Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 19


Ciara rolled her eyes as she filed her nails. Could her friends just stop talking about celebrity gossips, she hated it. They were always gossiping one actress or singer or the other and she found it irritating. Today’s topic was Genevieve Nnaji.
EBUBE: She didnt even get her money from nollywood, prostitution and pornography helped her wella, at her age she doesnt want to settle down, na God go help this generation oo.
RUTH: Her daughter would soon follow her footsteps. Afterall, there was a scandal that they caught her pants down with a guy in a club.
CIARA: then what is your business? I dont just get you guys at all. She’s into propstitution and pornography, so? Did she use your body for it? You guys are here beefing her but she’s really making her money, big time. She’s our senior in this game, when did we enter nollywood? We should accord her that respect.
LIZZY: Does she respect us? She treats us like trash Ciara, when you won best actress of the year last year, she was envious of you.
CIARA: childish talks!
RUTH: leave Ciara abeg, pretenders do the worst.
CIARA: Its not about pretense really, i just dont like it when all you guys do is sit down and gossip about celebrities who are making their money and going higher and higher, whether they made it from prostitution or pornography, the truth is they are higher than you and no amount of beefing can bring them down.
EBUBE: I’d rather make my money in a dignified way not using my body anyhow.
CIARA: Then do it! She isnt forcing you to join her in the business of pornography and prostitution. By the way, about that pornography stuff, it wasnt her. The resemblance was there but it wasnt her, the picture quality was also fake, i used to have it on my phone but that busy body Peter deleted it, said its a s-x video, bla bla bla.
RUTH: Tell me something, how that your bobo sef?
CIARA: No be only bobo, i no get bobo oo.
RUTH: Peter nko?
CIARA: Gossip mode activated. Ruth, you too gossip, everything na you wan know so that you go carry my matter go dey tell other celebrities, you go come dey gossip us dey give other people, then you go carry their matter come give us. We both know that you and Genevieve, even though not close friends are acquaintances, you guys hugged the other day and the media carried your picture. But here you are painting her black, na wa for you Ruth. I’d rather write my secrets on a piece of paper and burn it to ashes than discussing it with you because i know sey before i go look front look back, you don expose my matter give everybody, change oo, this your annoying gossip attitude will take you nowhere, i dont even know why i still hangout with you, your attitude is nothing to write home about.
EBUBE: Ciara, that was harsh! You shouldnt say such things to people.
CIARA: Sorry, but i’s rather spill your bad character to your face than say it behind your back, i’m not a back biter babe.
RUTH: (stands up) Since we are all about spilling bad characters to our faces then i’d spill yours now Ciara. Who do you even think you are sef? You are too proud and self centered, you always feel on top. We all started nollywood together but today you are higher than us, you were only priviledged or you think you can act more than any of us here? What brought you out was your father’s affluence and your pu.ssy my dear because we all know you fu.cked all those ugly looking directors, you are no different from Genevieve, thats why you are supporting her. You are nothing but a glorified prostitute, yes, thats what you are! Fool, you think you’re any better than i am, or you think i dont know that you are fu.cking your manager, with the way you looked at him lustfully when he stepped into this room about an hour ago to tell you something, i knew he had gotten into your pants already. Who wouldnt you? Your managers will you, the directors will you, actors will you even journalists will fu,ck you, cheap prostitute, thats what you are! How dare you sit there and tell me nonsense about my character, are you any better than i am.
LIZZY: Ruth, thats enough. Lets go, the media are outside, dont disgrace yourself.
RUTH: Leave me let me give this proud a piece of my mind because i’m sick and tired of her shitty attitude.
CIARA: Lizzy, please take her out of here before i do something i might regret.
RUTH: you! You cant do anything, you cant do more than a dead rat!
Before anyone could blink, Ciara grabbed a broken bottle and buried it in Ruth’s stomach. Their rattle attracted people from outside and before they knew it, cameras started blinking. Ciara knew her time was up, her carreer has just been destroyed. Tears fell from her eyes.
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Lizzy looked at Lex for help. But he couldnt do anything. What could he do? Not like he could go out and chase the annoying and persistent journalists outside with their clicking cameras.
Was this how the life of a celebrity was like? It was two weeks already, yet the matter had not died, infact, each day that passes makes the matter hotter with different versions of stories relating to the matter.
Some said Ruth and Ciara were fighting over one man, some said Ciara was jealous and wanted to get rid of Ruth for reasons best known to her, some said she was drunk that day and under the influence of drugs, some said Ruth was given a major role to play and Ciara, a minor role and she felt insulted, she had confronted Ruth and accused her of sleeping with the director in order to get a major role, and when Ruth had tried to defend herself, Ciara picked up a bottle and stabbed her, different stories.
Some even went as far as saying that Ciara was a ritual killer and wanted to use Ruth to perform her rituals, imagine!
He couldnt say a word.
Everywhere social media was filled with insults and demeaning words for Ciara.
He knew Ciara was guilty…but couldnt they be a little lenient with her? She had suffered alot these past few weeks. She had been banned from nollywood till further notice, her fan base had reduced, heck! She had no fans at all, she couldnt leave the hotel she had lodged because when she left her house after her father had thrown her out to come to this hotel, the humiliation she faced at the entrance of the hotel was something no one should experience.
Some people around had gathered around her stoning her with satchet water, biscuits, stones, anything they could get their hand on. He, Lizzy (who had stood by her althrough the ordeal) plus the hotel securities tried their best to chase them away but they didnt desist until some policemen on patrol showed up.
He was grateful Ciara wasnt arrested, all thanks to her father’s connections and it has been affecting her father’s business negatively too.
The media had it that he was trying to cover up for his father’s crimes and that justice must prevail and that whether he liked it or not, Ciara would face tribunal.
Tommy Anderson had lost many contracts and just in a matter of days, 3BRAINS was going down, workers didnt find it willing to turn up for jobs anymore.
‘if a daughter could attempt to kill someone and her father covers up for her, it simply means she and her father are together in the game so its equally dangerous being around the father. Who knows how many people she has killed and how many times her father has covered up for her’ Someone had said when interviewed in the news.
He wondered why they were this way. Not that Ruth had died. Infact, he heard she was discharged three days ago. Thankfully, the bottle hadnt touched her vital organs, and it hadnt been very deep. It was more like a cut on her stomach and she hadnt lost too much blood before she was rushed to the hospital.
Ciara was a shadow of herself. Infact, it looked like she was having some mental issues because most times she was seen staring into space and muttering unknown things to herself and when asked, she looks at you with this faraway look in her eyes and goes back to what she was doing.
She rarely ate. Most times she cried herself to sleep calling on her late mum to come to her rescue. He felt for her.
Most times he spent the night at the hotel with her, together with Lizzy who had practically started living in the hotel with Ciara, always being around except she had a filmshoot or a photoshoot, but she was with Ciara most of the times.
And Ciara never spoke to any of them, she didnt even acknowledge their greetings.
‘uh? Isnt that Ruth?’ Lizzy said breaking his chain of thoughts.
He looked up at the plasma TV which was hung on the wall. And there she was looking all radiant, not like someone who had been stabbed….no, cut with a bottle two weeks ago.
‘the bi.tch is being interviewed, how shameless!’ Lizzy hissed.
He didnt entirely blame Ruth, heck! She was the victim. Her only fault was she carelessly saying things she shouldnt have said to Ciara. But then, wasnt it anger, wasnt it all about saying things that hurts most to each other? Ciara had said hers to her, she didnt stab her what she did was retaliate but Ciara had been so quick to pick up a bottle to stab her instead of giving hers back or rather and even better….walk away.
Ruth was all smiles ‘i am so grateful to all my fans who has been concerned about my well being and praying for my quick recovery. God bless you all. If not for your prayers and concern, i wouldnt have been standing here alive today. I just want to say a very big thank you to all of you. And i also want you to know that i wont cause you all to worry anymore, and i’m also very sorry for making you all concerned about me. And i also want to beg all of you to forgive my colleague, Ciara Anderson’ Ruth said
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‘i can say for sure why she would want me dead,’ she continued ‘i dont know the reason why she stabbed me, but believe me my people, i’ve forgiven and forgotten all. If the almighty God could forgive my sins and still give me a second chance to live then who am i not to forgive Ciara and give her a second chance. At least we all know who she truly is now, we’ve all been fooled by her innocent appearance for a long time and i’m thankful that God has finally decided to expose her. I never knew the kind of friend i had. I’ve forgiven her yes, but i just want to let the media know that i cant and wont ever be friends with Ciara Anderson again, i mean why should i when she tried to kill me. I want to flee from the devil. She didnt succeed in killing me this time. Who knows about next time? I love and still love Ciara Anderson, believe you me, she’s been a great friend and a mentor and i adored her, infact i still adore her, i respected and admired her with all my heart. I never knew that what she had in her heart for me was pure undiluted hatred. God held us all because we dont know who really are our true friend. Special thanks to Ebube Ndudi for she has proved to be a good friend. She has been with me right from day one, she never left my side’
She paused and wiped tears from her eyes. Lizzy scoffed ‘fake tears! This girl is the worst fool i’ve ever seen’
Lex ignored her and watched on, amazed by her level of acting capability. She was an actress anyway. What was he expecting?
‘and also to my other mentor, Genevive Nnaji, i really appreciate her. She’s been my source of strength this past few weeks…..’
‘and you’ve been gossiping behind her back. What kind of a human is she?’ Lizzy snorted.
‘and to my friend, Lizzy Ibrahim, i dont know why she’s been avoiding me but i want the media to please help me beg her to stay as far as possible from Ciara Anderson, i dont want the same fate to befall her. But if she continues to hang out with Ciara, then i would have no other option than to stay away from her too, because as they say, birds of the same feather flocked together. And i also want you all to know that i wont be filing a case against Ciara Anderson, i want bygones to remain bygones. And i also know that many are eager to know the cause of our quarel, but i cant let you all know, at least not now, because it’ll only make you all castigate and hate Ciara Anderson more, no matter what, i’ll do anything to protect her reputation, although its already tarnished. 
Thank you all for giving me this opportunity to express myself and sorry i had to cry in front of the camera, i just cant help myself’ she said wiping her “fake” tears with her handkerchief, then forced a smile ‘May God bless you all in Jesus Name. 
And i want to inform you all of my thanksgiving ceremony at St John’s Anglican church this coming sunday, please endeavour to attend, after that there’ll be a pool party to celebrate my quick recovery. I love you all, my dedicated fans, thanks. Muah!’
Lizzy put off the television immediately ‘i cant take this anymore. Lex please help me put a call to Muak, tell him to inform paparazzi that i’ll be giving an interview concerning this case tomorrow, this nonsense must stop!’
Lex looked at her ‘and what will you say to the media?’
‘the truth. Ruth isnt what she’s painting herself to be. That girl is a wolf in sheep clothing. See how she praised Genevive Nnaji as if she wasnt the one tearing her clothes behind her back! And now she’s creating a picture of a very good and forgiving girl. Idiot, fool! I’m going to tell the media everything that transpired, only then will they know the kind of monster Ruth is’
Lex stood up, looked at Ciara who seemed lost, lying on bed facing up like someone who wasnt living any longer.
‘and what makes you think the media would believe you? It will only make then hate you. You saw how Ruth painted the picture of an angel just now. If you come out to say such things about her now, they’ll never believe you, they’ll only think you’re all about tarnishing her image since its well known that you’ve been on Ciara’s side since. Take a deep breath Liz’
Lizzy rolled her eyes, taking out a packet of Dorchester from her bag ‘whatever!’
Lex looked at Ciara pointedly ‘dont you think we need to take her to the hospital or rather invite a doctor? She’s been acting wierd this days and she hasnt had anything to eat for three days now’
‘no, its actually two days now, i forced her to eat some cornflakes two days ago, in the morning before you came’
‘okay’ Lex looked at Ciara, he felt tears well up in his eyes. So much for being hot tempered.
Silence reigned in the room as Lizzy’s smoke filled the air.
‘i want….to die’
They all looked in her direction. Her first words to them in two weeks!
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