Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 31


Ann sat up on her bed as she sobbed quitely. Why did he have to come see her again? Why did he have to remind her of things she had been trying hard to forget? If he couldnt love her back then he should stay away from her, there was no point coming to ask for her forgiveness.
He had called her phone over fifty times and sent her more than a hundred messages both on facebook and whatsapp which she hadnt replied any.
Why was life so unfair to her? Why isnt she able to get d one thing she has always desired? Why?
She would do anything to have Lex, she would kill to have him by her side, she loved him that much, she valued him more than she valued her life. She…..
‘aunty, why are u crying?’
She jerked and looked beside her…when did Emmy enter her room?
She quickly wiped her tears away, faking a smile and pecked a worried looking Emmy on her forehead.
‘my darling, how are u this morning?’ Ann asked.
Emmy shook her head ‘aunty, dont avoid my question, why were u crying? Big aunty said i should call u for breakfast and i found u crying’
‘Big aunty is back?’ Ann asked….why did her mum come back so early.
‘yes…and aunty, i couldnt find mum, has she left already?’
‘uhm…erm…yes darling, ur mum left already but she’d be back soon’ Fiona didnt tell her she was leaving…when did she leave?
She was caught unawares as Emmy wrapped her little arms around her ‘aunty, please dont cry anymore. I dont know d kind of problems u big people have that always make u cry but i once overheard aunty Rebecca telling mum that for every problem, there’s a solution….i hope that applies to you too’
Ann closed her eyes and she wrapped her arms around little Emmy….she couldnt bear anything bad happening to this child…she was so bright and she envied Fiona….she wished she mothered Emmy.
‘my love’ she breathed…
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Fiona stood before the mirror gazing at her full length. The black leggings she wore accentuated her curves just right and d orange floral top she wore suited her colour just fine. She wiped the little beads of sweats forming on her forehead.
Did she look good enough? She wanted to at least look responsible for her new inlaws to be.
Maybe the leggings was too clingy…maybe she could change into a native wear….but wouldnt a native wear look so old fashioned? She had seen Ogba’s mum before and she could tell she was a very sophisticated woman who could smell designers from far away.
As she dropped her white Gucci bag on d bed heading towards the wardrobe for a change of mind, her phone rang so she went back and reached for it.
‘hello bae, are u ready?’ his baritone voice sounded from d other end of d line.
‘erm…i…i….’ No or Yes? Was this dress good? She looked at herself in d mirror again. She looked cute in it though but what would Ogba’s mum think about her dressing….she didnt know why she was all out to impress that woman…not that she planned on staying in that marriage so what was d point getting on her mother inlaw’s good side?
‘yes i’m ready’ she said slipping into her white sandals.
‘i hope u arent dressed casual for this, i will not forgive u if my mum thinks of u as old fashioned because that will be a disgrace to me’
Fiona sighed ‘i’ve heard u…so does that mean i have to dress like Cinderella going to d ball?’
She heard his snorted from d other end ‘dont mess with me Fiona because u wouldnt like what i’ll do….my driver is coming to pick u right away’
She hung up and hissed, willing herself not to cry. She wasnt sure what d outcome of all of this would be but she was sure of one thing….Ogba was going to pay for all of this.
‘let me be!!’ Fiona winced as he dragged her hair like a goat ready to be slaughtered to the back of the house.
Ogba pushed her against the wall landing a hot slap on her cheek ‘how dare u? How dare u humiliate me in such a manner?’
Fiona held her bruised cheeks ‘what have i done?!’
‘you are asking me what you’ve done? Do you want me to give u another slap? How dare u spill coffee on my mother’s expensive lace? Do u know how much i spent in getting that lace for her? Now, she would request a new one, do u think money is easy to get? After ur betrayal which nearly rendered me bankrupt, you think i still have enough to waste around? Listen and listen very good, you better get a hold on yourself here because anymore foolish act on your side, i wont hesitate to throw you inside d dungeon! And whats this color riot u are wearing? What has orange and black got to do with white? Is it that you are daft or what..what d hell is wrong with….’
‘i wont tolerate u speaking to her in such a manner’ a voice said from behind.
‘Doc!’ Fiona screamed and ran to him.
‘Dr Smiths….’ Ogba breathed touching the pistol tucked behind his trousers…