Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 18


Ann knew very well that it was very dangerous going to the bar after what happened the last time, Chidera had tried to dissuade her from going there. But she had to.
The bar was the only place she could get information as to Fiona’s whereabouts. Her knowledge of Fiona started there.
She sighted a lanky guy sitting alone at one end of the bar and walked up to him. He was one of the male s-x workers in the bar and she knew it.
‘heyy!’ She said flashing him a smile ‘working?’
He snapped out of his thoughts. He had this faraway look in his eyes and she hadnt failed to notice the tears that had formed a pool there.
‘uhm….yes. Hi’ he said trying to gain composure.
She sat on his laps massaging his chest ‘so how much for a hot round?’
‘are you new here?’ the lanky guy asked ‘anyways i’m Shola. Whats yours?’
‘oh, i dont tell people i patronise my name. And i’m very sure Shola aint your real name so let it pass. I want a room and a round. How much is your bill?’
‘plus the room everything will amount to 5k’
‘what?!’ Ann exclaimed ‘is your dic.k made of gold or something?’
He laughed ‘instead of gold, its made of iron, very strong iron. Whaen it enters you, you will never remain the same. Many can attest to that’
‘i can never pay a guy 5k to fuc.k me, thanks! I’d rather finger myself for free’
He laughed again ‘i’m one of the best, you can ask around. I’m not usually free, always occupied, thats why you’ve never seen me here’
‘how many women have you fucke.d today?’
‘why do you ask? More than ten’
‘calculate 5k times ten, thats some good money man!’ Not that she didnt have the money, she just wanted to buy time. She had spent more patronising one cool dude in this bar. She had paid him 17k just for a round and it was worth it. Unbelievable, but she paid him 17k cash.
‘hahaha, i’m good at what i do’ he groped her as.s.
‘a d—k is a d—k, it doesnt matter how thick it is’ she knew that was a lie. She stood up from his laps ‘you dont want to me. Goodbye then’
She made to walk away when he held her wrists and smiled genuinely at her for the first time, not the flirty smile he’s been giving her all this while.
‘how much will you pay me?’
She bit her lower lip as if contemplating ‘2k’ she finally replied.
‘Thats small, but i’ll do it for you and it wont be in a room. A dark corner’
‘3k for a room’
‘make it 4k’
‘i cant’
‘okay. 3k. Lets go up’ He said, his hands circling her waist. He planted a peck on her left cheek that drew a blush from her. He was very good in what he did indeed.
She fell on the bed immediately. She really wasnt in the mood for se.x. She just wanted to discover something about Fiona.
‘so,’ she said massaging his hairy chest ‘i’ll pay you 10k if you do as i ask you’
She saw him draw back as if saying she couldnt pay a common 5k not to talk of 10k.
She laughed ‘i’ll pay you. I just need information about one Fiona Jay. Rumour has it that she’s the hottest call girl here’
He looked at her suspiciously ‘and what has that got to do with me?’
‘you know her right?’
‘of course i know her. She’s very popular here’
Ann reached for her handbag and brought out some money ‘this is 13k, it will be yours if you tell me everything about her. No s-x because i didnt come here for that’
She saw the greedy look in his eyes when she saw that. Very funny. Money is indeed the root of all evil.
He quickly accepted the money ‘why not? But first tell me, whats your scores with Fiona?’
She could tell from his eyes that he really cared about Fiona but his feelings for her wasnt enough for him to reject the money.
‘nothing. I’m just curious. Now go on boy, answer the question’
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‘Fiona has been a call girl in this bar for a very long time, over ten years now. We started working here at the same time. Lest i forget my uncle owns this brothel like bar. So Fiona and i were friends when we first started working here. Everytime she was done with a customer she was always in despair, she would weep and weep so much because she missed her family whom according to her died in a fire accident. 
As at that time Fiona was the nicest girl i’ve ever met. She was understanding and caring. But then, after about five years of working, Fiona took in. She couldnt pinpoint how the pregnancy occured and she couldnt tell who the father of the child was. So Fiona went on retirement for a year till she gave birth. Most of the workers now do not know of her pregnancy because when it happened, they hadnt started working here.
 When Fiona returned, i didnt know her anymore. Innocent Fiona became a chain smoker, an alcoholic, she became very cold and rude towards people and would rather pay attention to her marijuana and work. She became ruthless. Many times she killed customers that refused to pay her money after se.x. Dont ask me how i know, we’re are all in the game and…..’
‘wait’ Ann said realising something.
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Ann stepped on the brakes as she pulled up in front of a building.
‘Fiona belongs to one of the most dangerous gangs in the city. They are well known for murder and armed robbery’ Shola had said.
She braced herself for what was going to happen next. She wasnt exactly sure why she was doing this, whether for Lex or Emmy, but she just wanted to help the kid search for her mother. and Lex too. She was definitely doing this for him as well. She knew how much he had loved his sister Fiona, he loved her so much and there was always this sparkle in his eyes whenever he spoke about her. She was going to help him. Yeah she was.
She knew she was in for war……but she had to do this.
She came down from the car with her dark sunshades on. Yes, she was in for war. Fiona Jay was war.
She knocked on the rusty brown gate twice before it was opened by a haggard looking man with dreadlocks, brown teeth and marijuana filled breath.
‘uhm…hi’ she stammered, a bright smile on her lips.
‘na who you dey find for here?’ he said with his thick voice, this wasnt baritone, this was thick, very thick like that of a boss. She shuddered. Was this the boss.
‘uhm…i…i’m looking for Fiona, Fiona Jay’
He drew back and eyed her suspiciously ‘na who be Fiona and wetin make you dey find am?’
Gbagbam! How was she going to explain who Fiona was to this dirty looking pig.
‘well….i…she’s a friend….uhm, i have something very important to discuss with her’
He looked at her intently for a while then bursted into laughter ‘you….you wey i dey see so, Fiona friend? You dey joke. Fiona no dey live for here. Go find am for another place, bye bye’ he said proceeding to lock the gate.
‘wait! Okay i’ll wait here but can you just help me pass a message to her? Tell her i have Emmy’
‘na who be Emmy’
‘just tell her i said so. She’ll come looking for me. I’ll wait out here’
The man eyed her suspiciously for seconds before saying ‘wait here’
‘oya come inside sharpaly before i change mind’ he said opening the gate broader for her to enter.
‘thank you’ she was nervous. Seeing the widely searched for Fiona Jay made her a bit scared and worried. What would she look like? How would she react? Those thoughts filled her mind.
The building was somewhat complicated. It was a beautiful bungalow those old, from the rusting window panes and door.
It had so many doors she wondered which was the entrance.
They walked to the back of the building where she saw a beautiful garden with a very large swimming pool. She heard odd sounds from somewhere around. She continued looking around until she finally saw it.
A girl being pounded from behind by a giant looking guy whose big palms was placed on her mountainous as.s. The guy was huge, gawd! She wasnt sure she could handle him. The girl was screaming seriously. Whether it was from pleasure or pain she couldnt tell.
Oh my God! Is this the Fiona? She thought.
She heard the rough guy chuckling from behind ‘them go that girl tire today, she never see anything. Ashawo!’ he cursed ‘oya make we dey go’
She let out a sigh of relief. That wasnt Fiona.
‘where’s Fiona?’ she asked.
‘na we dey go meet so’ the guy said eyeing her angrily.
‘no vex’
He hissed.
They got to the side of the pool. The heavy smell of marijuana hit her nose first. She wasnt new to such smell. She smoked marijuana, even ate it raw but the smell was so thick it got her coughing, it was almost as if a hundred people were blowing it out at once.
Smoke momentarily blinded her eyes, she used her hands to wave it aside while also choking.
‘mehn! Are we in a chimney or what?’ she cursed angrily at the man.
‘Sako, leave us’ she heard a thick female voice.
She knew she had come face to face with whom she had come to find.
Slowly, she raised her head. Slowly, she opened her eyes. Slowly……
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Ann just couldnt find words to describe the beauty of this woman before her. Her beauty was one to behold. She was veryyy fair skinned, her colour shined like light. Her hair was dark and long. Her lashes were also dark and very long. She had a tattoo of an ant on her neck, another on her left arm, a scorpion, then on her wrists was written FIJAY.
This was Fiona. The almighty Fiona. The beautiful mother of Emmy.
‘so you have Emmy?’ came the nonchalant reply from Fiona. She hadnt even looked up from her marijuana to scan her well and Ann wondered the kind of human being she was.
The 9mm beside her didnt help matters, it sent chills down Ann’s spine.
‘uhm…uhm…ye…yes’ she found herself stammering. This wasnt what she had planned. What she had in mind was beating up the careless mother of Emmy, but meeting Fiona, she knew she had to couple herself.
Fiona took a long drag from her marijuana then looked up at her for the first time with a careless shrug ‘so?’
So? Ann was shocked to the bone, did Fiona understand her when she said she had Emmy? She wasnt sure.
‘i said i have your daughter, Emerald’ she said dragging the word daughter and Emerald.
‘and i’m asking, so? What has that got to do with me? Is that what brings you here?’
‘your daughter’
Fiona eyed her, then dragged from her marijuana ‘what is your name? I mean your full name’
‘Annabel Rowlands’
‘and who are you?’
‘who am i as in? I dont quite get you?’
‘how did you find Emerald?’
‘i met her at ONE TIME bar. I accidentally….’ she bit her tongue, was it safe to tell this dangerous looking woman that she had accidentally hit her daughter with her car. That could be disastrous.
‘you accidentally hit her with your car, i know about that’ Fiona said drawing a sharp and fearful gasp from her.
‘i…ho…how did….did you…did you….know abou…about that?’
‘forget that. So is that why you and your mother has been coming to that brothel to look for me? Or you think i didnt know? Even going as far as asking Shola for information’
Now that shocked her to the bone. Was it safe here? She had to ask herself. Fiona’s voice was quite stern. Maybe she should retrace her footsteps and hand over everything to Lex. This Fiona could kill.
‘ten million naira’
‘ten million what? What for?’
‘okay make it five. Give me five million and take that little witch with you. I dont need her’
Fiona slapped her laps in exasperation ‘what dont you fuc.king understand young lady?’ She threw her marijuana away ‘look here, i mean business. I dont need Emmy, Rebecca doesnt want her, nobody wants her. Why dont you take her? Since you look like you love her angelic ways already’
‘oh so you know she’s angelic?’ Ann asked. She wasnt sure where the guts came from but she had to give this Fiona a piece of her mind, her scary face and stern voice, she had lived this life before and she hadnt forgotten how to do it. She was going to give Fiona a piece of her mind. What kind of mother was she anyway?
‘so you know you have an angelic daughter? But then you had to deal with her this cruelly, with her angelic ways. At least you didnt say she had demonic ways. What kind of a mother are you anyways? I’m 26 and i know you’re 23, i dont have a child but i know what it means to love and care for a child because i came close to having one. 
Emmy is five years old, she’s a smart and beautiful kid, yeah i know, life has dealt all of us a hard blow, we’ve gone through alot in our life and thats the more reason we need to protect our kids, so they dont go through the same path we went through. Do you want Emmy to be like you? Smoke like you? men for money just like you? Kill like you? Become as useless as you are? Dont you want her to be the medical doctor you’ve always desired to be? Dont you want her to get married to a president the way you’ve always wanted to right from childhood huh? How do you expect her to become all that when you push her away and treat her like trash? Or do you think one can even care for a child the way a mother can? Come on now Fiona, i expected you to be smarter than this’
She saw Fiona draw back, shock written all over her face ‘you…you…who…who are you?’ Now it was Fiona’s turn to stutter.
‘not your name. How did you know so much about me? Medical doctor? President?’
‘oh! I….’ she had slipped. Lex had told her all that. Then she realised something. She just said it out. Oh no!
‘Lex? Who’s…..’ she saw the realisation dawn in Fiona’s eyes….
She knew she was gone for good.
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