Veronica excuses martin to go home after visiting him at his office and whiles leaving he ask martin that she has never seen any family pictures of him before. He turned to look on the table and picks up Demetrio’s picture turned upside down and immediately martins face was written with anxiety but in a smart way martin takes the picture frame from her and quickly cover it once again with a kiss and veronica departs. Claudia immediately entered and martin asks her to take away all of Demetrio’s pictures from his office and pleads with not to mention his name to him or anyone.
Pablo and Ana Perla still at the river bank and suddenly Pablo kisses her and says that he is fallen in love with her but Ana Perla thinks that Pablo just want to mock her since she knew no man but Pablo promised all his love for her after discovering that he’s the first man that has given her a kiss.
Martin goes to speak with Mr. Jorge that he will prefer to deal with him personally if he has agreed that they going to do the Gold business because he doesn’t want to involve veronica and martin since it will create a lot of problem considering the misunderstanding they are having concerning veronica’s marriage and Jorge agree. Jorge thinking that veronica hasn’t said anything about her past to martin, he takes the opportunity to tell him and also considering what Virginia told him too, he added that he is not the first man in veronica’s life just for martin to may be change his mind on marrying veronica but martin discloses to him that veronica has already discuss that with him but regardless of that he still wants to marry her. Jorge then says to martin that he now believes that his love for veronica is for real and if he had any doubt everything has been erased and now gives him his full consent to marry veronica because martin is a good man.
Magdalena pleads with Botel to allow her go to look for her daughter
martin prefers two weeks to get wedded to veronica but Jorge and his family thinks 6months will be okay for them to get to know each other and also for the Prado Castelo to prepare towards the wedding but martin insists on doing two weeks since there will be no church wedding. Everyone including veronica becomes so shock that martin stated that there will no church wedding but Jorge and veronica tells him that they believe in God so it has to be in church so martin agrees.
To get Manuel distracted from noticing that Ana Perla is with Pablo, Polo (little boy) suggests to Blanca to take the fruits home whiles he goes to cross Manuel to redirect his way. He meets with Manuel and asks him to teach him how to use his pocket knife to defend himself and through that the boy injures his palm with the knife but Manuel tells him not to cry and be man and since the child continues to cry for help from Manuel to take him to hospital and he refuses, Pablo arrives to rescue the boy but Manuel warns him not to meddle in his affair if not he will teach him a lesson with the knife.
Virginia goes to blow the news to Emiliano about veronica and martins wedding plans and Emiliano becomes so angry with her for being the brain behind his lost to veronica since she was the one who put the ideas in his mind concerning the presumed evils veronica has done that she was dating more than one man and being a fool he step away from veronica but martin even never cared about it after being told about it and now he’s going to marry the woman he (Emiliano) loved because he should have forgiven her and marry her no matter what he might have done.
Virginia gets to know that martin has a gold mine in mina Escondida through Salma and that is why he is in a haste to marry veronica to take her with him to help him manage it and so he asks where martin’s office can be situated in Mexico city and Salma showed her and quickly Virginia recollects her relationship with Demetrio and after Salma left, she picks Demetrio’s picture and begins to wonder why he fail to look for the gold in time as she asked him but she is going look for Demetrio in Mina Escondida though it might be tough but she will try.
Claudia looks at martin’s picture whiles taking her bath and says to herself that she is never going to allow veronica to have martin to herself and therefore will do anything to have him back.
Pablo arrives at the hotel where his fiancée Mariana resides and upon seeing him she starts nagging and commands him to take her away from that town to Mexico city since it full of flies and mosquito bites then after he can return alone to do his painting since she finds nothing pleasant at Mina Escondida.
Claudia packs all the photos of Demetrio into a box and whiles she takes it out of martin’s office, she receives a phone call and in trying to answer it the box falls from her hands and in that same vein Virginia has also reached there to speak with martin so she decides to help Claudia gather the photos and unfortunately, she turns a frame and there was Demetrio’s picture and immediately she says to herself that martin knows Demetrio but Claudia tells her that they brothers and Virginia becomes anxious.
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