Love And Revenge Season 2 Episode 13


‘arrange a meeting with the CEO of ELIBOARDS PLC’ Tommy Anderson said shifting a piece of paper to his secretary ‘and please give this to Abraham Martins’
‘okay sir’
‘God bless you’
Immediately the secretary left, he locked the door, took his bible and went on his knees and prayed. Ever since he had come to know Jesus, he had felt an inner peace in him. Comfort that no one else would be able to give him. The only thing he wished for was for people he held dear to experience this peace with him.
It had been hard for his parents to convert him. Heck! They didnt even succeed.
He knew it was tough. And he was ready to fight to finish.
The bombing of the warehouse had come as a blow to him. He almost had a seizure but thanks to his bible and Ciara, he had been able to overcome it.
The CEO of ELIBOARDS came as a suspect to him.
In the days of his immorality, Chief Eli Adebayo of ELIBOARDS and him had been rivals. Heck!
They hated themselves and did everything possible to hurt each other or the companies they ran.
He had done worse things to ELIBOARDS and Eli had also done terrible things to him. Every misfortune that had been taking place recently, Eli had been his suspect but he had endured it, believing that God will bring to book whoever is responsible for this.
What he didnt understand why Eli would want to abduct Sampson and his family. Eli and Sampson were acquaintances, not really close friends but they werent really enemies.
Several times he had warned and threatened to eliminate Sampson if he didnt quit the friendship with Eli but Sampson had simply replied ‘Eli and i do not have a problem. You are the only one who has a problem with him, so sort it out with him. Dont drag me into this’
He would do anything to protect this company. This company was his sweat and blood.
Even though 3BRAINS had been formed by Abraham, Sampson and himself hence the name 3BRAINS, it was a clear fact that he cherished and toiled for this company more.
He prayed for the meeting with Eli to go well. And he also hoped they could resolve this issue between them. He was a new person now, willing to make peace not living in pieces.
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2pm that same day, Eliboards Plc.
ELI: So you are indirectly saying i am responsible for the destruction of your warehouse?
TOMMY: I didnt say so, i’m not outrightly accusing you. I am just saying that if you know anything about it……
ELI: You are equally very stupid Anderson. How dare you barge into my company to tell me nonsense? When i was told that i had a meeting with you, i thought it was to strike a business deal. You are very foolish Tommy, thats why your warehouse was bombed so foolishly.
TOMMY: I didnt come here to banter words with you. I resist that temptation. I came for peace Eli. If you know that you are responsible for the bombing of our warehouse, you better own up to it because i’m embarking on a seven day fasting and prayer for this, and whoever responsible for this would run mad on the seventh day.
ELI: (laughs) You are still a small boy Tommy. Who do you hope to threaten with this technique? Seven days prayer and fasting? So? You think i’m scared, that i will probably confess that i’m responsible for the bombing simply because i dont want to run mad? When did your madness start Anderson?
TOMMY: Eli, shut up and lets talk like mature adults that we are, stop acting childish and foolish, you are no fool.
ELI: Thats you indirectly calling me a fool.
Tommy banged his hand hard on the table in anger ‘i’m serious here, behave! You are not foolish, rather are you stupid and crazy. Its high time you behave like a matured man that you are’
Eli stood up ‘this meeting is over. I demand you leave this place right now before i get the security to throw you out!’
‘of course, you cant because i’m no pauper. Should you do such a humiliating act, i will make sure this your company is razed down in fire’
‘thats the word of a newly converted christian’ Eli said mockingly ‘well, you should know by now that i love threats. I actually didnt mean it when i said i was going to use the security to throw you out but looking at it now, its really fun. Millionaire Tommy Anderson being pushed out of Eliboards by security men, isnt it wonderful?’ he said reaching for the intercom.
Tommy stood up seething in anger ‘no need for this madness, i will leave but mark my words Eli, you will pay for this. You will regret this day you made me banter words with you’ he said walking to the door.
’empty vessel they say……’
‘makes the loudest noise. And you know better who has been making the loudest noise here’ he said and walked out.
He was angry. How dare Eli talk to him in a such a downgrading manner. He wanted nothing but to make him pay, to make his company suffer too.
He picked up his phone not paying attention to what his innermind was saying.
‘hello. I want Eliboard’s warehouse bombed today’
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Lex looked at Chuks. Over the days, he had gotten over Ann’s disappearance, not that he still didnt search for her, he did but he was more cheerful than he was when Ann disappeared earlier.
‘i wonder the look on Tommy’s face when he found out about the warehouse destruction, the look on his face must have been priceless’ Lex said laughing silently.
Chuks smiled ‘so whats the next step??’
‘next step??’ Lex said placing his hand under his chin ‘well, the next step…..lets just keep our cool for sometime and study them. Our next strike shall be on Eliboards’
‘Eliboards?? Why??’
‘Tommy Anderson foolishly threatened Chief Eli Jacobs, the CEO of Eliboards, so if anything bad should happen to the company, Tommy Anderson will be held responsible. Knowing how ruthless Chief Eli is, he would not spare Tommy Anderson’ Lex winked ‘and Chief Eli has the connections, everything needed to bring Tommy Anderson down’
Chuks nodded ‘thats a brillian plan, Lex. As usual’
‘my dear,’ Jovita said stepping into the room ‘dinner is served’
‘oh, okay’ Ann replied shyly.
She couldnt believe it. She couldnt believe that she would actually see her parents again, and not only that, reconcile with them. When she had woken up at the hospital beside her, she had been so shocked, she fainted again.
They told her how they relocated to Asaba and planned buying an uncompleted building for the church and they found her lying unconcious in the building. They had all cried and hugged.
Her mother had wanted to know all that her daughter went through, why she ran away from home ten years ago, how she ended up at the uncompleted building unclad, what had been going on in her life since she left, everything. But she had remained tightlipped about everything. She couldnt bring herself to tell her family all the things she had done, all the foolish sacrifices she had made in the past ten years, the drug and s-x addiction, she couldnt.
Her younger siblings had come to visit her and went back to Maiduguri where they were based. They also wanted to hear everything but she didnt mention a word to them.
She knew her mother was trying her best to be patient with her and it was only a matter of time before she exploded.
‘Anna dear,’ her mother called softly sitting beside her on the bed, rubbing her hair lovingly ‘why dont you feel comfortable around me any longer? We are not close as before anymore. What changed? I’ve noticed you always feel nervous whenever i or your father is around you. You werent like this before, you were free with everybody. Jeff even called, he said he called you last week and you were talking to him as if he was a stranger. He said something about you has changed, and is true, something about you has really changed. Do you mind sharing it with mama? She could help you’
Ann forced a nervous smile there’s….there’s nothing mummy, nothing really. You and Jeff are just overreacting. Nothing’s changed about me. I’m…i’m…just nervous around you guys because… know, its been long, so many things have changed in all this years. You dont expect me to just be the way i was ten years ago’
Ma’am Jovita smiled knowingly. It was ten years already but she knew her daughter very well. She was hiding something, she was sure of that and whatever it was, she was going to find out, by crook or by hook.
‘are you sure??’
‘yes mummy, i’m sure. I’ll….i’ll call Jeff later in the day and let him know that he’s just paranoid, nothing’s wrong with me’
Jovita smiled and hugged her daughter. Ann sounded convincing but she wasnt convinced. Something was wrong with her daughter. Most times, when Ann was asleep she would sneak into the room and those times she usually heard Ann whispering in her dreams, and it was just one name…….Lex.
Whoever Lex was, she was going to discover him.
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