Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 7


They were suddenly looking towards his direction, looking scared. He saw what looked like the combination of boldness and fear in Tommy Anderson’s eyes and complete fear in Abraham’s eyes.
Then suddenly, he saw Anderson walking towards him, Abraham Martins doing his best to stop him. Tommy turned back and told him something, then continued moving.
‘hello gentlemen’ he greeted softly as he came to their table. Chuks gave him the surprised look. Lex smiled. Tommy Anderson was trying to be bold.
‘hello sir’ Lex replied with a smile. He knew the next thing Anderson was going to say, and he was correct.
‘i think we’ve met before’ Anderson said.
‘yes. At the hospital. I’m Ciara’s new manager’ Lex replied.
He thought he heard Tommy Anderson sigh in relief.
A broad smile plastered Anderson’s face ‘sorry for disturbing. I saw your face and i mistook you for someone else, someone late actually, just wanted a confirmation’
Lex laughed ‘the dead don’t come back to life’
‘yeah sure. Just wanted to check, there’s nothing that does not happen in this country anymore’ Anderson joked ‘anyways, let me leave the both of you, is this your brother?’ he asked pointing at Chuks.
‘uhm yes. My elder brother, Chuks. Uhm, Chuks meet Sir Tommy Anderson, my boss’ father, and sir please meet my elder brother’
They shook hands.
‘pleased to meet you sir’ Chuks replied with a shaky smile. What was Lex getting at?
‘same here. You sure don’t look like Johnson’s elder brother. Sorry, whats that your name again?’ he was talking to Lex.
‘me…uhm Alex’
‘no. Alex’
Another sigh of relief from Anderson.
This confirmed Lex’s suspicion. Tommy Anderson and his partner in crime had seen the resemblance between him and his father and had suspected it was either him or his father. He smiled inwardly. They were so in for it.
‘okay Lex and Chuks Johnson, we will see each other some other time’ he smiled and walked away.
Lex winked at Chuks ‘heyy!’
‘what exactly are your plans Lex? How did i become your brother overnight?’
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Lex laughed ‘shh, its all part of the plan. Tommy Anderson and Abraham Martins are already suspecting something. I’m giving them the impression that i’m someone else. And that the striking resemblance between me and Ade Johnson is strictly a coincidence’
Chuks nodded in understanding ‘you know Lex…i mean Alex…you should be working for the FBI, not here wasting your talent on foolish, selfish and conceited b——s like Tommy Anderson and Abraham Martins’
‘in due course’
‘what are your plans Lex? After this a—–e of a revenge, what next? You’re going to start life afresh?’
‘yes. I’m going to leave this country immediately after that. I will get married and settle down’
‘i mean are you getting married to Ann?’
Lex sipped from his beer ‘that’s a million dollar question. But i’ll give you an answer’ he took another sip ‘before yesterday, i had made up my mind to marry her, to stick to her for the rest of my life.
To give her my all because she deserved it, for all the things she’s done for me, all the sacrifices and dirty jobs she’s done for me. I made up my mind to make her the happiest woman in the world. That’s if she stopped reminding me of all the sacrifices she made for me because that hurts my ego. Imagine her telling me that without her, i will be nothing.
That is equally true, but does she have to remind me of that every time we have little misunderstandings? I had plans for her, very good plans but i really cant stand her overbearing attitude any longer. I cant spend the rest of my life with a woman who’s going to constantly remind me of the things she did for me and if not for her, i will be nothing. I cant stand it.
I know i might sound like an illiterate right now but i just have to say this. I cant spend the rest of my life with Annabel. I cant live with her. I cant love her and most especially, i cant marry her. I’ve thought about this continually and its final. However, i’m going to share all my assets into two equal part, i’m giving her half of it.
She deserves it, she worked for it. That’s all i can offer her at the moment. So the answer to your question, i’m not marrying Ann’
Chuks blinked twice, awed by Lex’s confession. Ann was really going to be hurt, but this was really going to serve as a lesson to young women. He wished everyone was aware of what was going on between Lex and Ann.
He had learnt a lot from it. Never sacrifice too much for someone, a time will come when that person is going to regret all the sacrifices you made for him or her. He didn’t know who to support in this matter.
His best friend for years or the woman he has always had a crush on from the onset.
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To be continued…………….