Love and Revenge season 2 Episode 10


Lex could not hold it in anymore. What had he done? His heart was pounding loudly against his chest, In fact tears gathered in his eyes. It took him two hours to remember the evil he had done.
He had gone out to look for her in the middle of the night, called out her name in the dark and had even tried her line but it wasn’t reachable. He almost cried. If anything bad happens to Ann then he would never forgive himself.
That lady was a rare gem, a woman every great man needs beside him, in fact she was the best woman in the world. She alone was capable of making sacrifices that no woman was capable of making in this world.
It was true that he didn’t love her. It wasn’t his fault that he didn’t love her, he tried to love her but he couldn’t force himself to love her, it was no fault of his. He couldn’t force his heart even when he wanted to.
He didn’t love her but then he adored her, in fact he loved her in a very special way. She had a special place in his heart where no woman could take over.
Not able to withstand it any longer, he went on his knees and cried ‘God please, let nothing bad happen to Ann, i wont be able to forgive myself for life!’
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‘you did what?’ Chuks asked in anger. He felt like killing Lex right now.
As early as 5 am, Lex had come knocking waking both him and Lillian up. He had looked so disheveled and frustrated, still clad in his pyjamas.
‘tell me you didn’t do what you are saying you did Lex’ Lillian said calmly reaching for his hands.
‘you frustrated b—–d, how dare you!’ Chuks barked, he threw a punch at Lex but he narrowly missed it.
‘honey take it easy, lets hear from him first’ Lillian said.
‘will you shut up your mouth? Who called you in this matter or do you want me to slap your stupid mouth?’ Chuks asked angrily.
Lillian only hissed and said nothing.
‘it wasn’t my fault’ Lex said quietly ‘i was frustrated, i didn’t know what i was doing. We were having a little misunderstanding and my phone rang, it was Ciara, i picked the call in her presence, Ann heard and misunderstood what we were saying and she shattered my phone to pieces daring me to beat her. I was so angry Chuks, i lost control of myself, and i….and i pushed her out of the house that chilly night’ He burst into tears, crying like a baby.
‘stop crying Lex, we understand you…..’
‘Lillian!’ Chuks said strongly interrupting her ‘i do not want to hear a word from you again, not even a word. This is strictly between me and Lex, i don’t know why you are even here, if i should hear your voice again, you will leave here immediately and i mean it’
‘what is your own sef?’ Lillian replied ‘what have i said wrong here? In fact you are the one misbehaving here. Your friend is here regretting his actions, what you have to do is try to understand him, not criticize him. Its pretty obvious he’s harshly judging himself already, don’t add to his problems’
Chuks pouted angrily ‘i resist the temptation to beat the demon out of you’
‘you cannot do anything Chuks’
‘dare me’
‘i dare you!’
Lex raised his head up. He had come here to be consoled, not to settle quarreling couples. What was wrong with them? Why must they qua rel every time?
‘please guys its okay. You guys shouldn’t argue because of me. Its my problem anyway so i have to look for a way to handle it myself. Thanks for listening to me anyways. I will take my leave now to start my search for Ann’ Lex said standing up.
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To be continued…….