Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 32


‘you know Ciara, i’ve been thinking….’ Lizzy said sipping from her beer ‘maybe its time you talk to your father…maybe its time you both dialogue and set things right between you two’
‘pls Liz…dont remind me of that heartless man!’
‘shuu pls! He’s still your father no matter what happens, that he abandoned you when you needed him the most doesnt make him anything less of a father to you’
‘Tommy Anderson isnt my father anymore’
‘but Anita Anderson is your sister right?’
Ciara looked at her as if asking where she was headed.
‘answer my question – yes or no?’
‘and then who fathered Anita Anderson?’
Ciara rolled her eyes ‘oh please Liz, spare me those crap!’
‘i understand how you feel, believe me dear. I understand how it feels when someone whom you trust with your whole being abandons you in d dying minute’
‘you dont understand at all Liz, you dont…because if you do, you’ll understand why i dont want to forgive my father’ Ciara said before she could stop herself.
‘there you go….your father! He’s still your dad babe! His action was out of anger and disappointment and not hatred, try to understand’
‘what i dont understand is why you’re doing this…..’
‘bae….you’re my friend and i must tell you the truth…you f—-d up…you really f—-d up…big time..if you were in your dad’s shoes, you’d probably do worse…bae, you almost soiled your dad’s reputation…oops! My bad, you soiled his reputation! He lost alot of big contracts because of your scandal and despite the fact that he was heavily disappointed in you…he protected you from the cops or you think you’d still be sitting down here if it hadnt been for your dad’s intervention? And him covering up for your mistakes made citizens hate him more and he’s the one mostly paying for your mistakes…..’
‘thats enough! How much did he pay u for this?’ Ciara felt hurt that her friend could actually say such words to her.
‘i’m sorry if i went a bit overboard but i really need to tell u the truth…yes, cutting you off wasnt the best but he tried too…my own father would readily handed me over to the cops himself if i had been in your situation’
‘he disowned me Liz! He told me to my face never to come close to his house again…that i was a disgrace…and that nothing good will ever come out of me and…and..that….’ she was sobbing now ‘having me as a daughter was something he was going to regret for the rest of his life…the castigation by the fans didnt hurt me but when my own father judged me…when he deserted me, i felt…i felt miserable, i felt alone and shattered….i know i didnt do something horrible, i should never have intended killing Ruth but… was a moment of weakness and what i had expected him to do was to hand me over to a counsellor, advice me, scold me and if possible punish me and not disown me…i thought i was his favourite daughter….he deserves all the things happening to him now, i heard the CEO of Eliboards is accusing him of razing down his warehouse….well, he deserves something worse!’
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‘Ta babe, metchionu!’ Liz scolded in Igbo ‘a child should never speak of her father in such a manner…if not for his sperm, you would never have come to this world’
‘i hear’ Ciara said nonchalantly dabbing her tears with a handkerchief.
‘if Lex had been here, he would not have been happy with your words….’
‘who be Lex….him dey chop bottle?’
‘really? Na wetin you talk? But seriously, talking about Lex, it seems you’re in love with that guy’
Ciara nearly choked on her drink ‘what….what do you mean?’
‘ndo….hope d drink did not enter your nose?’
‘its ur own nose it will enter’
‘i was only caring about the welfare of my friend’
‘thanks i dont need it!’ Ciara snapped.
They drank in silence for a while before Ciara spoke up ‘Liz….’
Liz put up her hands ‘please dont talk to me since you dont need me’
Ciara giggled ‘come on Liz, you know i didnt mean it that way, person no fit play with you again?’
‘leave me alone!’ Liz snapped.
‘i’ll still tell you anyways….i’ve noticed…..i’ve noticed how dull Lex has been nowadays….he always seems lost and out of space….and he’s not always comfortable with me anymore….do you think i’ve done something to annoy him?’
‘are you asking me? Am i Lex?’
‘Ciara abeg free me jhor! Maybe he’s just having relationship problems….or you think he doesnt have a girlfriend?’
‘he…well, he does have, i think…Ann’ She felt bad kissing him the other day…what if he was just toying around with her?
‘so you know am sef’
‘but i….but i….’
‘but you what….’
‘i think i love him Liz’
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