Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 14


Ann smoothed her dress and headed downstairs. Her hair was rough and old and she needed a new hairdo. She needed manicure and pedicure. She needed a new wardrobe.
Then she needed…..some drugs and cigarettes to keep her sane. She felt like she was going crazy staying away from cigarettes and drugs all this while. She also needed some alcohol and s-x.
She was so bored in this house. Her dad was presently away in Maiduguri and her mum had gone to the market.
She went downstairs to the sitting room, picked up a car key from where her dad usually kept it incase anyone wanted to go out
She hadnt gone out of the house since she came here. And she was really bored to death. She made up her mind to get a new friend today, so she could always have somewhere to visit and someone to talk to.
She drove out of the compound trying hard to keep the thought of Lex out of her mind, heck! She needed to stop thinking about him if she really was determined to pay him back in his own coin.
He could think he had won the battle, but the battle was far from over. She was going to fight. And fight with the last drop of her blood. No way was she losing this battle.
He was going to regret ever knowing her. He was going to die a painful death in her hands. Everything they had both worked for, she was going to make sure he lost it.
She knew all his secrets and she was going to use it against him. It will come as a shocker to him. He thinks he’s the only one that knows how to plot revenge schemes. Fool!
She pulled up in front of her favourite bar. The bar had everything in it and it was popularly called ‘the den of iniquity’
There were guys who hung around, give them some money and they would bang you like there was no tomorrow. And she really needed it.
She walked to the counter and smiled at the bar attender. The guy was a cool guy and she found herself assessing him. She wanted to go down with him but he wasnt what she needed at the moment. Guys like him only knew how to make love not how to f–k. And serious f—–g was what she needed at the moment.
‘hi ma’am. Its been a long time’ he said smiling.
‘yeah,’ she replied smiling ‘Chidera right??’
‘yes ma’am. What do i offer you?’
‘oh! Get me a packet of dorchester and a shot of whisky. Where are the guys??’
The attendant smiled ‘they are around. You need one?’
‘i need three’
The attendant raised a surprised brow ‘can you handle them?’
Ann winked at him ‘why not? I’ve taken more than you can ever imagine’
The attendant pushed the packet of cigarette to her and a lighter ‘the guys here are super rough. Becareful with them’
‘thanks for the advice’ She lit up a cigarette and blew smoke into the air, releasing a sigh of relief and satisfaction ‘its been long. Get me the guys’
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Ann couldnt supress the moans any longer. This was exactly what she needed. She had three rods in her. One in her mouth, one in her punani and the other in her a—–e.
Though she couldnt moan freely due to the rod in her mouth, her moan was still loud.
They had been on it for over an hour and no one was yet to c-m. She had orgasmed multiple times, probably more than twenty.
She gasped for breath, pushing the rod away from her mouth as the pounding continued from behind ‘plea….se…that…thats eno…ugh….oh! Ah! I’m…so tired…pl…’
The rod she had pushed away was shoved roughly back into her mouth.
Tears of pleasure pain stung her eyes. She was getting what she deserved.
‘where are you coming from by this time of the night?’ Jovita said trying hard to keep her anger in check.
Her daughter paused for a while then smiled ‘i went to see a friend’
Jovita wrinkled her nose at the smell of alcohol and cigarette oozing from her daughter’s mouth. What the heck!!
She knew that her daughter smoked. She had gone through her bag the day they had taken her to the hospital and she had found a packet of cigarette, a lighter and a packet of condoms in her bag.
She didnt know the kind of life her daughter lived and she had refused to talk about it to anyone, that was the painful part.
Why she left home, no one knew.
‘you’ve been out drinking and smoking……’ Jovita said almost in a whisper.
Her daughter looked away saying nothing.
Tears fell from Jovita’s eyes as she placed her two hands on her head ‘God…..why me??’
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‘are you serious about that Jovita?’
‘i am serious. Ann has changed’ Jovita said breathing fast ‘she’s no longer the girl i used to know. Everyday she leaves the house and comes back in the evening smelling of alcohol, cigarette and s-x. Sometimes i even find condoms and cigarettes in her handbag. I sometimes overhear her making calls to one of her numerous boyfriends thanking him for giveing her good s-x. Roland….we are finished. Our daughter has turned into something else’
Roland paused for sometimes, not saying a word.
‘hello….honey are you there?’ Jovita asked taking a deep breathe.
‘yes…yes i’m here. Jovita, hope you’re not crying too much?’
‘Roland, its not about me right now but about our daughter. It doesnt matter if i’m crying too much or not. Ann has turned into something else, a promiscous lady’ Jovita sniffed.
‘lets allow God do his thing. We’ve embarked on a seven-day fasting and praying, the other pastors and i advice that you join us too. Any chain of evil holding our daughter down will be loosed immediately’
‘amen!’ Jovita said closing her eyes briefly sniffing ‘my love, when are you coming back?’
‘i’m heading back immediately after the seven-day and fasting. Another thing, the pastors and i have decided to hold an annointing programme next month. That means you will have to come down with Ann to Maiduguri’
‘i will be so glad. What of Jeff and Blessing? Tell Blessing to call me already. How can she stay without calling her mother?’
Pastor Rolands laughed ‘i saw Blessing yesterday in church. She came with her fiance, Josh. Anyways my love, i have to go now, its almost time for the evening programme. I have to prepare’
‘okay love. Please put Ann in your prayers for me okay??’
‘i will sweetheart. I love you, angel of my life’
‘i love you too, prince of my heart’
Pastor Rolands laughed and hung up.
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