Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 28


Lex shifted back uncomfortably…hope it wasnt what he was thinking…was Lillian trying to seduce him or what? She wasnt like that, he refused to believe that.
Lillian looked at him with puppy eyes ‘Lex, i….i want to ask u a question…’ She looked at him as if asking for a go ahead, Lex’s nodding urged her on ‘i…did u ever for once…u know feel attracted to me?’ She looked down in embarrassment.
Lex frowned in confusion, still not comfortable with d close proximity betwee them, he stylishly pushed her left leg which was on his right leg away ‘i dont understand’
She looked up at him again and he thought he saw determination…in her eyes, as if her mind was made up on something…then she drew closer and closer to him….closed her eyes and kissed him.
A million thoughts ran through his head in a second….He didnt respond, he was still trying to get his acts together.
He raised his hands to her shoulder and pushed her away, a confused and somewhat stern look in his eyes ‘Lillian, what are u doing?’ His voice was stern yet calm.
She looked into his eyes for a while then tried kissing him again but he held her still, shaking in anger.
‘what d hell do u think u are doing?’ He was trying so hard to control his temper….heaven knows if it were to be another lady, he would have smacked d living daylight out of her.
‘what does it look like i’m doing?’ She asked struggling to get to his lips.
Lex pushed her hard and she landed on d floor, then he stood up ‘i can see there’s something wrong with u upstairs….please leave my house because i cannot condone such act of shamelessness in my house!’
‘is that why u pushed me to do d floor? What if i had injured myself?’
‘i dont care, leave my house Lillian before i do something i might regret!’
Lillian stood up and hissed ‘i dont blame u, its because i threw myself so cheaply at u’
‘thank God u know u threw yourself so cheaply at me…..but come to think about it, what came over u?’
‘what came over me?’ She asked as tears flushed her face ‘u want to know what came over me? Fine! I’ll tell u…..’ She paused and sat on d sofa sobbing into her palms, she sobbed for some seconds before speaking up ‘i….i caught…i caught Chuks….Chuks in bed with….with my best…best friend….today’ She sobbed uncontrollably.
‘yes….i caught him….i caught him fu.cking Fiyah! They were doing it d—-e with him pounding her like his life depended on it and she urging him for more! I…..’ She paused crying into her palms.
Lex sat beside her….not sure why Chuks would do such a thing. He’d never liked Fiyah, d way she swayed her hips seductively whenever she saw any guy was very annoying….on more than one occasion, she had shamelessly asking him out which he had constantly turned her down which had caused her to keep malice with him.
‘Fiyah?’ he asked not knowing what else to say.
‘yes….that bi.tch! I regret ever knowing dat girl’ She wiped her eyes with her palms ‘i’m sorry….i’m terribly sorry for…for throwing myself on u that way…i…i was blinded by anger and hatred….after going straight to his house thinking i could resolve things between us….though i walked out of his house on my own accord….i still love him, i’ve always loved him….so i thought i could still resolve things between us….only for me to see….to see Fiyah on his bed….f—–g him like there was no tomorrow….screaming so hard….so….so i thought….i could also pay him back by having an affair with him….but….but…i….i’m…sorry, u misunderstood…..i’m so shameless..i know, Chuks made me so….i’m sorry’ She picked up her handbag and ran away.
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Fiona squatted in front of Emmy, she took her little hands and smiled ‘no matter what Emmy, i want u to know that i’m always gonna love u….no matter d way things may turn out….just know….just know that mummy loves u….’ A tear rolled down her cheek ‘i love u Emmy and i’ll do anything….anything within my power to protect u from harm…i love u my daughter’ She hugged her child. D only way out of this predicament was marrying Ogba. And she wasnt going to bring her daughter into this. If Ogba thought he was smart, then she was smarter.
She couldnt afford taking Emmy back to Rebecca….Ogba knew about Rebecca’s family and very soon, he could search for Rebecca’s family and Emmy could be in danger.
Anabel’s place was d only safe place for Emmy right now, she only hoped so.
She stood up, smiled at Emmy and wiped her tears with d back of her palms, then she pressed d bell.
‘i’m so happy to see u Emmy!’ Ann said pulling Emmy into her arms ‘how are u darling?’
‘i’m fine aunty Ann…..some wicked and ugly man grabbed my hands, scared other kids away and locked me in a room!’
‘oh, they are so wicked! Thank God u’re safe love!’ She looked up at Fiona who was smiling absentmindedly.
She dropped Emmy and opened her arms….Fiona smiled and went in. Ann rubbed her arms ‘tell me….what happened?’ she whispered.
Fiona smiled as they disengaged ‘where’s ur mum?’
‘my mum….she stepped out for a while….went to see a pastor’s wife…so tell me what happened’
Fiona rolled her eyes towards Emmy’s direction and Ann understood.
‘Emmy love, why not go to your room and wait up for mummy and aunty?’
‘i’m scared….what if dat mum comes again?’
Ann squatted in front of her ‘never Emmy…they’d never come here’
‘okay’ Emmy said and ran upstairs.
Fiona sat on d chair ‘she had a room to herself?’
‘yes….there are so many empty rooms in dis house…’
‘wow! Emmy’s really grown….when she was younger, she never loved sleeping alone or sleeping in a dark room’
‘thats true…she doesnt turn off d light before sleeping’ Ann said ‘by the way…tell me, did u see Ogba?’
‘yes i did’ She rolled her eyes ‘d imbecile requested i marry him else he wont let me rest’
‘what?! I thought he never loved u….’
‘i dont know Ann….Ogba is too greedy a man….he treated me like trask when i was with him…i was his s-x tool really…., he never valued me and then when i went to Dr Smith…and he’s telling me that he trusted me like he trusted no one else and he gave me the life of a queen, can u imagine!’
‘oh Popili…..what are u gonna do now?’
‘well…..wait a minute…..’ there was confusion written all over her face ‘what did u just call me? I realised u called me that over d phone…earlier’
‘Popili Pokili?’
‘how….i….that name’s….name’s….you…its kinda strange u know it’
Ann smiled ‘lets forget how i came to know about d name….so tell me what u gonna do…u’re marrying Ogba?’
‘dats d only way babe….to protect Rebecca….Tega, Juliet and above all….Emmy, i have to marry him’
Ann regarded Fiona for a while ‘do you still love him?’
‘love? I hate that monster like there’s no tomorrow’
‘there’s something called a love-hate feeling….i’m asking if u feel that way for Ogba’
‘love hate feeling?’
Ann nodded ‘yeah….when u love someone with all ur heart and he betrays u…and u feel hurt, u hate him but deep within u, u’ll always love him….do u feel that way towards Ogba?’ Ann smiled as she remembered Lex….and his betrayal, she hated Lex but she still loved him with everything in her.
‘ever experienced such?’
‘yeah….my first love’
‘and u still love him?’
‘kind of’
‘tell me about him….what kind of a person was he?’
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