Road to Destiny – Monday(12-12-16)



In today’s episode, 
Aldoniaz and Marissa go to see Fernanda and Carlos to give them the bad news that, the Prison gutted fire and Luis is dead. Fernanda then becomes speechless. 
Henan refuses to forgive Mariana for kicking Camila out of the house when she came back after the rejection of her boyfriend and due to that she wandered about causing much pain to him but Mariana fails to accept the fact since she still believes that Camila has to blame herself for choosing a nonentity as a boyfriend and also leaving the house herself because all she did was to discipline her.
Aldoniaz tells Fernanda that, it appears no one else knows Luis. That is, there’s  no family member and also the only people he knew were the ones he made life miserable for but the fact is, if no one claims the remains, it means he will only end up in a common grave and Fernanda says if so they should go claim the body. They explained to her that isn’t easy because for her to be able to do so, then she has to accept that she is his daughter and this also hit Fernanda so much.
She goes out to ponder over many things and why she failed to forgive him when he requested but now that he is dead it seems everything is too late and Carlos helps her to overcome all this sorrow in her.
Tao and Isabella go to the restaurant to have some food and he wants her to stop treating Margarida with great contempt but Isabella can’t believe that Tao will be defending such a low class girl like Margarida and Tao says to her that, he finds it so hard to believe that a beautiful woman like her has her heart full of rage towards a fellow human being.
Margarida spills the truth to Maribel that she did escap from prison and that is why she refuses to appear on screen and Maribel looks so frightened for her. Suddenly, Marco arrives to take Margarida out on a date to have some snacks.
Henan wants his daughter and him to leave the house and go stay in an apartment he’s made available for them since he can’t continue to stay with a woman who has no remorse for doing evil. Camila tries talking to her father to have a change of mind so they stay there and then make Mariana realize her mistakes and change from it but Henan is sure Mariana will never change and so they have to leave. 
Mariana starts to shed tears right after Henan left since she says she isn’t going to beg him to stay as he also refuses to admit his mistakes because they have been accomplices throughout their lives. Immediately, Blanca also arrives to tell her that she is also leaving the house and Mariana says the only person she’s ever loved is Amelia and not her so she can go to hell for all she wants or go to Amelia who she’s ever loved and Mariana looks so depressed.
Fernanda consults Carlos to do this one thing and he wants to go with her but she prefers to do it alone and Carlos wishes her all the best. So Fernanda goes to see the prison director to get the remains of Luis and the director thinks those remains are only given to the families of the inmate and Fernanda tells him of cause she is his family specifically his daughter and the man becomes surprised.
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