Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 21


Tommy Anderson rubbed his palms vigorously as he looked away from the piercing and angry eyes of his partners.
‘as matured as you Anderson, you cannot teach your daughter good manners. God! I cant believe i’ve been partners with a father of a murderer. Look what your daughter’s scandal has caused us, we are almost going bankrupt! And the embezzlement case has not been settled. How can we lose three billion in two weeks!’ One of the partners fires.
‘calm down Ali, we can settle this matter amicably’ Abraham said in a soothing voice.
‘dont tell me nonsense Abraham, dont you dare!’ he said hitting the table. Of all the other shareholders/business partners he was the angriest because the money he put into running the company was the largest.
‘look…..’he said pointing angry and accusing fingers at Tommy and Abraham ‘i give you both, three days to refund me my money else…..else!! I will not say anything yet until i bring security agents with me and have this company shut down!’
‘it has not gotten to that,’ Chief Adams interjected ‘Mallam Ali, we understand that you own a large amount of shares in this company, and we also understand that the money you put into the company is way too large but you should also try to understand the ordeal this people are passing through. When the going was good, we all benefitted from it. We are shareholders of this company so this company is our company, when the condition is good, we are the ones to enjoy it, when business is bad, we dont have to start pointing accusing fingers at one another, we have to put our heads together and sort things out…….’
‘you….dont….understand….me Chief Adams so i’ll suggest you just stick your nose out of this. Your money is not up to half of what i’ve contributed so please….just wait for your turn. This man here, Tommy Anderson is at fault! How could he let his daughter ruin business for us, what nonsense! You’re telling me to be part of something i know nothing about simply because i’m a shareholder of this company? Hell no! Because i wasnt there when his ill-mannered and silly daughter tried to kill her colleague out of maybe jealousy or beefing!’
Tommy closed his eyes and placed his palms on his forehead.
‘we are not saying that you have no right to be angry Mallam Ali….’ Peter interjected ‘we are just saying…..’
‘please keep your young and immature speech to yourself’ Ali said immediately ‘by the way, arent you supposed to be the fiance of this murderer? Or you called off the engagement immediately you heard the news?’
‘i dont see how this is related to business Mallam Ali’ Peter said.
‘yes it is not, so just shut up. I put it to Tommy Anderson that he’s the cause of this momentary chaos this company is facing……’
‘thank God you said momentary chaos!’ Chief Adams said ‘momentary… temporary, every company is meant to have setbacks and trying times…..’
‘this….is not a business setback MR. I KNOW ALL!’ Ali fired ‘this is a sheer case of foolishness! Oh yes. Business is not going well due to some scandals….scandals of the daughter of nobody else but Tommy Anderson. What i have a major problem with here is the 3billion thats missing. A whole 3billion? In this company? And in who’s custody was this 3billion? Tommy Anderson. Who’s person’s department has been losing contracts frequently? Tommy Anderson. Who’s been facing critics from the media causing clients to be discouraged from investing in our company? Tommy Anderson. Who’s being pointed as the father of a murderer? Tommy Anderson. So what are we not saying? 
What….are….we….not….saying then?’
Everywhere became silent and Tommy felt it, the piercing look everyone gave him. He knew he needed to immediately say something. How the 3billion got missing from the company’s account bothered him? How did it happen? And when? Why? Who was responsible? The money was left under his care and then this?
‘uhm….i…..everyone, i….i’m sorry for everything thats been happening in this company for a short while now. Mallam Ali was right, i’m responsible for it all, i…..’
Before he could utter one more word, a loud gunshot was heard from outside the company…..
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‘Tommy! Tommy come out, you b—–d father of a foolish daughter!’
Tommy and the others stood up and ran outside where the commotion was coming from.
Chief Eli stood there, a double barrel in his hands, with an angry look that could scare a lion on his face.
‘i swear Tommy, i’m so gonna kill you today, how dare you! How dare you set my warehouse ablaze, how dare you! Do you know how much i just lost??!’ He corked his gun and fired one shot in the sky.
There was commotion everywhere as people scampered for safety. Workers found places to hide in the company, some even going into the generator house and some jumping the fence. In as much as they would have loved to watch the scenerio, their lives was also very precious to them.
‘what??’ The surprise and shock was clearly written all over Tommy’s face 
‘what do you mean by i set your warehouse ablaze?’
‘you did! Simply because your company warehouse was bombed and you foolishly thought i was responsible when i didnt know anything about it. You think i’m the only enemy you have? Then you had the guts, the animal effontery to set my warehouse ablaze, i’m going to kill you!’ He pointed the gun at him and some security men rushed in front of Tommy.
‘drop the gun sir!’ One of them said. His voice was shaky and he regretted the fact that he had to put his life on the line to protect his boss. But if anything bad happens to his boss then he was going to lose his job immediately.
‘leave my way or i’m going to shoot you immediately!’ Eli barked.
‘E….Eli….please…lets talk this through like adults….please drop the gun, people are watching us’ Chief Adams stuttered.
‘shut up! Now leave my way!’ Before anyone could utter a word, Eli fired a shot, it hit a confused Ali on his left arm and he screamed in pain.
He fired another and it hit a security man on his chest and he died on the spot.
He fired yet another as more security agents rushed to cover Tommy Anderson. And it hit Chief Adams on his forehead.
‘you filthy…..’ Lizzy gasped ‘what the hell are you doing here?!’
A small smile tugged at Ruth’s lips ‘to see Ciara. Is she in?’
Lizzy heard the chatter between Lex and Ciara as they played whot in the room, obviously they didnt know about the intruder at the door.
Lizzy looked back at a happy looking and yet emanciated Ciara, she just got out of her shell, if she should confront Ruth, she could withdraw back to her shell and she didnt want that.
‘i can hear how happy her laughter sounds, after attempting to kill someone…..’ she heard the sarcasm in Ruth’s reply ‘i want to see her, out of my way’
Lizzy closed the door behind her ‘lets talk’
‘talk about what? I’m not here to see you. I came for Ciara, i came to give that a piece of my mind, open the door for me, i heard the voice of her manager, were you guys having a threesome before i came to interrupt?’
Lizzy wrinkled her nose in disgust ‘you are so stupid! Come, lets have a chat at the reception’
Ruth scoffed, bit her lower lip then shrugged ‘okay, lets hear what you have to say, after which that fool in there will hear from me. She thinks she can get rid of me with a common bottle’
Lizzy didnt answer as she walked away, Ruth behind her.
If they went to the reception, it could attract people and paparazzi could carry it….she didnt want public attention, so she took her to the balcony on the second floor of the hotel.
‘so what do you wanna talk to me about?’ Ruth asked sizing her up.
Lizzy bit her lip as she considered where she wanted to start from. She didnt want to end up fighting with Ruth, that could result to public attention and she didnt want that.
‘how’s your health my friend?’ she didnt know when those words rolled out of her mouth ‘i’m sorry that i couldnt make out time to visit you at the hospital, though i came once and you were unconcious…..’ Which was a lie ‘i was busy with movie shoots and photoshoots and advertisements, you know Onga signed me recently so i……’
‘wait wait wait. Sorry is this Lizzy talking?’
Lizzy smiled and went to her ‘yeah its me, Lizzy Emabong. Ruth, i…..’ She couldnt stand talking with this disgusting pig anymore ‘i was planning to pay you a visit over the weekend. I wanted to talk to you about Ciara. Actually Ruth, best friends have misunderstandings and quarels frequently, they disagree and sometimes fight and most times the fight do not go down well. Ruth, i…..Ciara’s sorry. I understand everything that happened that day, you guys were having your normal quarels and she accidentally stabbed you……’
‘not really….but issues can be resolved. Ciara’s still your friend bae, no matter what. You know it wasnt Ciara’s intention to hurt you’
‘is that what you called me here for? This is why you stopped me from speaking to that biatch? Dont let me call you a crazy human being right now. So you’re telling me to forgive Ciara just like that, the weed u’ve been……’
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