Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 35


Lex stopped at the front of the door and dragged the black material down his face…then he pushed the door open.
The room was dark but he could still see the Nativents family sprawled on the floor probably sleeping…..apart from Sampson Nativent, he felt pity for the rest of the family…some of them werent even born when their said father committd his atrocities.
He pulled the gun he had tucked at the back of his trouser, and reached for the bulb switch.
Brian was the first to open his eyes due to the brightness of the bulb.
He pointed the gun at him and he gasped in fear. His gasp must have been so loud because every other member of the family woke up except Heavenly who still slept soundly as if nothing was happening around.
‘who….who are u?’ Sampson stammered.
Lex couldnt believe that was the same Sampson whose skin had been glittering like that of the sun. His skin looked so wrinkled and old like that of an animal.
‘hello’ Lex said ‘Sampson Nativent’
‘eh….eh…pls….pls dont kill us, pls…dont kill my family and i…we’ve suffered alot’ Sampson pleaded as tears fell from eyes.
‘do u know who i am?’ Lex asked.
‘eh? No…no…no…’
‘do u remember the late Ajayi Johnson whom u gruesomely murdered on the 21st of April 1996?’
Sampson frowned in confusion then his eyes began to brighten in realisation ‘whoo…..’
‘do u remember?’
Lex corked the gun ‘i want to know why you and ur friends killed him…i want every details concerning his death, else i’ll kill everyone here starting with that child’ he pointed the gun at Heavenly.
‘no…no pls…i’ll tell u…i’ll tell u everything…’
‘get talking right now!’ he barked.
‘i….i….where do i start from?’
‘starting from his crime…’
‘okay…okay….let me catch my breathe….’
‘dad get talking…dont let Heavenly die!’ Brian barked angrily rushing to his daughter’s side.
‘you heard him Nativent’ Lex concurred.
‘pls…pls…okay…Ajayi was a close friend of ours….we shared practically all our secrets with him…but he was too holy a man…he never concurred with some of our shady deals of duping the company we once worked in…there was a plan orchestrated by the three of us…that is Abraham, Tommy and i to steal three billion naira from the company’s account….unfortunately, Ajayi was the accountant that time and he refused to concur and threatened to expose and have us arrested should we push through with our plans….that was when we had the thought of killing him crossed our minds and as at that…he had a friendly rapport with the CEO as at that time. And the CEO’s wife was known as a promiscous woman who slept with almost all her husband’s employees…the three of us approached her and she promised to….with her connections, get us the three billion naira should the three of us sleep with her….so we arranged the hotel where we were to meet…i dont know how Ajayi managed to know where we were or what we were up to but he barged into us having a foursome…the woman was scared he was going to tell her husband since they were so close..and then she paid us extra money to excute him….so the woman was also part of the plan…’
‘what?!’ Lex couldnt believe his eyes, there was a woman behind the scene, he couldnt believe it ‘where is this woman now?’
‘formerly mrs Jovita Agbayi…i heard she later divorced the CEO and married a pastor…i dont know of her whereabouts anymore’
Lex sighed and tucked the gun back into his pocket ‘i’m not going to kill u because two wrongs cannot make a right but…there are better ways to go about issues than killing pple…dont think that every evil can be covered up forever because someday the truth shall come to light. I want just one thing from u… me find that woman Mrs Jovita Agbayi’
‘she’s no longer Jovita Agbayi…i think its Jovita Rowlands’
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Ann stopped eating and locked gazes with Lex…she smiled shyly and looked away ‘so why did u call me out? Certainly, u didnt call me to eat did u?’
‘no….’ he mouthed shaking his head as he dropped his fork and spoon ‘i spoke with Chuks yesterday’
‘so?’ she shrugged nonchalantly
‘i’ve dropped my revenge’
Ann paused and stared at him wide eyed ‘huh?’
‘you heard me….i’ve done what you asked for Annabel…remaining just one….’ he stood up and paused in front of her….then slowly he knelt down and retrieved a small red box from his b—-t pocket, he opened it and revealed a shiny diamond ring.
‘Anabel Mary Kosisochukwu Rowlands….will u marry me?’
Jovita smiled and hugged her daughter as tears welled up in her eyes after showing her the engagement ring. She was so happy that her daughter was getting married to the man she loves. She didnt want her to make the same mistakes she made.
She regarded the handsome young man who introduced himself as Alex Johnson, the guy looked rich and she hoped Annabel wasnt marrying him because of his money but because she loved him….money couldnt buy happiness and love…she knew from experience.
‘welcome son, come give me a hug’ She said spreading her arms towards him.
Lex smiled broadly and hugged her.
There was something familiar about him, she just couldnt place it.
‘my son inlaw to be…i cant believe i’m liking u already…Ann u better be careful because i might just snatch this handsome dude from u, u know’ Jovita winked.
‘oh mum you wouldnt try that…else i’ll snatch ur husband from you’ Ann chided.
‘and come to think of it, we’ll look good together mum, what do u think?’ Lex said, his hands over her shoulder.
‘i concur’ Jovita said and they all laughed ‘well, you guys should sit down, i’m preparing ofe nsala and pounded yam, so just make yourself comfortabel…Ann pls, join me in the kitchen’
‘okay mum, i’m right behind you’
Jovita smiled and left.
Ann turned to him and hugged him as tears formed in her eyes, inhaling his masculine scent ‘i’m so happy right now Lex, today is the happiest day of my life…i’ve always dreamt of this day and i thought it will never become to reality….thank u Lex, thank u so much, i love u. And i’ll always love u till the day i die’
Lex closed his eyes, then slowly wrapped his hands around ‘i might not be the best man on earth…..i might not love u the way you love me or the way you expect, but i promise to make u the happiest woman on earth, i’ll kill for u Ann, i can sacrifice my life for u Ann because u mean the world to me, there’s no me without u, u made me, when i was nothing, u made me into something, u sacrificed ur family and happiness for me, u sacrificed ur future and education for me, u sacrificed ur pride as a woman for me, u sacrificed ur freedom for me, u sacrificed our child for me, for all the things you’ve done for me Ann, i’ll forever be indebted to u…it doesnt matter how many men you’ve slept with since we separated, it doesnt matter that u slept with my friend, all that matters to me is that you’re mine and mine forever and my heart and gratitude will forever belong to u’
At this point, Ann couldnt control her weeping again. She cried and cried till the tears refused to drop.
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‘so tell me a little about yourself, ur family background, educational background, u know, all those stuffs’ Jovita said bring the saviette to her lips.
‘well….my name is Alex Johnson, but they call me Lex Johnson, my parents died when i was eight years old…my father was murdered by some of his friends and my house was razed down in fire burning both my mother and siblings in the fire, that was twenty yrs ago….and so i’m the only survivor and i bet u already guessed my age, i’m 28. I went to a part time school and that was how i was able to get my Bsc and i have a Master degree….i studied Law but i did my masters in International relations and strategic studies….’
‘wow! I’m so sorry about ur family, you must have gone through alot being the only survivor with parents…so who took care of u? Who took u in?’
‘an aunt of mine took me in…but she died immediately i finished my secondary school, then i went over to Maiduguri to…..’
Ann coughed loudly interrupting him and when Jovita wasnt looking, she signalled him to nt talk abt Maiduguri.
‘and then i met ur beautiful and wonderful daughter’
‘awww…so sweet and romantic……i give u both my blessings, u both shall remain with each till old age and nothing would be able to separate you both in Jesus Name’
‘amen!’ they chorused.
‘Ann, i called ur dad and told him abt ur engagement and he’s coming over tomorrow to meet with u Lex’
Ann exchanged glances with Lex.
‘you remind me of someone Lex…’ Jovita said.
‘yes…a man i used to have a crush on way back…but his name is Ajayi…funny, u both have the same surname, Johnson’
Lex and Ann exchanged surprised glances ‘Ajayi Johnson?’ they both chorused.
‘yes…he was my…my…best friend’s employee and i worked in the company so i was equally his boss, i made advances at him but he rebuffed me, i never knew he was married’ She rolled her eyes feeling very uncomfortable. She hated lying.
‘which company?’ Lex asked
‘Elivmedia…d company is still trending, then i was known as Jovita Agbayi’
Lex mouth flew in shock.


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