Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 20


Ann looked at her phone one more time thinking if it was the right time to let Lex know about Fiona. She wasnt sure. She considered paying him a visit but she concluded that she wasnt ready to go back to the house he chased her from in a middle of a cold chilly night.
Tears came to her eyes as she remembered that day. She knew she was also at fault too, letting her anger get the best of her but then Lex had been to heartless to push her out by that time. A house she had contributed to the purchase.
She had forgiven him, yes. But she wasnt ready to hear his voice rather was she ready to see him.
She scrolled through her contact list and considered putting a call across to Chidera. He had been discharged three days ago and he had resigned from his job at ONE TIME GOLDEN BAR.
Just as she was about dialling his number, a call came through. It was a hidden number, she immediately knew who it was.
‘hello?’ she said into the mouthpiece.
There was a bit of silence before the caller spoke ‘you’re playing with me right?’
Ann sighed ‘i’m not’
‘look Annabel or whatever you call yourself, i dont know the games you are playing but i’m seriously warning you, do not play games with me. You dont know how dangerous i can be!’
‘calm down, this is not the time for threats. Look Fiona, i’m not playing games. Your brother is still alive and i can take him to you if you want to see him’
‘you are so stupid! How many times have you said that to me and how many times have i asked you to take me to him. You are a very big fool. I will find you Annabel and when i do, i will not hesitate to kill you, fool!’ She hung up immediately.
Ann sighed and threw the phone on the bed.
She wondered why she ran away that day. After that slip, she had seen the confusion and anger in Fiona’s eyes. And she had seen the way Fiona had clutched the gun beside her. She had to run for her dear life.
So she pulled her shoes and took to her heels not minding Fiona who was shouting and asking her to stop. She didnt.
When she got to the gate, she gave the haggard looking guy there her card to give to Fiona, then she ran to her car and drove out. Since then, Fiona called everyday asking for the whereabouts of her brother accompanying them with threats.
Her door creaked open and Jovita came in with a smile plastered on her beautiful face. She sat up immediately ‘good morning mum’
‘good morning my love, how are you?’ Jovita was still in her nightie. She sat on the bed beside her daughter.
‘i’m fine mum and you?’
‘i’m splendid. I overheard you talking to someone over the phone and it looked like you were being threatened and…..’
Ann scoffed ‘threatened? I wasnt being threatened. What makes you think i was being threatened?’
Jovita shook her head ‘nothing. I actually came to talk to you about something else. About Emmy to be exact. That girl, she’s been here for two weeks now, havent you found her mother yet? Erm….Fiona?’
‘i….’ Ann stuttered covering her face with her palms ‘not yet. I’ve been searching. I’ve gone to the bar several times but they said she has resigned’
‘isnt she a call girl?’
‘a call girl employed by the bar management’
‘hmm’ Jovita sighed ‘so what do we do about the little girl, she doesnt have any relatives that we can give her to? Her family would be so worried about her by now’
‘i doubt that mum. If they had been worried about her, then they would have looked for her’
‘do you know if they are already looking for her?’
‘they are not. If they had, they would have gone to the media’
‘what if they cant afford it?’
‘they would have borrowed!’ Ann stood on her feet and Jovita joined her.
‘my dear, you think everyone has the luxury you are enjoying now? You think all fingers are equal? You think just because you are very comfortable now, everyone is comfortable? You think everyone has enough money to spend just like you without batting an eyelid? Come on now Annabel. If they dont go to the media, then we will go to the media. I’ve already spoken to some AIT and NTA staffs. If things go as planned, they would announce…..’
‘announce what mum?!’ Ann said turning around angrily ‘is it that you are tired of Emmy or what? She’s very comfortable here. Whats the essence of giving her back to her family when its obvious they dont give a hoot about her?’
‘you dont say such things Annabel, you have no idea the pains her family must be passing through at her disappearance at the moment, and just because she was seen outside at that time of the night doesnt mean her family do not care. And i hope you’re not judging her mother? You have no rights whatsoever to judge a prostitute because you dont know what life have thrown to them. You are a pastor’s daughter and you should have the life of Christ in you for crying out loud!’
Ann snorted ‘just because you were an orphan and a prostitute when dad married you doesnt mean every prostitute is there because of hardship’ It was too late before she could stop herself.
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‘mum, i’m so sorry, i dont know what got over me’ Ann wept.
Jovita moved away from her, her face covered with her palms as the tears flowed unstoppably. ‘i’ve always known that one day my children will rub my past on my face, its happened already’
Ann stood up and touched her shoulders but she shrugged it away ‘mum, i’m truly sorry. I didnt…didnt mean to remember you of your past’
Jovita sobbed and turned to her ‘yes! I was a prostitute, a commercial s-x worker, i sold my body for money, i slept with varieties of men, both the young, the old, the married, the unmarried, the ugly, the handsome, i slept with them all!’ She blurted out in uncontrolled anger. Then she placed her palms on her face and sobbed.
‘but it doesnt matter what prostitutes do, the dirty things they do….uncontrollable situations…forced them to….you will never knew their story until they tell you. Behind those wild looking faces of theirs, there’s a story, a very tear filled story. You can judge me and constantly remind me that i was once a prostitute before your father met me…but please dont judge the others, first….you dont know what they are passing through and secondly…..judge so you wont be judge because you have no right whatsoever to judge them…..and by the way, thanks….thanks for remembering me about my past….i totally forgot about me and have acted all saint, but you just remembered me and i’m grateful for that!’ With that she walked to the door.
‘mum…..’ Ann sobbed ‘this is not fair….you’ve always thought me how to forgive’
Jovita stopped and turned towards her daughter ‘i hold nothing against you my precious daughter, i dont. You did nothing wrong. You said the truth and i dont remember saying the truth to be a crime’
‘i’ll be leaving for Maiduguri first thing tomorrow morning, there’s nothing here for me anymore, the other pastor can supervise the construction of the new branch here, and even when it commences, i wont be coming to Asaba, i’ll remain in the branch in Maiduguri’
Ann opened her mouth ‘mum…is it…is it because of me’
Jovita looked down ‘i dont know…i really dont know Annabel, but i’m leaving. I want to go back to Maiduguri, i’m tired of Asaba. Meanwhile breakfast is ready. Get Emmy to come downstairs’ She banged the door.
Ann fell on the bed and cried. Her mum was leaving. Didnt she promise she wont be seperated from her again?
‘pick that whot on the floor Lex…you dare not play pranks with me. I’ve been playing a genuine game here, if you try me, i’ll kill you’ Lizzy warned.
Lex chuckled bending down to pick the whot ‘i didnt throw it away oo, i dont know how it flew away’
‘really? For this ojoro you just did, pick two….pick two again….pick another two….general market….another general market….hold on…hold on, last card….check up!’
Lex winced ‘you would have told me you’ve already checked, not stressing me’ he said packing the whots to shuffle, he was tired of shuffling ‘bae, cant you help me shuffle just this once?’
‘never! You’re the loser and all losers must shuffle. Shuffle jareh make we dey play, time no dey. What are the scores sef? 7-0 abi?’
‘no dey make mouth. I go soon equalise’
‘make i hear! I’ve been hearing that since 2-0’ Her eyes darted to an absent looking Ciara who was staring into space ‘do you think she’ll be alright?’
‘she’ll. She’s taking her medications, and she’s been paying attention during conselling, i thank God for that counsellor you introduced. You cant believe she actually acknowledged my greetings this morning, asking how i was and all…’
‘can you guys just stop gossiping about me in my presence? I’m here, wide awake’ came the weak reply from Ciara as she turned on the bed to face them.
Lizzy looked at Lex and smiled happily ‘its because you’re pretending not to be awake, by the way, how’s your health? You sound weak, are you hungry?’
Ciara smiled broadly but weakly ‘mother Lizzy… Lex you cant even play….common Lizzy is beating you 7-0, you no dey shame’
‘so you were even paying attention?’ Lex frowned playfully.
‘why not? Am i dead?’
Lizzy jumped up gleefully and ran to hug my friend ‘i missed you Ciara, i missed you like kilode. Where you go since na? Thank God say you don come back? How journey? Hope it was fine?’
Ciara laughed ‘you no well. Get me something to eat jor, i’m fuckingly hungry’
Lizzy jumped up ‘what do you want to eat?’
‘anything….club sandwhiches maybe…or rice…or pancake, anything at all. I’ll take your position and beat Lex 10-0’
‘it wont work, i’ll reinforce!’
‘lets see then’ Ciara said and walked to the table where Lizzy and Lex had been playing the game.
‘cut’ Lex said placing the whot in front of her.
‘yeh! I’ve cut pick two oo, Lex’s gonna finish me now’
‘you never see anything’
‘i pray oo’
Lizzy walked to the door and opened it, she gasped at who she saw, then frowned.
Now, you guys might not see my breaklight 2moro, i’l be teribly buzi
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‘mummy! Mummy!!’
Fiona turned immediately to see a happy looking Emerald running towards her.
Before she could blink, she was in her arms already.
‘mummy, is this really you? I miss you!’ Emmy said cheerfully.
‘uh….’ she was speechless as her eyes darted towards Ann who stood behind Emmy. She stared daggers at her.
Ann had played with her and she wasnt going scot free for doing that. No one messes with Fiona Jay.
‘mummy, where have you been? I’ve been so worried about you? Mummy do you know what aunty Rebecca did to me, she starved me of food for two days, it was mama Benji that gave me bread and groundnut with sachet water, then aunty Rebecca went to meet mama Benji and warned her never to give me anything again and that i’m a cursed child, mummy, am i a cursed child?’ Emmy rattled.
Fiona closed her eyes. Emmy would always be Emmy. She didnt care who was there or who was listening to her, what matters was that she was talking and she already knew that Emmy had told Ann everything about her family, there was nothing she would not tell you once she gets a listening ear.
‘mummy do you miss me?’ Emmy said tapping her with a frown all over her face.
Fiona smiled and swept her off her feet ‘my darling angel, i missed you my love’
And she really did miss her. Her heart bled whenever she saw Emmy, reason why she wanted to sell her off to Annabel. Simply looking at Emmy’s beautiful and angelic face made her feel like shedding tears.
She was too young and innocent to suffer this way. She was too angelic and cute to be born by a mother like her.
She knew she could never be a good mother to Emmy. She knew Emmy deserved better.
She loved Emmy, she loved her child so much but sometimes when she looked at her, she was remembered of the pains she went through to have her and the sorrows it cost her.
Emmy’s birth changed her. Emmy’s birth changed her into something she herself couldnt fathom. After giving birth to Emmy, she had felt different and embittered, determined to make life suffer. And also to make Emmy regret coming into the world. She knew what she went through in the hands of Rebecca during her period of pregnancy, she didnt want to remember.
She immediately dropped Emmy down as if she was a hot pot. Then she faced Ann.
She looked around the quiet playground and saw some kids gathered together, obviously playing.
She squatted in front of Emmy ‘love? Go join your friends over there, i and this guardian of yours here need to have a tete-a-tete’
Emmy frowned in confusion ‘mummy, whats a teteatete?’
‘run along, i’ll tell you about that later’
‘alright mummy’ Emmy said and scurried along.
Fiona shot Ann a deadly look ‘you!’
Ann looked down then looked up again and smiled ‘Emmy looks so happy to see you’
‘you know what? I feel like killing you! I feel like wiping your sorry self from the surface of this motherfucking earth right now!’
‘i’m not threatened, Fiona Opeyemi Johnson’
Fiona drew back, this was crazy. How did Ann know her full name. Nobody knew her full name except Rebecca. And Rebecca wasnt one to go ahead spilling secrets to people. Everyone knew her as Fiona Jay, nothing more, nothing less. No one even knew she was from Yoruba.
‘now…how….how do you know that?’
‘and why wouldnt i know about that. Popili?’
Fiona gasped in shock. She moved to where Ann was and grabbed her shirt furiously ‘who are you! Who the are you and how do you know my nickname? Who and where do you come from you motherfucking daughter of a bitc.h!’ She was panting furiously.
Ann laughed nervously ‘hahaha, calm down Fijay and let me explain!’
‘i dont fu.cking know who you are or the mission you’re on but i’m warning you right now, i dont know where you got to know everything about me, and i dont care to know, but whatever you’re planning, you’d better stop now because i’m not someone you can deal with and go scot free. I am Fijay, the queen of the daggers and no one messes with me and goes scot free, do you understand me? And dont even think of saying nonsense about my brother Lex because he’s already dead! My brother Lex died many years ago, i’ve even forgotten about him. I am hundred percent sure he died so dont you dare do telenovela with me, have i made myself clear!’ Fiona said breathing hard, then she released Annabel pushed her away ‘let this be the first and last time you will try this rubbish with me seriously. I’ll take Emmy with me. Whatever connection between us ends now and i mean it’
She turned and walked to where she had seen Emmy head to, where the other kids were. But she didnt see any kids there anymore, she walked to that spot but saw no one. Not even a single sould.
She screamed Emmy’s name and looked at Ann for help, they ransacked the whole playground but Emmy was nowhere to be found.
Emmy was gone!
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