Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 29


‘uh..’ Ann rolled her eyes ‘let me not bore u with d details jareh, d guy is not worth my saliva’ She stood up ‘are u hungry….there’s stew and there’s soup….which would u prefer?’
‘i’m not hungry…..we stopped over at a restaurant on our way here….all i just feel like doing right now is smoking’ She rolled her eyes.
‘oh then i’m sorry, it aint gonna work. My parents are pastors and according to them, this house is d temple of God….so, no illicit action’s gonna go down here’
‘u mean u cant straff ur BF here?’
‘what?! Whatever happened to his house or a hotel?’
‘ur husband nko?’
‘thats a different thing entirely….the bible encourages marital s-x….without s-x, how do u obey God’s command of multiplying and filling d world?’ She winked as she fell back on her chair.
‘okay, can i get a shot of whisky then? That will help me calm down a little…..’
Ann shook her head slowly ‘sorry Popili….there’s no alcholic drink here…..’
‘u know….u keep avoiding my question….how did u know my name is Popili…..only my late elder brother calls me by that name’
‘whats ur late elder brother’s name?’
‘oh! So sorry….so what killed him?’
‘well, our house was set on fire, i know someone was behind it because we were sleeping when d fire started…my whole family died’
‘oh! How then did u get out unscathed?’
‘well, two of our neighbours help us out but unfortunately….when one of them came out of their house, they didnt know that one of their kids were behind them….so somehow, as they were trying to bring me out of d fire through the window, the child ran into d fire even before his father knew….’
Ann covered her mouth with her palms ‘thats so bad…the man would have hated himself and hated u too’
‘the man hated me….he abandoned me there immediately…it was d other neighbour, uncle Efe that helped me and took me in’
‘Efe? Rebecca’s husband?’
‘yes….he was such a good man and he didnt deserve to die such a painful death….he was a father figure in my life and i miss him sometimes….when i think about my entire family who was wiped out in d fire, i think of him too and i was like…..where would i have been if not for him….and thats why despite d maltreatment and hatred i get from his wife and children, i’m determined to give them a better life….its not for them….its for uncle Efe because he will never be happy wherever he is to see his children suffering….’
‘Tega is 25 right? What does he do for a living?’
‘oh Tega?!’ She scoffed ‘he know nothing but sit outside our compound shirtless and decieving girls with his sexy abs and sugarcoated tongue, smoking marijuana, stealing Rebecca’s money and hanging out with friends, he does not work’
‘and Juliet?’
‘that one….at age nineteen, she had done over seven abortions, d girl started straffing at d age of eleven….and it was uncle James, i’m very sure of that…we used to be close before her mother spoilt her mind….’
Ann moved closer and rubbed her shoulder ‘babe, you’ve gone through alot…u deserve a better life than this really…..Ogba doesnt deserve u….but….what if not all of ur family members died in d fire? Have u thought of that possibility….the way someone rescued u….maybe someone rescued one as well…..’
Fiona frowned in confusion ‘what do u mean?’
‘i’m just saying….u know…..’
The door opened and Sabastian, their housekeepr came in ‘ma’am Annabel….a Lex Johnson is here to see u….’
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‘Lex….Lex…Johnson?’ Ann stuttered.
Fiona didnt fail to notice how shocked she was….and she didnt miss d side glance Ann gave her.
‘erm…erm….tell him…tell him to…wait or me outside, i…i’ll meet him there’ she stammered and d housekeeper left. She turned to Fiona immediately ‘i….thats….thats…my cousin…i’ll just be with…him….its a coincidence…that he bears d same name with ur late brother but unfortunately, its not ur late brother, Lex is my junior, i was there when they gave birth to him….’
‘who asked u for all this explanation? Come on, run along…i didnt say he’s my brother, my brother is dead…..’ She noticed d anxious look on Ann’s face and she wondered…..could she trust this woman? Was she scheming something? It seemed as if she was hiding something and she was determined to find out.
Ann forced a smile and stood ‘just give me five minutes’ then she left.
Fiona watched her leave…..something was fishy, she could smell it….she waited for fourty seconds, then she tiptoed after her….
‘what d hell are u doing here? How did u even find this place? Who told u i lived here?’ Ann fumed, she felt like killing Lex right now…..she couldnt risk him seeing Fiona or Fiona seeing him…not that she wasnt going to introduce them to each other but the time wasnt ripe yet.
‘Ann…calm down please, listen to me……’
‘dont tell me to calm down Lex, dont u dare! Stay the hell away from me….i am not ur sister, neither am i ur mother or ur cousin, we are not related in anyway at all so why cant you just stay d hell away from me! Leave me out of ur fu.cking revenge schemes, please!’ She ranted.
‘i am not here because of my revenge schemes….neither am i here to ask u to come back home or for us to come back together….i…am just here to plead for ur forgiveness Ann….i’ve wronged u…despite everything u did for me, all d sacrifices u made for me, i’ve wronged u….please find it in ur heart to forgive me….i love u….but not d kind of love u have for me….i love u as a friend, as a sister that i once had….i am sorry that i couldnt do that which u expected me to do….i am very sorry Ann….that we couldnt end up together….i guess our heart has a mind of its own….please forgive me Annabel…ur forgiveness is all that matters to me right now and i’ll do anything to achieve that no matter what it takes….’
Ann regarded him for a while ‘you’re my worst nightmare!’
‘i know and i’m sorry for that’
Ann bit her lower lip trying hard to fight d tears that were threatening to spill ‘you threw me out of ur house in d middle of d night….do u know d dangers lurking out there? Do u know that i was brutally raped that night by three guys? Do u know?’
Lex’s mouth flew open ‘what?!!’
She slapped his face hard ‘dont u dare act surprised because u knew that was bound to happen and thats why u threw me out!’
‘believe me Ann….i never wished for u to suffer that way…..’
‘you’re a heartless monster and it hurts more than anything that i still love u despite everything you’ve put me through….i dont understand what i feel for u anymore….this isnt supposed to be…our relationship should never have happened from d very first place! Our relationship was a bad omen from d start’
‘when u had no one, i was there…when u were hungry with no food to eat, i was always there to provide for u….what havent i done for u Lex? I was ur family….i was ur lover….i was ur friend…ur everything! When u lost ur whole family in d fire incident many years ago….i was there…..though i…’
Lex drew her into his arms as a tear ran down his cheek ‘bae i’m sorry, i’m truly sorry for everything….i’m not asking u to take me back but please forgive me, i’ll do anything humanly possible to make sure u are compensated for everything u went through for my sake’
‘i dont need anything from u…i mean…i dont want material things from u….all i want is….all i want from u is ur love’
Lex slowly released her ‘i’m sorry Ann….but thats something i cannot offer…i…’
‘then get out! What are u doing here then!!! Leave my house’ She said pushing him.
Lex held her hands ‘i love u as a sister….d same way i loved Geraldine and Fiona when they were still alive…thats how i love u…and i’ll not stop until i’ve fully gotten ur forgiveness….so if u think u can push me away just like that, then i’m sorry to disappoint you because ur forgiveness matters d most to me’
Unknown to them….Fiona stood beside d building, with both hands in her mouth….hope it wasnt what she was thinking….
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