hotel, they bump into martin and Alfredo and she in a cunning way tries to ask martin if he is going to invite any relative to his wedding because she would like to know their number so that an invitation card can also be sent to them but martin tells her no relative of his will be coming because his parents died and his only brother passed away. Veronica then again tricked and lied to martin that he wants him to do her a favor by not telling her uncle and auntie that he saw her with Fernandez because she is trying to build a relationship with him and they wouldn’t be happy hearing that since Fernandez is not rich and is also very far from having a gold mine like his (martin). Martin then says to her that, that doesn’t matter if he has no gold mine but veronica tells him that, she has no problem with that but a while ago, veronica suggested to their uncle that it will be wise for them to marry someone who can make them live like queens. Martin then becomes so so so confused with the statement.
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