Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 8


‘Lex come back here! So you’ve finally decided to come back home abi?’ Ann said getting up from the sofa.
Lex rubbed his hand on his head ‘dont start Ann i beg of you’
‘agaracha must come back! Soldier go soldier come, so after running away for two days, you finally came back abi? I thought you will just run from there, i thought you will never come back. Why are you now here?’
‘this is my house remember?’
‘house owner! Stupid fool! So after beating me you shameless goat, you ran away, you think you can run away forever, you think you can leave me here to suffer and die of hunger. You’ve forgotten all the things i did for you. You’ve forgotten how we both struggled to get to where we are now.
You’ve forgotten how many men i had to sleep with just so you could feed. You’ve forgotten how i disappointed my parents because of you. You’ve forgotten how many days i spent in the cell because of you. You’ve forgotten, now you have the guts to lay your filthy shameless hands on me in this house, Lex you have just bought trouble, trouble you cannot deal with because as far as i remain Annabel Dickson, i will make life unbearable for you in this town. I was the one who made you, and i will be the one to cause your downfall, watch out!’ She snapped.
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Lex shook his head. Not that he was heartless and ungrateful but he could never spend the rest of his life with such a woman. No he couldnt. He just couldnt manage her. He couldnt bring himself to eternal unhappiness just because he wanted to appease a woman.
Ann was a good and noble woman he knew. He knew she was a priceless jewel, everything a man desires in a woman. A woman who was ready to do anything for her man, sacrifice her all for her man even at the expense of her own happiness, that was what Ann was. Such women were rare to find. He couldnt tell if the next woman in his life would be able to do the things Ann did for him. He wasnt even sure any woman was capable of it.
But he just couldn’t.
He just couldn’t marry her. No.
‘Ann we need to talk’ he said.
‘talk about what?’ Ann asked eyeing him angrily.
He went closer and sat close to her. He cleared his throat ‘look Ann, i know we havent had the best of relationships for a long time, i…..’ his phone rang interrupting him.
He dipped his hands into his pocket retrieving his phone, it was Ciara calling.
He cast a quick glance at Ann wondering if he was supposed to pick the call there or he was supposed to excuse himself. He settled for the former. Afterall, it was his boss calling, not his girlfriend.
LEX: Hello Ciara….
CIARA: Hello manager, what’s up?
LEX: I’m fine, good evening.
CIARA: When did you go? I just went into the dressing room and i was told you left, hope there’s no problem?
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LEX: No, not at all, i’m fine. It was past 6 pm and since it’s my closing time, i just felt i should go. Hope you didn’t need my help or something?
CIARA: Oh no! I was just worried. You’ve never left like that before, so i was wondering what the matter could be. How’s Ann? Is she still in your house?
LEX: Uhm….yes.
CIARA: I hope she’s not giving you trouble?
LEX: Uhm….well….yes and no.
CIARA: You are sounding as if she’s there with you. Is she there with you?
LEX: Yes.
CIARA: I bet you guys are getting along just fine. Please try and settle whatever problems you both have against each other.
LEX: Okay, i will try. I pray it’s as easy as you say it.
CIARA: Of course it’s easy! Communication. Thats the main problem you guys are having. What you guys need is communication, you need to communicate with each other what exactly the problem is. I believe you can settle your differences that way. When you sit her down, get her to say whatever is bothering her. Maybe something you do that she doesnt like, get her to say it, then you make amends, that way your relationship wont be upside down.
LEX: Ciara we aren’t in any relationship.
CIARA: Look at you denying her already.
LEX: Its not as if i’m denying her, its the truth and…..
Ann snatched the phone from him.
‘who are you talking about and who are you talking to? So Lex, you’ve started having girlfriends outside right? You’ve had your fill of me and you are dumping me for another woman abi?’
‘Ann, whats the meaning of this? Give me back my phone!’
‘never!’ with that she smashed it to the pieces ‘come and kill me now, i’ve spoilt your phone. Lex, the shameless woman beater, come and beat me because i’ve finally spoilt your phone. What can you do?’ she asked slapping his chest continously, daring him to hit her.
Lex looked from Ann to his shattered phone. He shook his head. This was the height of it. Ann was leaving his house this night. It didn’t matter what the time was. It was past ten already, but she was leaving. No, he couldn’t take this anymore.
He went inside her room, packed all her bags and threw them outside, it had already started raining heavily outside, he didn’t care.
He pushed her outside into the rainy night despite her apologies
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To be continued…..