Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 33


Fiona shivered in fear as Ogba fired a shot…Dr Smith dogded dragging her to the ground…almost immediately, he reached for his gun and fired also.
Right from time Fiona had always known Ogba to be fetish…bullets never entered him, even knives…it was only a razor blade that could be used to kill him and she was the only one who knew that.
She only feared for Dr Smiths but seeing how the bullets passed through him without injuring him, she knew that he was also into what Ogba was into.
At that point, she knew she had to protect herself because should Ogba get the chance, he would not hesitate to kill her.
She slowly crawled away hearing screams from inside the house knowing they were from some of the relatives inside couple with that of his mum.
She crawled silently to d gate, then she hurriedly opened the gate and hurried outside, running as fast as her legs could carry her.
She flagged down a cab and jumped in.
Marrying Ogba was safe and neither was it the best solution out of the problem because Ogba was mentally sick.
He could kill her within a blink of an eye….he could equally kill Emmy and everyone around her.
She had to get away…that was the only way…she and Emmy. Emmy was the most important person in her life right now.
She bowed her head in her palms and cried. Why was her life such a mess? Why couldnt she be comfortable for once in a life? Why couldnt she just live a normal life like every other person…why couldnt she be just like Annabel, why?
She wished her family was still alive…especially her parents……they might never have been so rich but they had been happy and very comfortable…not until that fire that claimed the lives of everyone.
Sometimes she looked into Emmy’s eyes and she saw Lex, her elder brother…Emmy inherited his hazel eyes….
She wished they were still complete…she wished she never survived that fire. For the first time, she felt resentment towards uncle Efe.
Resentment for saving her from that fire incident….maybe she wouldnt have been suffering this way…if only she had died in the fire.
It was not until the cab stopped in front of Annabel’s house that she realised she wasnt with her handbag and she had no money on her.
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‘……so aunty Juliet carried the pot of soup and poured on uncle Tega…aunty Rebecca was mad at the both of them for wasting her soup and she banned both of them from touching anything in the house including the television set and kitchen utensils’ Emmy blabbed on and on.
Ann smiled and pinched her cheeks ‘you talk too much dear…learn to take a break most times’
‘no way aunty…my kindagarten teacher told me that its only the living that talks….dead pple do not talk…do u want me to become a dead people?’
Ann laughed at her blunder ‘dead people? How many are u Emmy?’
‘i’m a one person’
Ann laughed even harder…spending time with this child always had a way of making all her problems and worries go away ‘u are a one person? Then me i’m a three people’
It was Emmy’s turn to laugh ‘oh aunty, u obviously did not do English Language in school…how can only u be a three people? Are u God…i heard God is three people…the father…the son….and the holy spirit’
‘seriously Emmy, ur blunders are becoming too much, i dont even know where to start correcting u…i think u need to start school immediately so you dont continue with ur ear deafening blunders’
‘aha! Mummy said she enrolled me in a new school, that she’s already gotten my school uniform and books and a new shoe….u know the one i was using before is completely worn out…i constantly walking played inside the rain with it and the leather started peeling…mummy warned me but i didnt listen….she really scolded me when the shoe finally pulled and as a punishment…i wasnt allowed to go to school for a week’
‘really?’ This child could talk like there was no tomorrow and that was one trait she admired in her.
‘yes…i cried and cried but she refused….you know aunty, my mum was very very mean…as wicked as hell and she hated me but she’s definitely changed now aunty….she’s the best mother in the whole world’ She leaned closer and mockingly looked around ‘is there a secret behind my mother’s unusual behaviour? Shhhh’ She said placing her fingers on her lips.
‘go away!’ Ann said in laughter, Emmy would not kill her, never ‘Emerald…..’
‘yest aunty’
‘yes aunty….’
‘will u kill me?’
‘no aunty…i’m not a killer’
Ann laughed but stopped when she saw Fiona panting heavily.


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