Passion and Power – Monday (12/12/16)



In today’s episode,
Clara goes to give the good news to Caridad and asks her to be with her at the wedding since she is now the closest family she has and Caridad looks so happy for her and accepts the honor.
Franco confronts Justino to be secretive about everything he heard in his house and that Justino is sure of but Franco still threatens him that if he dares discloses to anyone, he will have him killed.
Daniela goes to see David to tell him that she wonders why Regina doesn’t see that their parents don’t care about them and therefore it’s hard time they stopped thinking about the happiness of people and defend their love and that Regina is not doing which makes her not worth deserving of his love but she asks him to let them be friends and forget about the past and David looks so surprised and speechless.
Franco wants to tell the media that he is Eladio’s son but he tells him he wouldn’t let him do that because he is not interested to do so since even if he acknowledges him he is sure of one thing that his (Franco) son will never be recognized with Gomez Luna.
On the table of men, David and Justino talk about their love life and David congratulates him for finding such a wonderful lady like Clara unlike his where he’s tried defending his love for Regina but she refuses to fight for him. Justino then thinks if the other partner refuses to get involved it becomes difficult and so he will suggest David looks elsewhere and he nods.
Miguel goes to see Consuelo and while kissing on the corridor, Erick’s guard secretly takes pictures of them without their notice and quickly he calls Erick to inform him about Miguel’s visit and promises to send him the photos.
Gabby goes to see Eladio to ask him that she wants to quit working at the foundation since Julia continues to reject Franco but the fact is he is her husband and Eladio thinks she has to understand Julia since she is going through a lot. On the other hand, Eladio asks her on how much she is willing to accept from him in order to continue being married to Franco no matter what happens and Gabby says she’s never thought about what she is going to do if Franco should cheat on her and Eladio exhales heavily and says for now all he asks from Gabby is to put her legs in Julia’s shoes because there are mistakes one does in life and when it comes out it seems really painful and that he feels so sorry for all the pain he’s caused his family but Gabby says if Franco should do that to her, she will never forgive him.  
Erick shows the pictures to Nina and he tells her that, this time he would react to anything but will keep this and use it against Consuelo at his son’s trail  to claim custody and Nina thinks that is the best for them to take the child from Consuelo for good. 
Arturo calls Julia to divorce Eladio and not continue to receive that humiliation from the public but she tells him to stop pressuring her because she can also be some of the women who will try to forgive and forget their husband’s mistakes to be with him again because the voice of people are not her worry and Arturo says she shouldn’t do that and Julia feeling so suffocated by Arturo’s pressure just hangs up.
Daniela goes to leave a present at David’s door and he comes to pick it. In the same vein, Daniela again goes to see Miguel to ask him to return the shares Arturo gave to him back so she and Regina can share them but Miguel thinks their dad has his reason.
Nina sees Regina with Jorge and she speaks with Regina to ask if she is going out with him because she doesn’t like such a boy for him as a life partner. Regina then tells her that if she will love anyone it will be David but she’s pulled back just for the sake of respect since she doesn’t want to be with the son of the woman who destroyed their family.
Eladio calls Arturo to ask him not to raise his hopes high as he knows that Julia will never reciprocate his love but Arturo is sure of winning her and all he wants is for Eladio to accept whatever may be Julia’s decision.
Eladio receives a call telling him that, Gabby’s parents got involved in an accident while coming over to pay them a visit and seriously they couldn’t make it and he gives the news to the family (Gabby, Julia and Humberto).
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