Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 36


‘excuse me madam, there’s someone here to see u’ Jovita exchanged glances with her husband.
‘who could that be?’ she asked sipping from her bottle of soft drink.
‘says he’s Lex Johnson’
‘wow’ she tapped her husband’s laps ‘thats our son inlaw to be, tell him to come inside then’
‘he specifically told me that he wants to speak with u in private that he doesnt want to come inside’
Jovita exchanged confused glances with her husband again.
‘why dont u go and figure out what it is Jovy’ he said.
‘okay’ Jovita shrugged getting on her feet ‘where is Ann?’
‘Ann just stepped out with Emmy’
‘okay. Darling, i’ll be right back’
‘son in law, why didnt u come inside the house, why stand here?’ Jovita asked pecking his forehead ‘how are u today son inlaw?’
‘i’m fine ma’
‘so what was it that you wanted to tell me in private?’
‘erm mum, its kind of a long discussion and i prefer we talk about in a comfortable place, quiet and private’
Jovita dimmed her eyes in confusion and suspicion ‘now what are u up to son inlaw, are u trying to give me a surprise engagement, remember i’m not your fiancee’ She chuckled.
‘actually its something very important, something you’ll want to know too, we could talk inside my car and i might drive further into the street so no one sees u inside’
Jovita looked at him for a while, then shrugged and entered the car calling the blood of Jesus twice within her.
Lex entered the car too and started it.
‘i think here’s okay…park’ Jovita said pointing to a playground not too far from their house.
Lex smiled and parked ‘yes mum, so we are finally here….’ he frowned ‘i’ll not want to take much of ur time so i’ll just go straight to the point….who is Jovita Agbayi?’
Jovita drew back for a moment then smiled ‘i told u before that when i worked for Elivmedia, i went by the name Agbayi’
‘then…do u know these people i’m about to call their names, Tommy Anderson, Abraham Williams, Sampson Nativent?’
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Jovita rolled her eyes wondering is saying yes was a good idea ‘yes i knew them, they were my colleagues…how do u know about them? They own a company now, 3BRAINS…they were very ambitious men and they worked hard enof to start up their own separate companies being independent’
‘and i bet u also know Roberts Agbayi…’
‘yes, that was my boss and….’ she paused and looked at Lex ‘i…he..he was my cousin…’
He opened his pigeon hole and brought out a picture and showed it to her ‘who is this?’
‘this is Robert Agbayi’
He brought out another picture and showed her. Her mouth flew open in surprise.
‘no…, there’s…there’s an explanation to this picture…i’ll explain’
‘i’ll give u room to explain mum…wait a minute…’ he brought out an old and rough looking newspaper ‘this was slated 30yrs ago, as u can see its very old, i got it from a newspaper company, documented in here is the award won by Robert Agbayi in the year 1986…and the picture here states Mr and Mrs Agbayi of Elivmedia and it has both ur pictures…’
‘hold on, hold on i’m not done yet mother’ he brought out a fashion magazine from 30yrs ago ‘in here states that u won the best fashion designer…and in here, ur interview with a journalist was written, and this was said by you “this is all thanks to my darling and ever loving husband Robert Agbayi…i love him so much, he’s my source of encouragement and hope”‘ Lex folded the papers together and dropped it back into the pigeon hole ‘so mum, u were married before…to Robert Agbayi for that matter, why then did u divorce him?’
Jovita started crying ‘pls dont do this to me…dont tell anyone abt this else i’m dead, i beg of u’
‘i’m not saying i’m going to tell anyone….i bet ur husband doesnt know so this will be our little secret…why did u divorce Roberts Agbayi?’
‘because i didnt love him!’ she said, her face buried in her palms ‘i never loved Roberts, i married him because of the wealth, connections and respect i’ll command by marrying him, i didnt marry him because of love’
‘i couldnt remain in a marriage where i was constantly unhappy, he treated me like a princess but i wasnt contented…i….’
‘you cheated on him right?’
She nodded slowly ‘i’m so ashamed of myself’
‘with many of his employees’
‘i have just one question for you Mrs Jovita and i hope you do answer my question….why did u murder my father?’
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‘i always admired the unity among the trio…Tommy, Sampson and Abraham, their friendship bond was so strong, they practically did everything together. Ajayi was their friend too but he was hardly ever with them because he was the busiest amongst them, my husband’s PA and the company’s accountant.
I always admired him then, he was the honest and hardworking type and my…i mean my ex-husband always commended him for his hardwork and honesty. Soon, his relationship with my husband…ex-husband exceeded that of a boss and an employess, they became very close friends and Ajayi practically followed my ex-husband wherever he went.
I secretly loved Ajayi and wanted him to grace my bed…but without being told, i knew he would never agree…but one day, i decided to try my luck, he came visiting when my husband wasnt around, he decided to wait for him and i siezed that opportunity to seduce him….’ Jovita paused as the memory from 28yrs ago flashed through her memory ‘that was two years after my marriage to Roberts and no issue…’
She spied him through the curtain, this as the opportunity she had always waited for. Roberts had travelled to India on an impromptu call and he had probably forgotten to inform Ajayi..his PA and she wasnt going to tell him Roberts travelled because he was going to leave immediately.
She pulled her clothes and entered the shower, after a five minute shower, she stepped out with only a towel tied across her chest..then she catwalked to the sitting room.
‘hey darling, still waiting for Roberts huh?’ She said rubbing his laps.
He shifted uncomfortably from her ‘erm…madam…i would really like it if u wore something more concealing…it isnt appropriate for you to be close to me with just a towel across your chest…the maids might see us and report to your husband, u knw how tongues wag and i dont want your husband to misunderstand things’
She laughed ‘dont bother about the maids, i’ve sent all of them away for now so we both have the house just to ourselves. Roberts isnt coming back soon infact, he travelled’ She licked her lips seductively, catwalked to where the remote was and purposedly bent down to pick it showing off her butt in the process, then she turned off the television.
She stood in front of him like a stripper and licked her lips. Then she let her towel drop, Ajayi immediately looked away.
‘madam, this is very wrong….please put on good clothes or i’ll be forced to take my leave right away’
‘look at me…’ she said rubbing her body ‘dont u like what u c? This is what Roberts enjoys every night and i’m giving it to u for free of charge…FOC, u dont have to pay’ She blew him a kiss.
Ajayi forced his eyes on her ‘no thank u, i dont want it’ He stood up ‘i think its high time i left’
‘dont even try it because the moment you leave this house, kiss your job goodbye because i’m going to make sure u lose ur job’
‘is that a threat?’
‘not at all…but dont u dare walk through that door’
He eyed her ‘you are nothing but a decietful woman! How dare u! How dare u try to seduce me? Do you think i’ll be so feebleminded as to betray your husband, my boss and friend?!’
‘mind the way you speak to me, that i asked you to have s-x with me doesnt mean you can insult me the way u like’
‘i’ll pass, excuse me….!’ Before she could say one more word, he banged the door on her.
She fell on the sofa and cursed ‘i’ll so deal with u Ajayi, by d time i’m done with u…u wont be able to refuse a woman like me again!’