Veronica confronts Virginia to disclose to her what she told their uncle that made him seem so aggressive towards her and Virginia tells her it was all about her wedding plans with martin that brought about all of the anger in Jorge since Emiliano couldn’t stand hearing that as he feels so much in love with her but veronica find it so weird and tells Virginia that she knows her real character as to deceive, lie and pretend to get whatever she wants. These drags into huge argument and Virginia tries to insult veronica that, she is only but a daughter of a drunkard who only slept with prostitute and one of these prostitute was her mother. Veronica feeling so sentimental about this couldn’t hold back her feelings and hit her severally and Uncle Jorge arrives to separate them and asking veronica if she is mad to attack a sick person. She tries to explain things to him and Salma but they all backed Virginia and called veronica rather a heartless person and warn her never to do that again But veronica also tells them that if ever Virginia is to provoke her again then she will put her in her rightful place. She then left in pain crying her eyes out.
Veronica calls martin several times on his phone but he refuses to pick and when Alfredo enquire from him why he’s doing that, he tells him that, he doesn’t want to be close to veronica until they are married so Alfredo asks him if that is also part of the revenge plans but he tells him it’s not part but he thought he could control himself but it’s a lie because anytime he’s near veronica, he is always dying to kiss her. so Alfredo advises him to stop that revenge because it is rather harming him than good so he prefers martin stays away from veronica before getting himself in her very on trap but martin will not give heed and says to Alfredo that he will make sure that he will never fall in love with a Veronica Prado Castelo since she is the cause of his brother’s death.
Botel goes to make things clear to Crescencio about the rumors concerning him and Magdalene but Crescencio will not permit him to let anything out and sacks him from his house.
Emiliano fails to listen to veronica not after accepting to marry martin. Things keep getting worse between them to the extent that he tells veronica he is never going to get closer to her anymore. He looks into veronica’s eyes and asks her what to do to make her fall in love with him and out of the blues and unknowingly to veronica, Emiliano stole a kiss from her but she struggles to push him off and slapped him for doing that and no matter what he does she is still going to marry martin even if it means to lose Emiliano’s affection.
Magdalena gets so furious at Botel for tarnishing her image to Manuel after taking in too much of alcohol to reveal their secret to him and now everyone in the town thinks of her as very evil and Botel tries to pleads with her but it hurt her so much and refuses to forgive him since she can’t go out again since people points fingers at her.
Mariana refuses to go to Pablo to Mina Escondido to keep him company with his paintings but prefers to stay at the hotel. Pablo then dresses up and left and fortunately for him he bumps into Ana Perla again and asks her to take him around the town and she accepts. She meets him at the river side and as it may seem, they both fall in love with each other and whiles they chat and play along, Nanciyaga hides to watch their every move from afar.
Since martin refuses to pick Veronica’s call, she decides to visit him at his office and upon reaching there she sees martin and Claudia hugging each other after martin’s acceptance to make her work with him in his mining business. Veronica becomes jealous and martin asks her not to be because Claudia is only into business with him. He then introduces veronica to Claudia as his fiancée and Claudia becomes nervous but pretends to be alright and congratulated them.
Martin finds it difficult to reply veronica whenever she mentions “I love you” to him. She therefore questions him on why he finds it so hard to say “he also do love her” because she feels like martin is afraid of her but she wonders what she’s done to him for him to feel that way and martin becomes anxious but he covered it up once again with a kiss to make veronica forget it and only tells her that she should be patient with him and one day may be he can say that some tome to come.
Claudia goes to see Alfredo and she shed tears to ask him where Veronica came from to give martin the mind of getting married to her and Alfredo advises her to stay away from martin’s private life and also should forget the fantasy of getting martin back into her life.
Jorge calls Emiliano to inform him that martin wants to formally meet with to ask for veronica’s hand in marriage and though it’s been a hard decision but all he needs is veronica’s happiness but he prays only for her that their marriage would not end up in a deceitful way.
Veronica excuses martin to go home after visiting him at his office and whiles leaving he ask martin that she has never seen any family pictures of him before. He turned to look on the table and picks up Demetrio’s picture turned upside down and immediately martins face was written with anxiety.

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