Adventures of Goodboy – Episode 20



Bediako loved hunting and used to escape to go for hunting even from his studies. Well, later he became a better rider and hunter than any one of his courtiers. One day, when Bediako went for hunting, he and some of the courtiers went so fast that they left the others behind. As the evening fell, everybody got very hungry and thirsty, they found that they had lost their way and now did not know where to go.
At last, they came to a junction of three roads. King was very happy to see the roads since now he could reach his capital through one of these roads, but which road was to go to his capital. They were all thinking about it and could not decide on it. In the mean time, they saw a young boy coming along one road. The boy was summoned and Bediako asked him, “Hey young boy! Which road goes to Goodcity?” The boy smiled and spoke, ” everybody knows that road cannot move so how can these roads go to Goodcity or anywhere else?” and laughed at his own joke.
Everybody was silent and didn’t say a word. The boy said again, “People travel, not the roads. Do they?”
 King laughed at this and said, “No, you are right.” The King asked again, “What is your name, young boy?”
 “Junior” The boy replied and asked the King, “And who are you? What is your name?”
 The King took out his Ring and gave it to the boy. “You are talking to Asare Bediako – the King of Goodtown. We need fearless people like you. You come to the court, with this Ring I will recognize you immediately. Now tell me the way to get to Goodcity. We have to reach there soon”
Junior bowing lowly pointed towards the road going to Goodcity, and the King headed on that road.
That is how King Bediako met the future Goodboy.