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The nurses saw this and quickly attended to her, she was then taken to exact ward where Adobea was.
She was placed exactly next to Adobea. When Fii and Adobea saw her, as much as Nana Ama has never been good to them, they appeared to be very concerned of whatever had happened to her. Fii was asked to wait outside as they attended to Nana Ama.
Mr. Edward had tried to win back the heart of his wife but was not successful, he now had to live with friends who constantly kept giving him excuses, so he just had to relocate from one friend to the other. This affected his work input as a lecturer and eventually the school authorities had to suspend him indefinitely.
He was now with no money, no place to lay his head, he virtually had nothing. Finally he decided to go back to his hometown and start all over again from there. That was where he ended up becoming a small scale farmer.
Nana Ama was on conscious, the impact on the fall was so hard that she needed a special attention from a Brain surgeon who was yet to arrive on duty to attend to her. Doc Sam, had no idea of the where about of Nana Ama, little did he know that she was right under his nose.
He was no more the Doctor in charge of Adobea, she has been assigned a new doctor, however Doc Sam was still determine to execute the plan. He knew that definitely when Nana Ama shows up, she will be happy about it. He wanted it to be a surprise ones he is able to get in touch with Nana Ama.
He prepared an injection that contained the chemical to paralyze Adobea at his office. The chemical was such that, ones its injected into your system, its affect your spinal cord making it difficult to move, hence living you motionless and paralyzed.
When he was done, he called a nurse to take it to Adobea’s ward and inject her.
The nurse arrived at the ward and mistakenly injected Nana Ama instead of Adobea since she knew that Doc Sam was no more the one in charge of Adobea. She had no idea of the substance in the injection as she was just following instructions. Her only mistake was that, she injected the wrong person.
After some few hours, Adobea began bleeding, there were no Doctor around except Doc Sam, he was quickly sermon to attend to Adobea. He thought that it was because of the injection that has caused the bleeding. He was able to stop the bleeding and realized that Adobea was pregnant all this while but unfortunately for her she lost the baby.
All along Doc Sam was thinking probably it was as a result of the injection. When he broke the news of the baby to Adobea, she cried over it but eventually accepted what has befallen her.
When Doc Sam was about leaving the ward, that was when he saw Nana Ama lying down on the bed. He got surprise and called  a nurse to find out what brought Nana Ama there.
The nurse narrated the events that led to her admission but failed to mention the injection she gave her. Mr. Wilson and Fii arrived just at the moment where Doc Sam was about to exit the ward.
He had no option than to break the news of the lose of Adobea’s pregnancy. Mr. Wilson somehow felt Fii was responsible for the pregnancy but kept everything in his heart.
All he was concern about was the well being of his daughter. Somehow, he blamed himself for Adobea’s current state. Maybe he could have found a different way of announcing his presence rather than following Nana Ama to the pub.
While they kept talking at the ward, Nana Ama was regaining conscious. Doc Sam noticed it and attended to her immediately. She gave out a loud cry because she was in pain. Doc Sam then asked Fii and Mr Wilson to wait outside a bit for him to finish with her so that they will be able to see Adobea since they were sharing the same ward.
Upon attending to her, Doc Sam realized that Nana Ama’s condition was unusual. She couldn’t move her hands and legs, the only thing she could move was her head and mouth which she used to cry out loud in pain.
Doc Sam got a bit suspicious when he noticed the Nana Ama was virtually motionless.
He then called the nurse and asked her who she gave the injection to.
Nurse: “Doc, i gave the injection to this lady as you instructed”
Doc Sam: ” what have you done, the injection was meant for that lady (pointing to Adobea) not this very patient”
Nurse:”sorry Doc, i thought you were no more in charge of her”
Doc Sam: “Just shut up and get out of my face”
Nana Ama overhead everything and asked Doc Sam what had happened. He told her of how the nurse interchanged the injection meant to paralyze Adobea to inject her Nana Ama.
Doc Sam, tried everything he could to neutralize the chemical in Nana Ama’s system but was to no avail. He realized the trouble in which he has placed himself. He could be jailed for that.
He quickly fled the hospital after realizing there is nothing more to be done to save Nana Ama and eventually made his way to Nigeria to settle there.
Now, everything begun bouncing back to Nana Ama. She began regretting whatever she had done. Aside her being paralyzed, she noticed that her breathing became very difficult for her. Her heart beat was faster than usual.
She wept in bed, remembering all the bad things she has done. Its like she suffered from her own evil plans.
At this point in time all what she seek for was death. She just wanted to die but that was even far away from her. Her immune system was practically functionless, she then decided to put everything to right, who knows God may give her another chance.
She asked the nurse to sermon Mr Wilson and Fii. Adobea was already at the ward, apart from the pregnancy she lost, she looked healthy and was to be discharged the following day.
When Fii and Mr Wilson arrived, Nana Ama narrated everything to them right from day one till this moment where the injection she had planned against Adobea was rather given to her.
She asked for forgiveness especially from Adobea and Fii.
Adobea wept so hard that for no reason Nana Ama could hate her like this even to the extent of making her paralyze.
It took the intervention of Mr Wilson for Adobea and Fii to forgive her. Mr Wilson immediately called for the arrest of Doc Sam. He was wanted by the police and base on tip off he was arrested in Nigeria and brought back to Ghana were he was jailed 75 years in prison.
Adobea was discharged from the hospital and together they went to the mansion of Mr Wilson. Mr Wilson made her a promise to make her happy. Adobea asked of her father one thing
Adobea: “i only ask for one thing, i need your blessing on my relationship with Fii”
Mr Wilson: “Don’t worry my daughter, not only do you have my blessing, but am taking you and Fii back to UK, i will make sure Fii continues his education there and anytime you are ready to marry, where ever i am, i will be there at your wedding”
Fii thanked him so much but he decline on the offer, however Adobea convinced him and he took it eventually.
Fii : “Sir, thank you so much for your support, i love Adobea for who she is, she has brought me happiness that i have never imagine of, i love her. She completes me, and i thank God for using you as a vessel to bring her to this world. She is your daughter but she is my woman, my everything”
Meanwhile Nana Ama situation was just getting worse everyday. She had to be discharged as her bills kept going high. She had no one to take care of her. The only thing the hospital could do was to give her wheelchair. She had no helper to even carry her around even when she wants to ease. She had no option than to do it on herself.
She waited for death to come but it was still far from her. She then resulted in begging on the streets as she had nothing to eat.
Written by Elton Nana Amoah.
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  1. Wow.. This story is really interesting and has lots of lessons to be learnt from it. As for Nana Ama, she deserves where she is now. She could not calculate what life brings in return before executing all her evil plans. What ever thing we do in this life, surely bounces back at us. Be it good or evil.
    Am inspired.
    God bless the writer.

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