Adventures of Goodboy – Episode 14



Since Goodboy always outwitted Bediako, Bediako thought of a plan to make Goodboy look like a fool. He gave one egg to each of his ministers before Goodboy reached the court one morning.
So when Goodboy arrived, the king narrated a dream he had had the previous night saying that he would be able to judge the honesty of his ministers if they were able to bring back an egg from the royal garden pond.
So, Bediako asked all his courtiers to go to the pond, one at a time and return with an egg. So, one by one, all his ministers went to the pond and returned with the egg which he had previously given them.
Then it was Goodboy’s turn. He jumped into the pond and could find no eggs. He finally realized that the King was trying to play a trick on him. So he entered the court crowing like a cock.
The King asked him to stop making that irritating noise and then asked him for the egg.
Goodboy smiled and replied that only hens lay eggs, and as he was a cock, he could not produce an egg.
Everyone laughed loudly and the King realized that Goodboy could never be easily fooled.