Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 17


Soon the gunmen left. The uninjured ones ran away without looking back for their loved ones who were injured.
Ann looked at Chidera who was seriously bleeding from his left shoulder, he was trying to run away with while also clenching his shoulders and spitting out blood. The bar was a mess, broken bottles everywhere.
Ann raced to him ‘lets hurry, i’ll take you to a hospital, you’ll be fine’
He smiled appreciatively as they ran to the garage, she opened her car and helped him in, then she sped off to the hospital.
‘Lex, please, please i beg of you, dont do this to me’ Sandra pleaded, tears streaming down her eyes.
‘dont beg me of something i cant do, last time you came to my house what did you do? You think i want a reoccurence of such nonsense? Ann would soon be back and i want no problems. The two of you cannot live in peace so you cannot stay here. I’ve given you some money, find a place to stay, thats the only help i can render to you right now, please stay out of my way, i’ll be late to work if i dont hurry’ he said hurrying to the door.
Sandra blocked his way ‘believe me Lex, i’m a changed person. I’m not who you think i am, please’
‘i dont want to be hostile towards you Sandra. Please leave my way before i push you’
She fell on her knees and held his legs ‘please let me stay. I’ll do everything. I’ll cook and keep the house clean, you dont need to worry about a thing’
Lex lost it. He grabbed Sandra by the hair, opened the door, dragged her out, locked it, dragged her outside the gate, went back inside and drove out after locking the gate denying her access into the compound. He didnt care. Sandra deserved this and much more.
‘you’re late’ Ciara said sipping from her hot coffee in her dressing room.
‘i’m sorry….something came up’ he couldnt tell her about Sandra. No, Ciara was going to freak out.
‘i wont condone things next time please, that we flow well doesnt mean you should take your job and me for granted, if you cant keep up with the job then resign, there are so many people looking for this job, not that you need it anyway’ She rolled her eyes running her beautiful fingers on the mug.
‘wow! Someone is obviously not in a good mood this morning’ he said sitting close to her. He threw a hand over her shoulders ‘so tell me, what is it?’
She looked at him and pouted her red lips ‘what is what?’
‘why are you looking dull? Something went wrong?’
‘nothing went wrong, you’re just overreacting. I’m very fine’
‘is it Peter?’
‘so what happened again? Let me guess, he came and you guys fought again. No, this time you called off the engagement’
‘he hurt me this time around. He pushed me and i hit my head on the headboard, father came into my room and i told him, he slapped Peter’
Lex bit his lip to supress a laughter ‘seriously this on and off relationship between you and Peter is somewhat funny. You guys really need dialogue seriously, this relationship aint going the way it should and it shouldnt be so’
Ciara looked at him, straight in the eyes ‘are you comfortable about my relationship with Peter?’
‘yes…i mean why? Dont you love him?’
‘i dont know’ with that, she lowered her head and claimed his lips.
Lex subconciously wrapped her hand around her returning her kiss with full vigor, tongue for tongue.
‘sorry’ Ciara said breathlessly ‘i didnt know what came over me. Maybe this relationship thingy with Peter is getting me crazy’ she stood up, her arms akimbo ‘i need a break, i need a break. I might be going to Dubai next weekend, i dont know. I just need something to get my mind off him, i….i feel so lonely. I miss Anita. She’s my best friend at times like this’
Lex stood up, his hands on her waist ‘you can equally make me your best friend at times like this also, you know’
She smiled ‘there are some things i can share with her that i can never share with you’ she playfully pinched his nose and he winced ‘now, get your hands off me, that isnt a professional way to hold your boss’
‘oh sorry’ Lex said in mock salute ‘boss’
A knock landed on the door and a smallish looking man peeped in ‘miss Ciara, the shooting has started’
‘okay, i’ll be there in a jiffy’
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Ann sat beside Chidera and spoonfed him from the food she brought from home ‘any idea why those men were looking for Fiona Jay?’
He shrugged ‘any idea? Dont know, maybe Fiona messed with them. Knowing Fiona well, she could do anything’
‘shady deals?’
‘exactly. Maybe she extorted money from her boss, i dont know. But it seems she’s gone into hiding’
‘yeah. Something is off about this Fiona…..really off. Anyways, a mother would always come looking for her child’
‘what do you mean?’
She smiled ‘never mind’
Fiona Jay. There was something about Emmy, something really strange about Emmy, she could feel it. Same nose. Same eyes. Same lips. How possible is that?
Could Lex be her father?
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‘how’s your mummy like?’ Ann asked placing the dishes on the dinning. Her mum had gone out for a church programme leaving just she and Emmy in the house.
‘my mummy? People say i’m the carbon copy of my mother and thats somehow true, my mum and i look alike alot. She’s a tall chocolate skinned woman just like me’
Ann laughed. Tall, chocolate skin, just like Lex. She knew something wasnt right here but she couldnt place her fingers on it.
She felt creepy just thinking about this Fiona Jay. She wanted to meet her and know the kind of lady she was and also figure out somethings.
‘the only flaw on my mummy’s body is the large scar on her back. She said when she was younger, she was involved in a fire accident and thats where she got the scar’ Emmy continued taking a bite of the tasty pancakes, somehow, she had grown to love the pancakes Ann made.
Ann raised a brow ‘a fire accident? Tell me about it’
‘she didnt tell me much. She just told me that when she was three her house caught fire. She managed to escape when a neighbour of theirs helped her through the window. She said all her family members perished in the fire accident’
‘hmm, really?’ Ann said waving it aside, she was going to get more information. She was sure this wasnt mere coincidence. What if Fiona had survived? ‘how old are you Emmy, you speak words bigger than your age’
Emmy smiled brightly ‘whenever mummy was around, she always gave me English tutorials, she never wants me to slack in English Language. She said that has always been her favourite subject from childhood’
That rang a bell. Everything was coming together in pieces now. Everything was linking.
‘oh! Your mother must be a very nice person’
The child looked down and bit her lips ‘but nobody likes my mummy, she has no friends and everybody despises her. They feel she’s very proud and annoying. Mummy is very nice, they just dont know whats inside of her’
Ann smiled and took her hands ‘it doesnt matter what people think about your mummy, what matters is what you think of her my darling’
‘mummy hardly had time for me. She’s always leaving me with aunty Rebecca, that wicked woman. And whenever she’s around, she doesnt stay long, we chat and play a little before she leaves. I dont know why mummy is not coming back for me, she’s never done this before’
‘oh dont say that my love! I already told you that your mum is coming to pick you up soon. She just has to be in a very important place thats all’ she kissed her forehead ‘dont worry, when my mother comes back, we’ll go to a playground, have you ever been to a playground?’
‘a playground?’ Emmy giggled ‘no, i’ve never been to a playground’
‘dont worry, you’ll be to one this evening’
Ann smiled. She could feel it. She could smell it. It was going to be shocking but she was very sure.
‘why is your mummy’s surname Jay?’
‘oh that? It was gotten from Johnson. You know the initial J…so she spelt it….Jay. Her real name is Fiona Opeyemi Johnson’
Yes! Fiona was alive.
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