Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 27


Ann paced around d room, she tried contacting Fiona but she wasnt picking, what was happening?
Her door opened and Jovita peered through d door ‘Ann, still not asleep?’
She sighed ‘something came up mum… friend….Fiona, Emmy’s mum, i think she’s in danger….she just called me….mentioning Emmy’s father’s name…..and panting for breath like she was in some kind of trouble and she hung up…..i’ve been trying to call her but she isnt picking’ she panicked.
Jovita stepped into d room and shut d door behind her ‘calm down baby….she’d be fine’
‘maybe….maybe not….mum, what if she’s in danger……’
‘shush….lets be positive dear….nothing bad is going to happen to her….lets pray’
He laughed taking a long drag from his cigar….then laughed again ‘whom do we have here? What a pleasant surprise!’ and he laughed again….
‘Ogba, release my family……release them please…..they’ve done nothing wrong to u….!’ Fiona screamed.
Ogba laughed again, taking another drag from his cigar ‘my, oh my! I really cant believe i’m seeing u again, Fifi….i thought i’d never see u again really’
Fiona stamped her foot on d floor ‘dont play games with me u scoundrel! Where’s my daughter? Release my daughter!’
‘what a caring mother u really are Fiona! Dont worry, i have no use for ur daughter, ur aunt and her children anyway…..and i’m equally ready to rebuild d house dat was burnt….to even a better house….but on one condition’
‘oh stop being such a psycho and release them already!’
‘and u might just have to watch ur tongue because i’m equally capable of changing my mind’
‘Ogba…..!’ Fiona screamed and stopped midway as d tears settled at d back of her throat ‘dis….dis is so not fair Ogba….y cant u let me have my peace please? What have i done to deserve all this ill-treatment from u?’
‘dats coming from d almighty queen of D GANGAS…..well, u should have thought about d ill treatment before u thought of betraying me…..’ he dragged from his cigar.
‘i didnt betray u!’
‘u did!’ he said almost screaming on d top of his lungs ‘u ran away with my money…..u betrayed me….u gave informations about me to my enemy knowing almost all my secrets and DrSmith almost ruined me……i almost went bankrupt….do u know d gravity of what u did? Do u know d pains and heartbreaks……’ he paused closing his eyes willing himself to calm down ‘and when i think about everything i went through….i want nothing but to just make ur life miserable!’
‘i’m sorry!’ Fiona screamed on d top of her voice almost falling d building with it *lollz* ‘for everything i’ve done i’m sorry. But please, dont let my family suffer for my foolish mistakes, i beg u’ She closed her eyes and contained her anger…..she was doing this for Emmy…..she wasnt going to let her daughter suffer for her mistakes……leaving Ogba wasnt a mistake……working for him in d first place was a mistake…..
He laughed….despite d anger in his eyes and dragged from his cigar ‘u know, Fiona…. I trusted u…..i’m not a veru trusting person but i was able to trust u….i believed in u…even if d whole world turned their backs on me…..i least expected u to….what am i even saying….i didnt expect u to! But u….’ he was losing it again….he closed his eyes and counted to ten, then opened it ‘i was hurt and heartbroken….after everything i did to u….i treated u like a queen,’ Fiona opened her eyes in disbelief ‘i gave u everything u wanted….i picked u up from d slums…..i…..’
‘wait a minute!’ Fiona interjected raising her hands ‘did u just say u treated me like a queen? Ogba u? You? Have u forgotten how u treated me like trash? How i was only good for s-x and nothing else… i became an instrument for u to take out ur anger? How u constantly misused my body anyhow u liked….how i was good for nothing to u….how i was used as a bait to take down ur enemies….Ogba, u! U treated me like i was a nobody….like i wasnt even human….and then u sit there and tell me u treated me like a queen…..maybe thats ur own definition of treating someone like a queen….and i bet thats how u treated ur mother….like a queen!’ She flared up….how dare he!
‘those were only moments of weakness! Still i took good care of u….and ur so called family…!’
Fiona closed her eyes….she so hated this man in front of her….but…..she still loved him….it was so saddening to find out that her heart still thumped with him in front of her….she hadnt felt like dis with every other man….even when she was in love with Shola….
‘i can only release ur daughter on one condition…..marry me’
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Fiona closed her eyes and pushed d door open…and her heart fell.
‘mummy!’ Emmy screamed running to her….she looked so scared and beaten, with a cut on her skin. Fiona was mad. Ogba had said no one had laid a finger on Emmy, how dare he lie to her.
‘Emmy baby’ she carried her daughter kissing her cheeks ‘how are u?’ She carressed her daughter’s smooth cheeks……she loved her daughter, she really did and she was ready to do anything to protect her…..including marrying Ogba.
‘i’m fine mummy. When u and aunty Annabel stepped aside to talk, some men came and chased d other kids away, then they closed my mouth and took me to a car….then they locked me up in dis room since….and see, when they pushed me inside, i mistakenly fell and injured my skin….see its bleeding’ Emmy pouted.
Fiona smiled and kissed d cut ‘i’ll take u to a pharmacy right now to have that treated…..and dont mind those men who took u….they’re just bad and wicked men okay?’
‘yes mum….thanks for coming for me’
‘oh darling!’ she pecked her cheeks ‘u’re my darling aint u? I love u so much….’
‘i love u too mummy….please dont ever leave me alone again….i’m always scared….and please take me away from aunty Rebecca, she starves me everyday….and uncle Tega with aunty Juliet derive joy in beating me everyday’
A stubborn tear rolled down her left eye and she caught it immediately ‘never….ever will i leave ur side again Emmy….but for now…u’ll have to stay with aunty Anabel until mummy settles down…u’ll be comfortable there’
She saw d joy in little Emmy’s eyes ‘really mummy? Will u always pay me a visit?’
‘yeah sure…..everyday…..’ she smiled ‘by d way, school resumes on Monday….i’ve already enrolled u in a new private school….i’ve gotten ur uniforms….books….sandals, everything u’ll need for ur school and trust me baby….u’re gonna love it’
‘thats my mummy!’
‘uhm….hi’ Lex stood awkwardly at d door….what was she doing here? Not dat she wasnt welcomed to d house but he wasnt expecting her….perhaps she just visited as a friend….Lillian was a nice person.
‘hi bae….whats up!’ Lillian said stepping in. She looked beautiful and casual in her green knee-length shorts and a white polka dot top and a very beautiful sandal.
‘i’m kul….still looking elegant as ever…’
‘thanks….i’m blushing’
He laughed and ushered her a seat ‘so what do i offer u?’
‘oh please!’ she stood up ‘its not as if i’m a stranger….if i want something, i know exactly how to get it okay?’
‘oh really? Suit yourself then!’
‘what did u cook? I’m so hungry’
Lex huffed ‘cook? Do i look like someone who cooks?’
‘if u dont cook, how do u eat ur meals then….abi u don arrange one okpo wey go dey cook for u ba?’
Lex laughed and fell on d cushion ‘u no well… i saw ur missed call….sorry i couldnt pick and still didnt call back….i was actually….about calling u when u came’ he lied.
‘oh please dont lie Lex….just say u didnt want to pick my call and u didnt feell like hearing my voice, i wont slaughter u…..! Screw!’
‘its not like dat Lily….u know i’ll always want to hear ur voice na….na just d way things dey…d economy is somehow abeg’
‘make i hear….economy….economy…u think say i no dey see d pix wey u dey post for FB….u and dat ur celebrity babe….’
‘which of my celebrity babe?’
‘u dey ask me? Ciara Anderson na….eh-hen, dat reminds me….i heard what happened between her and Ruth Morgan….d tori too much….what really is d truth of d matter….’ she said stylishly drawing closer to him…running her fingers on his shoulders.
‘ah! Me sef no know….d way u take see am na i see am oo…..’ he didnt know why he wasnt in d mood of talking…..he was just pretending….not to make her feel bad….Lillian was such a nice and caring lady and he was pained dat Chuks had lost such a woman.
‘aint u her manager?’
‘Lillian….biko leave me, i dont have strength….’
‘yeye!’ Lillian said drawing closer staring deep into his eyes.
‘why are u staring into my eyes as if u want to read my destiny and tell me about my life history?’
Lillian shook her head ‘its nothing….so do u have ingredients to cook in dis house…?’
‘no….i have only sperm and eggs for fertilization in dis house…..what do u want to do with it?’
She drew even closer to him that their laps were touching each other ‘i want to use them to bleep….yeye! What do they use cooking ingredients for?’
‘for child birth of course!’
‘u are not well…..’ she shifted until her left thigh was on top of his. She looked at him deeply, then held his face with both palms…..
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