(A conversation between lost love)
My love, why have you forsaken me?
Do my words caress your joy no more?
Does my voice clean every stain of pain in your heart no more?
Do I no more sit on the throne locked in your heart?
Answer me beloved….
My heart knows no rest….
When your words became lies;
They ceased to entice me
Broken promises your lips whispered;
Broke my heart
I have shut you out from my heart
Your key no longer works!
No! my sweet Runako, my words never became lies,
Your brain finds no truth in what I say anymore…..
You chose that Emilia over me,
Her words like a tiger devoured mine in your heart….
But my love,
Remember the strength that
resides in my manhood,
Does she posses that?
Why have you forsaken me?
Please let your heart come back home….
Emilia spoke the truth
Evidence supported her
All you did was lie and lie
How can i give my heart to you again?
When the devil resides in yours
Your manhood i miss
But my bliss is more precious
My love,
My heart,
My happiness,
Please find your way back home
For where you are is far from home; a strange land…
Ever since you left, my yesterday has been better than my today and maybe tomorrow,
I have been a scarecrow to peace…
Pain has been my companion
And depression sang lullaby at night
Baby, ever since you left,
My heart has been on pins
And my life has been with flat tyres…
Come back home, honey
If I come back home
Will you be true?
Will your love be the same as yesterday’s?
Won’t I regret coming back?
Will you remain true to your promises?
Do you remember the joy you once gave me?
Yes! My love!
If you come back:
My words shall be my actions,
My heart shall fully be yours…
I shall adore you like a mother of one..
I shall pamper you,
Your hands shall touch the pot no more,
I shall be by your side,
Even stronger would my love be for you than yesterday’s
Please come back home, my love…
When I come back
Shall I be a queen?
Will you spread the red carpet of your love?
Will you sing me to sleep with your love songs?
Will happiness know my name once again?
Tell me; the love of my life
Is your love true?
Trust me baby,
Oh! Of course, I haven’t forgotten how much Emilia has erased the trust you had for me…
But honey, just this once…
I shall make you the Queen of my world,
My love shall be the soft bed on which you lay at night
And the silk clothing which clads your sexy body in the day….
And my songs shall be your companion when you journey to the land of sleep…
Happiness shall reside with you, my love
All these you shall own if you come back, my love…
My love; like the second coming of Christ is true….
I will come back home
Thank you, my heart…
You have made me a man again….
I love you.
By: Gabla Godwin (Ghana) and Mimyie Benhura (Zimbabwe).