Love And Revenge Episode 39


Lex quickly rolled down the windows with a nervous smile plastered on his face ‘hello’
Brian smiled back and stretched his hands for a handshake ‘hi, i’m Brian Nativent, sorry for disturbing but i was gonna ask if you saw a police van drive into that police station over there’
‘oh! I did see them, they drove in not too long ago, i saw them drag down a lady’ Lex replied with a smile.
‘thank’s a lot then. Uhm, whats your name?’
‘me? I’m Bankole Williams’ Lex replied.
‘alright, it’s nice meeting you Mr Bankole’ Brian said and walked away.
It was then Lex realised he had been holding his breathe in front of that dude. The guy had a very intimidating aura with his huge size, very fair skin, ocean blue eyes and curly hair with his foreign accent.
Then he chuckled. He now had three names. Lex, Stephen, which he had told Heavenly, and now Bankole. Who knows what name he’s going to give again.
Immediately, his phone started ringing, it was Sandra. He cursed. This girl should just stop disturbing him for goodness sakes. He picked the call.
LEX: Sandra, what is it?
SANDRA: Baby, where are you now, it’s been three hours since i called you.
LEX: I told you that i was in the middle of something really important then, and now something else just cropped up, but i’ll still make out time to come to your house, even if it’s in the night, i will just stay a little with you.
SANDRA: Okay please do. I prepared something special for you, Ewedu and Amala, you know i’m a yoruba girl na.
LEX: Okay, i’m coming, bye.
He quickly hung up and sighed in frustration. Immediately another call came in. He hissed angrily at first thinking it was Sandra again, but it was an unknown number.
At first he didn’t want to pick it up but when it rang again, he decided to pick it up.
LEX: Hello, who’s this?
UNKNOWN NUMBER: Hello Lex, it’s me Ciara.
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Lex quickly pulled up in front of the hospital and practically ran into the reception, requested to see a patient called Ciara Anderson, and he was taken to her room by a nurse.
Ciara was happy to see him. And he was surprised at how vibrant she looked and she was obviously looking better.
She stretched her hands from the bed for a hug and he gladly hugged her.
CIARA: My manager, what’s up? You are enjoying oo, because i’m not around abi, you and Sandra must be glad that there’s no work around but once i get out of this f—–g bed, you guys are going to suffer because i know that directors are also missing me.
Lex laughed ‘that’s not true. We’ve been worried about you and praying for you.
CIARA: Perhaps you, but not Sandra.
LEX: What makes you think so?
CIARA: I just know, so what’s up? What’s happening in the movie industry, hope no one is taking my place, by the way, is the news of my recovery on the internet? I don’t want it to, i want to surprise everyone with my comeback.
Lex only smiled. He had not been doing any research about the movie industry which he should have done because Ciara might want answers about what’s happening in the industry.
Sandra giggled happily as she set the table awaiting Lex’s arrival. It was amazing how she had been able to get over the rape incident immediately she spoke to Lex and he assured her he was coming.
Without even knowing how and when, she quickly prepared a delicious meal of Ewedu and Amala with goat meat.
Though she still felt sore underneath, she was gradually forgetting that any rape ever took place in between her legs.
She sat on the couch and crossed her legs, watching the clock and expecting Lex. She already had her plans intact. After the meal, Lex was going to get between her legs again, perhaps when he fucks her again, she would be able to forget about the rape entirely.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. She jumped up in excitement, quickly checked her make up, drew her skirt up and brought down her camisole so her b—–s were exposed.
Then she rushed to the door and opened the door, to her utmost surprise she saw three policemen standing by the door.
‘hello, who are you…you looking for?’ Sandra asked.
‘you are under arrest madam’
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