Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 34


‘there was a shootout between doc and Ogba’
‘what?!’ Ann widened her eyes in shock ‘hope no one got hurt and where did it happen?’
‘at Ogba’s family house…i dont know if anyone got hurt but should Doc see Ogba’s mother, he wouldnt hesitate to kill her. I cant believe Doc is also a member of an occult’
‘what makes u say so?’
‘the bullets werent penetrating Doc…they’ll touch him and fall on the floor…so its obvious both Ogba and Doc cannot kill theirselves….thing is, i know Ogba’s secret, the only thing that can kill him but i dont know if its going to apply to Doc as well’
‘whats Ogba’s secret?’
Fiona smiled showing off her beautiful gap tooth that Ann admired so much abt her ‘walls have ears Ann…besides there’s nothing u’re gonna use it for not like u gonna kill Ogba for me’
Ann placed her left hand under her cheeks ‘do u want Ogba dead?’
Fiona looked down. She hated Ogba, she knew she hated him but there was a part of her….a part of her that still had him in her heart…her heart missing a beat at the sight of him…the butterflies in her stomach…the nervousness in her system….she still experienced all of them whenever Ogba was around, thing is, she couldnt understand why she loved him despite everything….maybe because he was Emmy’s father.
‘hey….’ Ann nudged her ‘are u here with me?’
‘oh…sorry, my thoughts wandered away….so what were u saying?’
‘i was asking if u really want Ogba dead…a sincere answer pls’
‘now thats funny…..and tough’ Fiona added ‘i…i….i hate him…i hate Ogba…he’s nothing but a wicked soul….he does nothing but cause me sorrow and unhappiness…but he’s the father of my child…and i still love him…his death would certainly make me grief but his death could only assure me of my daughter’s safety and guaranteed future….and now the thing is Ogba or Emmy….and i choose Emmy because my daughter means the whole world to me….i would kill for Emmy…so i want Ogba dead’ Fiona breathed.
‘hmm….tough decision
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‘come in’ Tommy Anderson said to the person at the door perusing a newspaper with his big glasses that made him look like a disciplinarian.
He looked up and frowned at who just entered his office ‘what are u doing here Ciara?’
‘dad….good…good afternoon dad…’
‘that doesnt answer my question’ he said dropping the newspaper on his desk as he reached for the intercom ‘who let u in here, that person must be sacked’ He placed the reciever on his ear.
Ciara hurriedly dropped her purse on the floor and marched towards him falling on her knees ‘dad i’m so sorry….i’m so sorry for all the pains that i’ve caused you….i’m equally sorry for all the shame and humiliation my thoughtless actions has caused you…a million words cannot explain how i feel dad, i know that even if i apologise for the next ten yrs, it wont match up my sins…daddy, pardon me…take me back as ur beloved daughter plsss’
He looked at her in anger, then banged the intercom on the table ‘get out of my office this instant! I dont want to ever set my eyes on you again!’
‘daddy plss…..’
‘do you want me to drag you out?’
Ciara sobbed wiping her tears with her backhand looking away from her father’s piercing gaze. They stayed that way for a while with Tommy looking intently at her.
‘Ciara why?’ he asked gently after minutes of silence ‘y did u choose to embarass me in such a way…after everything i’ve done for u’
‘dad, i’m so sorry’
A tear ran down his cheek as he reached for her ‘i’m sorry too…for abandoning u in ur time of need…pls forgive me’
They hugged.
‘….and so 3BRAINS would be signing a contract with Elivmedias….and i’m thinking of entering their….’
‘Chuks….’ Lex sighed softly ‘sometimes i wonder if you are the one carrying out the revenge plans or me….’ he said jokingly ‘you hate those men eh….especially Tommy Anderson’
‘Tommy Anderson is a monster’
‘well, thats not why i called u here in the first place….whats going on between u and Fiyah?’
Chuks looked momentarily shocked, then he looked away saying nothing.
‘true, its none of my business…..but Chuks i’ll be a fool not to tell u as a friend that u lost a gem the moment u and Lillian went ur separate ways…i wont say anything more than that’
‘thanks for ur advice…’ he scoffed ‘gem my foot!’
Lex regarded him for a while and shrugged ‘well, its actually not my business…i have something shocking to tell u….’
‘what?’ Chuks asked glad they dropped the topic..
‘i’m dropping my revenge’
Chuks drew back in surprise ‘i…i dont undastand…what do u mean?’
Lex smiled softly and sipped from his beer ‘i’ve thought abt dis for sometym now and i’ve come to a conclusion…i cannot go through with this revenge scheme anymore, i am tired….i nearly ruined Ann’s life because of it’
Chuks withdrew a little ‘is this all abt Ann? Because u couldnt find her?’
‘i found her….Ann found her parents and she’s living with them here…it seems they’ve currently relocated to dis part of the country’
‘she found her parents? How?’
‘i dont know…maybe she knew about them all along and she went to them when i shamefully threw her out’
‘well…welll eh….i’m surprised…i’m…surprised that u found Ann…eh…but…but how….what has that got to do with ur…ur…eh…revenge?’
‘what will i gain? What will i gain by bringing down those men? Would it bring my late family back? Will it bring my mother, my father and my siblings back? Will it make me happy and contented? This revenge scheme has done more harm than good to me…i…i know i’ve been planning this for twenty yrs…and giving up now is going to be a shame…but i just have to do this for my peace of mind….i’m in love with Ciara’
The WTF look on Chuks’ face didnt stop him ‘i’m in love with Ciara…and i cant really stand killing her father…at least with Chief Eli…her father must surely go to prison….thats enough punishment for him…at least for destroying the lives of many families including Sandra’s…..’ he paused as he remembered Sandra…he smiled. His revenge scheme had made him have encounters with so many people…Sandra…he wondered where she was…he would like to see her again…at least for once before he leaves the country.
‘so?’ Chuks wondered why his friend was smiling absentmindedly.
‘so this is what i’m saying…Abraham might have gone unpunished…but lets let it be…because i do not want to do anything that will jeopardise anyone’s future anymore neither will i want anymore innocent souls to suffer….how’s Heavenly doing?’
‘oh Heavenly…she’s just there…she fell sick yesterday and i ordered Andria to give her some drugs…and Emerald has started eating’
‘i want u to release them first thing tomorrow morning….but order them to leave the country…else we’ll c-m for them again…and we might kill them…tell them that…but first i will like to meet with them tonight…i will be putting on a mask though….i want to apologise to Brian for the loss of his wife Jennifer, i never meant for her to die…she was innocent…my family was innocent too but two wrongs cannot make a right….instead they should be made to know that destroying pple’s life only endangers their own lives….i’ll be visiting Abraham tonight that is after i must have visited Sampson’s family….i’ll visit Tommy too but that will be in prison’
Chuks looked down ‘i wont hide the fact that i’m disappointed Lex….we’ve worked so hard for this…but well….’ he stood on his feet ‘there’s no problem…i understand ur plight very well…so whats ur plan with Ciara?’
‘well….i love her….but i dont see myself being with her in the nearest future….right now i have only one goal and thats Ann…i want to do anything to make her happy. Her happiness is what matters to me right now’ tears trickled down his cheeks ‘she has done alot for me….she’s gone through so much bcos of me and i’ll do anything….anything at all to guarantee that she’s happy and contented and she doesnt suffer again because of me or anyone’
‘and how do u intend to do that?’
‘she wants me to marry her’ he cleaned his face with his palms ‘i spoke with her yesterday after her rebuffing me….and she also wants me to drop the revenge and thats what i’m doing…i’m going to do anything for her’
‘do u love her?’
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Chuks paused as he saw the familiar figure sitting on the couch crosslegged, he sighed. What was she doing here.
‘hey baby’ Fiyah said and sashayed to where he was, kissing his lips ‘how was ur day?’
‘Fiyah…i thought we’ve agreed on this…u just cant be coming to my apartment anytime and anyhow u wish…u have a fiance Fiyah, this our relationship just isnt right’
‘and baby whats that supposed to mean?’
‘what i mean is that….its over between  us…i cant put up with this any longer…i cant believe i broke up with Lillia because of u…Fiyah, i want out…i’m sorry but whatever was between  us has ended’
‘is it because of Lillian? Because of…because of that ugly trash?’
‘and dont u dare call her names because Lillian is far better than a prostitute like u…u think i dont know abt all ur advances towards Lex and other of my friends? Do you think i could actually end up with a girl like u?’
‘i’ve had enof! Get out of my house, get out right now!’
Fiyah eyed him and laughed clapping her hands ‘look at dis one, i’ll leave dis rubbish house of urs!’ She picked up her bag and left.
He dialled Lillian’s number…to make peace.