Love And Revenge Episode 40


Lex looked at his wristwatch, it was past six.
He had to be home, Heavenly must have woken up or would soon wake up.
He quickly stood up and smiled at Ciara, they’ve been chatting for over two hours.
‘i have to be on my way now Ciara, i will check up on you tomorrow’
‘do you have to go now? It’s just past six, not that you have wife and kids at home to take care of, or do you have?’ she asked rolling her beautiful eyes.
Lex laughed ‘i will come tomorrow, i have some things to do at home, i really have to go, i’m even late’
‘alright. It’s just that i will be bored, my dad says he’s coming tomorrow before travelling to Benjing for a conference meeting, i don’t really keep friends except Tonto Dikeh and she currently isn’t in the country, she’s preparing for her marriage, i called her today and…..’ She babbled on and on.
Lex watched her admiringly.
Then she stopped to catch her breath, then she continued ‘i was hoping you could keep me company’
‘i wish i could, i have really important things to do at home but i promise, i will be here tomorow and i will spend quality time with you okay?’
‘alright, no problem, see ya tomorow!’
‘by the way, what of your fiance, how’s his condition?’
‘they said he was discharged this morning, i didn’t even get a chance to see him, screw him!’
Lex laughed and walked to the door ‘tomorow then’
Lex walked hastily down the hallway until he hesitantly bumped into someone.
Brian again.
‘heyy! We meet again, Mr Bankole right?’ Brian said with a broad smile.
‘oh…oh yes, Bri….Brian Nat…Nativent right?’
‘yes, we met at the police station right? Remember me?’
‘why not? What are you doing here?’
‘uhm, my wife went into labour this evening’
‘oh really? That’s so nice, congratulations’
‘thanks, you were on your way out right?’
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‘yes, heading somewhere important, see you some other time’ Lex said trying to look as comfortable as he could.
‘alright’ Brian said with a smile and walked away.
Lex hurried to his car and let out a loud breathe. Not that he was scared of Brian, he was just being careful of him, the likes of him could be very dangerous, and he didn’t want to be acquainted with such a person.
On his way home, he dropped by MR BIGGS and got two plates of fried rice, chicken and salad for himself and Heavenly.
On getting home, he rushed to his wardrobe and opened it, there he saw a frightened looking Heavenly, with tears in her eyes.
Immediately she saw him she jumped on him ‘uncle Stephen, thank God you are here, they wanted to kill me’ she said pointing to the clothes in the wardrobe.
Lex nearly laughed.
As Brian packed the things his wife and the newly born baby would be needing that morning, his phone beeped, at first he was hesitant in looking at it but he dipped his hands in the denim jeans and brought his smart phone out.
It was a text message from a hidden number.
It read:
I have your daughter Heavenly. However, i don’t need money as i’m not a hungry kidnapper, i just want your father in exchange for your precious daughter’s life. When you are ready for the exchange, come to Okwere river, you should know where that is. And don’t come with the cops. Come alone with just your father’
Brian’s hands shook as he read the text message twice.
The kidnapper was asking for his father in exchange for his daughter, what could they want to use his father for?
He remembered Ann saying that the so called kidnapper of his daughter wants revenge on his father for murdering his father and burning his family members alive. He believed that one.
His father was capable of anything. He wished he could see this kidnapper.
He would help him or her get justice. His father was evil. He had always known that. But the kidnapper had no right to kidnap his daughter.
He was willing to make the exchange. His father for his daughter.
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