Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 30


Fiona dropped her bag and fell on d bed of d room Ann had showed her to…luckily Ann’s mum wasnt coming back home tonight so she was just going to pass d night there before going for their hideout d next morning for they had an operation to carry out in d wee hours of d day.
She couldnt help but notice how Ann had been avoiding her eyes and looking so dull since she met that familiar looking “LEX JOHNSON” who she had claimed to be her cousin but actually her lover. So Ann had love problems too? And she always looked so bright and beautiful, no one would know what she was carrying inside of her.
Her phone rang in her pocket and she retrieved it….it was Dr Smiths.
FIONA: Hello Doc….
DR SMITHS: Fiona, whats up?
FIONA: I’m fine Doc….
DR SMITHS: I’ve heard from Dirty that u hardly visit d hideout nowadays…didnt we agree that you were going to be staying at d hideout till we carry out this operation?
FIONA: Sorry Doc, something serious came up so i’ve been on and off at d hideout…but i’m going to….
DOC: Is it man problem? You can talk to me Fiona….u know i can always help u out.
FIONA: Its not man problem doc…its life problem.
DOC: Life problem? Now that sounds interesting. Care to talk about it. I could share some ideas with u.
FIONA: As much as that sounds very enticing Doc, i’ll pass. Thanks but its not something i’ll want to share….at least not with u.
DOC: Is it about Ogba? Is he threatening u?
FIONA: No Doc, he isnt.
DOC: Hmm…why do i get d feeling that u are hiding something big from me Fiona? Is it about your daughter? Erm…whats that her name again…Emerald?
FIONA: No Doc….
DOC: Tell me….when i took u away from Ogba, i promised to protect u from him or any danger…how can i possibly protect u when u are hiding essential things from me?
FIONA: Its not what u think Doc, besides u’ve done alot for me, i’ve gained so much protection from sometimes i forget about the fact that u’re not my dad, i want to fight for myself this time around, and i promise to be the victor…you’ve done more than enough for me already and i dont want to keep bothering u with my problems…
DOC: Now thats bad, very bad….i just want u to know Fiona that u can never be a bother to me…i know what u were in for when u decided to work for me instead of Ogba….i know Ogba very well, he isnt going to back down in making ur life a living hell.
FIONA: Doc…..
DOC: Okay fine! I wont interfere with ur problems anymore, but you have to assure me that no matter what, u are going to emerge as d victor…have i made myself clear?
FIONA: Yes Doc!
DOC: Good….see u at d hideout tomorrow morning….remember, we shall all gather by 3:30am, from there we proceed.
FIONA: I understand Doc.
DOC: Goodbye Fifi….dont let that guy ride u too much okay?
FIONA: Funny Doc…you think i’m with a guy?
DOC: I didnt say that….and make sure u use a condom so another Emerald does not emerge.
FIONA: You’re so funny Doc, goodnyt.
She hung up.
Doc could talk like forever if given d opportunity. He was d father figure in her life right now after d demise of uncle Efe and she prayed nothing bad happened to him….he was a nice and friendly person.
He made sure he called all his workers from time to time to ask of their well-being and he made sure they were being paid handsomely and they were all protected….Doc had never requested for her body, not even once and he treated her with respect….giving her side hugs instead of frontal hugs and forehead kisses….and he wasnt a womanizer and a woman baterer like Ogba.
If not that Doc was a man of crime, he was a very nice and outgoing person.
Her phone rang again…dis time it was from Ogba and her heart skipped a beat….what did he want this time?