Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 15


Ann took a seat by her favourite spot. She winked at Chidera and he knew immediately what she would like. He soon came with a packet of cigarette, a bottle of hennessy and some ice.
‘hi’ he said smiling.
‘hi Chi, whats up?’
‘i’m fine. You look beautiful today, whats the secret?’
Ann laughed ‘is that a way of telling me that i’m usually not a beautiful lady?’
Chidera giggled ‘i didnt mean it that way. You know you are the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen’
‘thanks….i’m blushing’
‘okay, enjoy yourself….i’m going back to the counter. If you need anything, just let me know’ he said turning back.
She held his hand ‘i need company. Cant you keep me company for a while?’
Chidera smiled ‘you know very well that i cant do that. If my boss finds out i’m out of the counter now, i’ll lose my job’
She nodded ‘i understand’
He smiled and walked away. She admired his firm behind and long legs. Not that Lex didnt have those though.
She missed him.
She didnt want to think of him but she couldnt help herself. She still loved him despite everything, no matter the things he did or said to her, her heart always fluttered whenever she thought of him, was it because they were meant to be together?
Her heart leaped in excitement at the thought of that. Didnt they say that relationships must pass through trials in order for it to become strong? Didnt they say that a relationship without misunderstandings is one filled with lies and deception?
Maybe this was the stormy period for them. Maybe this was the trial and challenge they have to pass through in order to become stronger.
She smiled as she gulped down a shot of hennesy. Why hadnt she thought of this since? She and Lex were meant to be together, this was the sign.
Her phone rang and she sighed. Why will this woman not just leave her alone? Why must she bug her every minute? Was she the only caring mother on earth?
She hesitated then picked it up dragging a long smoke from the cigarette in her hand, her fifth cigarette for the day.
‘hello mum’
‘Ann….where are you? Its past 8pm, you should come back home’
‘its just eight mum. I’ll be back before twelve’
‘what? Are you out of your mind Annabel? Have you forgotten our family rules and regulations? No one remains outside immediately it exceeds seven thirty’
‘but i’m an adult now’ God knew she was only trying her best to respect this woman of God called her mother. She was getting tipsy already and one more word from this woman, she could insult her.
‘whether adult or no adult. As far as you live in this house, you must adhere to those instructions, am i clear? Just because i’ve been leaving you to leave the house and come back anytime you like doesnt mean you should take it for granted. Am i understood?’
‘no, you are not’ Ann hissed and ended the call.
What nonsense! Who was this woman to dictate her life anyway? What gave her that right? Where was she when she was suffering ten years ago? Where was she when she went into prostitution in order to survive? She hissed again.
Her phone rang again….still from her mother but she ignored it. Not up to five minutes, her dad called, she knew the old gossip had gone to rattle nonsense in her father’s ears.
She smiled. They were both crazy if they thought they could control her. She was 26….she was old enough to make her own decisions for goodness sakes.
‘hello beautiful’
She looked up. A tall dark skinned guy stood beside her grinning like he just won the world. There was something familiar about him, she had definitely met him somewhere.
‘hello handsome’ she replied. He wasnt very handsome but she liked his physique. This type was very good in bed. She slapped herself mentally. She didnt want to think about s-x now.
‘mind if i join you?’
‘i dont mind at all’ she found herself rubbing her thighs together. What was about this guy that suddenly made her h—y. Leaving the house that day, she had made up her mind not to sleep with any guy.
‘i know you from somewhere’ he said sitting beside her ‘i’m Peter anyways….Peter Martins’
Her head began to spin. Yes! Peter. Ciara’s fiance. The guy Lex had forced her to sleep with. Her boss’ son. Her boss.
What was he doing here? She really hoped he didnt recognise her. That would mean disaster.
She immediately stood up not forgetting to throw the remaining cigarette into her bag ‘sorry, i was about leaving. See you some other time, bye!’
‘wait up! Why are you leaving suddenly?’ he said trying to catch up with her.
She turned furiously ‘stay away from me!’ With that she stormed out of the bar.
She got into her car and drove off as quick as she could. She didnt know why she was running away but she wanted to stay as far as possible from her pasts.
She marched her brakes, but she wasnt fast enough. It happened.
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Ciara rolled her eyes as Peter stepped into her room. Not again! She didnt want to see his ugly face this beautiful morning.
‘what are you doing here?’ she asked sternly.
‘is that supposed to be a good morning to the love of your life?’ he said with a smile handing a bouquet to her.
Ciara sighed in disgust ‘take that back. You’ve given me enough of it, i dont know where to dump them anymore. Seriously Peter, is that all i’m worth? Flowers and nothing more? Please dont spoil my day. Get out of my room’
‘your father is still in the house’
‘and he doesnt know how rude and arrogant you’ve been of recent, and how that newly acquired rudeness of yours has damaged our once sweet relationship. Lets just pretend nothing is going on’
Ciara bursted into laughter ‘oh really? Now i understand the direction you’re coming from. You want to be the good son-inlaw to be right? You want father to keep….infact, let me just go to his room and narrate everything to him’ She stood up from the bed and slipped into her slippers heading towards the door.
Peter’s strong arms held her ‘where do you think you’re going to?’ his voice was stern.
‘let go of me you arrogant monster! Let go of me!’
He pushed her back into the bed and she landed with a thud, accidentally hitting her head on the bed board. She screamed in pain.
‘this is just a lesson Ciara. Next time you disrespect me, you would not believe what i’d do to you!’
‘GET OUT! Get out of my room this instant….you goat of a thousand fathers….ouch!’
The door flung open and Tommy walked in ‘whats happening here?’
Peter smiled ‘ah….nothing sir. Ciara and i is just having a little misunderstanding’
‘little you say?’ Tommy said moving towards Ciara ‘whats wrong with you honey? Are you in pains?’
Ciara nodded ‘this bas.tard pushed me. I hit my head on the board and its hurting like crazy’
‘shi.t!’ Peter cursed within. Why was Ciara so daft and foolish? She was going to regret this, he would make sure of that. Afterall, she was the one who’s crazily in love here. She would come running back to him, certainly and then he would treat her like trash, sample her before the media then shamefully break up the engagement, in public. Only then will she realised the damage she’s done to herself.
‘what??’ Tommy said rising up facing him with fury in his eyes ‘how dare you?’ and before Peter could blink, Tommy slapped him ‘how dare you come to MY house to hurt my daughter. Do you know her worth? Even if she triple Bill Gates’ wealth, you will never be able to get her….are you stupid? Is this how dangerous you are? No, no, no. Your likes will kill my daughter the instant they get married to you. I will not take this, i’m calling your father this instant’
Peter clenched and unclenched his fists. He wanted to tell him to go ahead. That he was sick and tired of his arrogant daughter but he waved it aside. That will be going overboard.
‘i will take my leave now sir’ he said bowing a little and turning back.
‘not even an apology?’ Tommy asked boiling in anger.
‘let him go dad,’ Ciara winced ‘he’s nothing but a fuc.king loser! MDF’
Peter turned and eyed her. He looked at Tommy Anderson and stormed out of the room.
He got to his car and sighed. Such a shameless duo! Father and daughter.
He was going to deal with Ciara. She loved him. She adored him and she cherished him. He was her all and all. She’ll come running back to him soon.
It was a pity he couldnt let off steam this morning. That had been his plan.
After seeing that familiar not too fair skinned woman at the bar the previous night, he couldnt understand what was happening to him.
Immediately he had sighted the woman at the bar, he couldnt explain the shudder that passed through him….almost like he just saw an angel. It took him hours to approach her. And when he finally did, she ran away as if in a haste. He wondered what went wrong? What pained him the most was that he wasnt able to get her number. He would like to meet her again and probably enter her thighs.
And her a-s was wow! So round, he could better his last kobo that it was soft as well.
He immediately felt a stirring in his loins. He started the ignition and drove to a brothel that was situated in a very local area.
Lex heard the knock again. He stirred and yawned. Who could be knocking so early in the morning?
He got on his feet and headed to the door.
The knock came again, this time louder.
He opened it and got the shock of his life.
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‘Ann, you are so stupid!’ Jovita fired. She felt bad saying such to her daughter but that was all she could say ‘if only you had been indoors, all these wouldnt have happened! What is wrong with you? Should i slap you back to your factory settings?’
Ann chewed on her fingers as she paced up and down the hospital reception.
She could only hope and pray that the little girl she had knocked down would survive. 
The child was so beautiful and helpless. She slapped herself a hundred times. Why did she have to hit an innocent girl in her haste to escape from the bar?
Her mother kept ranting and ranting but she paid no attention to them, they were the least of her problems right now. She wondered who the parents of the girl was and why she was standing in front of a bar at that hour. The girl had looked scared when she knocked her.
And the girl had whispered ‘my mummy’ before she became unconcious.
‘your dad is coming with the next available flight. Its high time you stop this madness! God! This is not the child i pushed out of my v—-a, this is not the child that bit my n—–s, this is not the child i trained. What has gotten into you for christ’s sakes? Who exactly are you now Annabel? Where did you run off to ten years ago? Who thought you all this evil lifestyle for goodness sake? You are a pastor’s daughter!’
At that, Ann bursted into tears. She didnt know why she was crying…whether it was due to her mother’s words or because of the pain and sadness in the little girl’s eyes that was getting to her.
Jovita placed two hands on her waist, her rants were already attracting attention from the nurses on duty but she didnt care. She was ready to expose her daughter to the whole world if that will make her change.
‘everyday i see condoms and cigarettes in your bag! Everyday you come back home anytime you will be smelling of alcohol and indian hemp, God! You disgust me, animal! You’re a lady for crying out loud. How can a lady live such a wreckless life? How am i sure you’re not even a prostitute? Now see what you’ve done? You better pray the situation of that girl isnt critical else i will never forgive you and i will throw you back into the streets where i picked you from, it doesnt matter if we’ve been apart for ten years or not. Jeff and Blessing are also coming with your father to see the mess their foolish elder sister has committed. Shame! Shame unto you Annabel, you’re a big disgrace!’ Jovita said clapping her hands.
‘madam,’ a male voice said from behing.
Jovita turned ‘oh doc! Thank God, how’s the girl?’
‘you’re disturbing the peace of this hospital, you shouldnt be shouting and clapping your hands here, this is a hospital and this is where patients are admitted. Most patients do not need noise’
Jovita smiled apologetically ‘i’m very sorry doc please forgive my ignorance. Its because of my foolish daughter here…..anyways, how’s the girl?’
The doctor shrugged and smiled broadly ‘you’re very lucky. The girl is not critically injured. Just a small bruise on her left arm and forehead. She’s even awake now’
‘thank you Jesus’ Ann sighed wiping away tears from her eyes ‘can we see her now?’
‘oh yes you can. The third room by the left. Meet the nurses for the settlement of the bill. Thank you’ he said and walked away.
‘thanks doc’ Jovita waved after him. She held Ann strongly by the arm ‘lets go see the victim of your madness!’
Immediately she saw the girl, she felt drawn to her. There was this connection she couldnt understand at all. She just wanted to be by the side of this young girl forever, not wanting anyone to hurt her.
‘my dear’ Jovita said rubbing her hair ‘how are you?’
‘i’m fine,’ the girl replied in the tiniest voice ‘good day ma’
‘good day my love. How’s your head? Its still hurting?’
‘a little. What happened to me? Where’s my mummy?’
Jovita immediately looked at Ann as if waiting for answers.
Ann sat beside the young girl ‘whats your name?’
‘i’m Emerald but my mummy calls me Emmy. Where is my mummy, please tell her to come, i want to see her’
‘uhm…sorry Emmy, your mum is on her way’ Ann replied ‘by the way, what were you doing at the bar by that time?’
‘my mummy works there at night. I’ve not seen her for two weeks. When she left home two weeks ago, she didnt even let me know. She told me she was visiting granny and would be back soon, but i didnt see her. She left me with her evil sister who’s been starving me of food. Every night, i sneak out of the house to come check if i’ll see my mummy’ The girl was sobbing now.
Ann felt for her. Oh no! She felt so attached and so in love with this girl! She felt like she was the mother, she just wanted to claim her as a daughter. She couldnt explain the attachment.
Without blinking, she took the young girl in her arms and cried.
There was a connection.