Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 9


Ann shivered in the cold as she walked into the dark night. The rain had reduced to drizzles but it was still cold. She rummaged her bag for a sweater, found one and wore it.
The tears were still there, the pains, the hurt. The betrayal was there. Her heart felt like it was going to tear apart, tear apart from the pains she was going through. The pain was so thick that she felt like dying.
How could a man she had given her all do this to her? How could Lex of all people do this to her? Truth be told, if she had been told ten years ago that Lex was going to treat her this way, she would have poisoned the person immediately.
She had thought that Lex loved her with all her heart but now she realized that he was with her because of the things he could get from her. Obviously he had seen her as a fool, a naive idiot who could do anything for the man she loves.
She sobbed loudly as she walked, no destination in mind. She had nowhere to go to. She could have gone to Agatha’s house had she not seen in the news that a lady was poured acid at crunches on the 26th of May and died on the spot. The person had been no other person than Agatha.
And Lillian?
No. She just knew Lillian, she didn’t want to start disturbing Lillian when they barely knew each other. They were friends now, but they weren’t very close to each other, maybe with time.
And besides she didn’t really know her house, never been there before.
And Chuks?
That b—–d! That animal that she had thought loved her. Why did she always have bad luck with men?
Stopping in the middle of the road with her heart beating fast, she screamed in a loud teary voice filled with frustration and confusion.
Not minding if she was disturbing the neighbor, she went ahead and screamed louder, then she burst into tears.
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‘heyy! Stop there. Na who you be?’ she heard a rough voice from behind.
She froze, then turned back slowly.
She saw three guys, even though it was dark, she could tell they were haggard looking, each holding a cigarette….wait! That’s smell, that was marijuana!
She nearly peed on herself. She prayed they wouldn’t hurt her because if anything happened to her she would never forgive Lex and her blood would be upon his head.
‘na who be and why you dey disturb this caban? U dey mad?’
‘so…so….’ she was shivering, she picked up her box, ready to run, but how far can she run, they were three in number. God! Please help me out in this, she prayed.
‘i….i’m sorry’
‘na who you dey tell sorry?’ one said moving closer, so close she could feel his breathe, then he licked his lips ‘omo baby you too sexy. Guys una dey feel am. Make we comot steam now’
‘abi?’ the other one needed ‘i even dey h—y today sef, make we use this one take do IT’
Ann shivered. No, this wasn’t happening.
‘spider’ the one close to her said.
‘yes boss’
‘collect her bag. Ginger, carry am enter our caban’
‘please don’t touch me, please’ Ann cried as one of them brushed his hand against her n—–s ‘please leave me alone, i beg you in the name of God. Please don’t do this to me please’
‘shut up!’ a hot slap landed on her cheeks ‘if you talk pim again, i go scatter bottle for your head, you dey mad? Na me send you comot for house this kind time. Abeg open your leg jor! See this monkey oo!’
Ann wailed as one of them struggled to push her legs apart ‘please. Please don’t do this and God will bless you, please don’t touch me, no, please….no don’t’ Ann wailed as they ripped off her panties.
She shivered at what was coming next. She felt it at the opening of her feminity. Her cries intensified ‘pleaseeee, noooooo!’
She screamed as it was shoved deep into her making her to scream in pain.
To cut the long story short, Ann was raped till morning with the three guys taking turns on her.
And by the time it was daybreak, she had passed out and the guys left her there after having their fill.
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To be continued………


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